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Me, My Phone, and My GF

Me, My Phone, and My GF

I feel like I haven’t truly appreciated the technology and services that smartphones have provided for us I didn’t even get a data plaaaa- data? Data-? Data plan until recently meaning without Wi-Fi my smartphone was kind of like a person who has their driver’s license, but no car and speaking of driving, Built-in GPS system? Way useful, I always over confidently depended on my navigational skills to get around. Back when I first went out with my girlfriend I had to drive her home after hanging out. Before heading back, I was at a wi-Fi spot, so I searched up her address, and it seemed like really simple directions So I said, “cool, good to go” [Girl] Are you sure? [Dom] Yep! [Girl] I have data and can just guide- [Dom] Nah, it should be easy to get there Ended up missing the exit twice and had to embarrassingly ask her to guide me Having a smartphone is kind of like having a know-it-all friend with you at all times, and the best part is they don’t feel like the third wheel when you bring them with you on a date If anything they can be the axle to your bike wheels, your wingman! [Girl] Where do you want to eat? I don’t really know the area [Dom] Don’t worry. I got this [Dom] Hey, man, I [uh] need a little help here [Phone] Alright, so there’s this nice place down the street, and they have this amazing lamb dish We definitely got to try it. Average dinner price is around $100 per person and it comes with- [Dom] 100$?! This is only like our third date, man. [Dom] Are their lambs made of unicorns? Does it grant you wishes when you eat them? [Dom] Do you know how many shawarma wraps I can get with a hundred dollars [Phone] Okay. Okay, Chill. There’s a cheap burger spot around the corner- [Dom] Work with me here man. [Phone] Hmmm, KBB Q? [Dom] Do you like Korean BBQ? [Girl] I’ve always wanted to try it, but never got the chance. [Dom] You’ve nev- [Dom] We’re going. [Phone] Beep beep boop beep that way. [Girl] I wish we had more of the beef. [Dom] It’s all-you-can-eat. So we could just order more. [Girl] (Gasp) ten more please! [Phone] This one’s a keeper. [Girl] What are you doing over there? You’re barely eating. Wait. Are you drawing me? [Dom] Uh. Kinda [Girl] Let me see. [Dom] Nope. [Girl] Did you draw cat ears on me again? [Dom] No. [Dom] Hey! [Phone] I’m sorry, but as Dom’s wing man I can’t let you see what he ha- [Phone] Ah! Aah! [Phone] Okay! Okay [Girl] Ha Ha Ha [Girl] Send this to me. I want to make it my profile picture. [Phone] Mm-hmm. Definitely keep this one [Dom] yep

100 thoughts on “Me, My Phone, and My GF”

  1. i can confirm that the phone is a samsung galaxy note edge as you see PEN ON THE PHONE AND ONE EDGE ONLY so yeah

  2. My my phone and my Gif that I can’t close because the back button has a broken screen area around it

  3. My phone when I’m doing something import:Let’s make some noise
    Me when I’m doing nothing: let’s be quiet

  4. my phone:hey there a girl who want to chat with you
    me while making cooking:ok full srceen please
    some nigga in my phone:hey you free???
    me:im a boy
    some nigga:its okay boi IM GAY
    me:hey itel
    my phone:yes??
    me:hang up
    some nigga:no do..

  5. Who else looked at the tittle and thought it was a story of his gf keeps checking his phone (mine keeps doing that😑)

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  7. When his girlfriend was at Korean bbq she reminded me of that character from myrid colours of the phantom world

  8. No no no you’re going to kill the the grammar king besides you’re saying it wrong it’s my girlfriend,my iPhone, and me

  9. You know it's a great sponsor video, when you don't even realise it's a sponsor video.

    Or maybe that's just me…

  10. oh no, i thought the title said, my phone died, and my GF. Then i was like, "Oh no" as i skipped ahead in the video to see if domics was ok

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