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Minecraft Skyblock #1

Minecraft Skyblock #1

Oh there he is cinnamon toes (Subtitle by *I am HeRe *in description at bottom)(Sorry for any mistake) Minecraft, you know, well, whoever the years gone, what why we come back to Minecraft because it’s awesome How dare don’t ever sneak back – no, don’t do it, please the whole we just started We just uh don’t jump that we should be slain why we here on top of this thing first in right? Okay, right So this is my block, right? Yes. This mode is called sky block the world famous scotlock. I don’t know It’s like the top rated mind. I’ve never played it I don’t know anything about it except that you start off in the sky with nothing but a pack of ice and some lava Cuz I see love in there. There’s eyes and lava I I mean I don’t I I may have taken the ice and loved it. But look also cam there’s island over there. There’s a block what’s below us anything? (Subtitle by *I am HeRe *in description at bottom)(sorry for any mistake) Hey look at cinema, I mean you son of a biscuit can’t say the child-friendly that’s right. Let’s keep it child-friendly Alright, so how do we play this 9 year olds? I actually don’t know you said you watch this like back back back in the day way back in the day Yeah, so he makes sense to get the wood first, right? Oh god, am I doing this wrong white? Oak good the wood were crazy. Huh? Are you crazy? I get out put it back. Okay, we all have one block Alright. Hey, sorry we have to live off this thing This thing has to give us apples and stuff so we can survivor when the DAO But we can keep the top bid. It will still be intact. I think yeah Why you Know I Think we start off with tree cuz we can make a workbench out of this one block. Right? Right. Right, right I gotta get I get my head straight. Hang on. So I need to be the like overexcited Person that’s here with you, right? Alright one needs to be stale and understand how the game works and the other one needs to be like really funny and weird That’s too silent no one likes it so you got you got what again lava and water right Yeah, but how do you yeah, but how do I know? What is it? No, you fool. I thought it was all right Pocket oh Oh Maybe I’ll restart this Everage Okay, we’re back in back in gamers, you know Last time was just a test don’t well. It’s just a test to say how what not to do Yeah, but we got elite sales, you know, don’t old school minecraft pros right guys We play this game since before most you were born. Yeah, you’re right already your children your little children. No can’t You’re scaring the children can you’re scaring the wait does it look like I’m actually out signer. Oh my god explain this scientist Wow, yeah, if the earth isn’t flat then what is this then huh? What is this? Geez? How do you okay we got to get going we got to do stuff? Okay? So so what we have in the Box, we have lava and ice. Yes, okay. Okay. I got a think Let me see how many spaces do we have? How many deep are they? They’re three-deep. One, two, three. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah three times maybe all right, right. No no, no careful Careful can’t keep it going. Oh I think put the ice here with the ice there. Yeah, you’re crazy. Can you’re crazy? Well, you will get lava right does the ice turn into water if we break it water in But it turns into cobblestone right now. That works. So like You know, I love it there. Okay, put the lava like here in that one by the box Okay, but grab that you almost made him put it in the dirt. We need every block of dirt every blow, right? All right. Come on get your head again Here we go. Okay. Okay. What happens if you if you break the ice as it turn to water no, no No, he doesn’t doesn’t doesn’t isn’t it? Okay, how do you make the ice turn to water? What if we put it like right next to it like not next to it, but like right next to it I’m saying yeah Okay, okay. Okay. So like here here we put it there. Should I put it there? I mean we could try I don’t think it’s gonna work like we want it. You don’t think it’s gonna okay. Okay Kay, what about this? we put it here, but put one two Three, huh? Nothing okay. Okay. I’m going right one two three Nothing We can’t pick that back up can’t we No like I don’t know if maybe if you can like Dig under it and then like melt it from the bottom reach maybe from the top It’s usually goes from top through this bedrock here. Bedrock Wow. We’ve where’s the diamonds? It bro broke don’t even bro at me bro. Okay, but put it put it put it that yeah. Yeah Yeah, that’s the right way. Okay. Okay. How are you ready for this? Yeah, I’m ready for this. We’ll see it What is ice in this game? We’re trying to do science here, you know, all the comments are like I’m cringing so hard because all we have to do Look gamers. Okay. We know what we’re doing with will. Oh, yeah. Yes. We know what we’re doing We’re just showing other people what not to do We’re just testing your Minecraft knowledge show this video to your mind for crafts girlfriend and then you can be like, oh what? No, what are you doing Oh What? It didn’t work Wait, come back Why did you tear that I told you he doesn’t work I’m a Minecraft man right now I have to restart the freakin service Okay, well we know that we now we know that’s the way you don’t do okay, I’m trying to tell you feelings It doesn’t work. If you break ice cinnamon toast kid. Oh, there’s an orc From breaking the ice this time you lay with James Charles doesn’t mean I’m like that. How do we melt the ice? This isn’t making four. Maybe you need some time Right, maybe or maybe needs to be if it turns into the next debate Wait, wait, wait, maybe put the ice on top of the the dirt tray. They don’t dig under the dirt So that way it doesn’t turn our block of water into cobblestones that make sense I don’t know what your idea is. My idea is to put the lava on the bedrock I mean the ice on the bedrock in the pit of lava over, but we can do your idea cause breaking the ice work I know I know. Okay. Look I’m messed up. That’s fine Okay, you mean put that put the ice here and then put the lava underneath. There’s clearly bedrock here for a reason, right? So we don’t dig ourselves death probably. No, but why isn’t it why is it not here then it’s not. Yeah It’s not on this it’s ah, well, I think we it’s because we need to use it’s on that. Okay, okay Well, tell me what to do something. I don’t know. I’m just saying I’m just like looking with my minecraft eyes. Right, right Right, right, right. So how many it goes three deep one two, okay, we can dig one more Nope, nevermind. What the hell did I count wrong? One, two, three. I’m an idiot. We lost a block Ken Oh God, okay We’ll just edit that. Okay, cool Let’s try the eye side Eh, yeah Let’s do your eyes like there first and then we do mind if that doesn’t work put a block right put a dirt block Right back here again, right? Okay. So exactly like before well. No, I told you to put the dirt back down We just stood there not paying attention to me. Oh, I’m sorry. Yeah, you should be. All right. Let’s see it melt then Oh, wow, it’s melting so good Look at it go. Oh my feet that’s looking hold Are we are we are wait, it’s ice-cold. So you let me put on top of it. Well, what did we do before? No, I wanted to put the ice on the bedrock. I don’t know maybe okay, you know what? Let’s let’s explore Maybe there’s other things in here Oh I get it I get it. You need to burn the tree Yeah, yeah, that’s it okay the tree doesn’t burn what is this game there’s anything burned this lava burn anything Only you burn Okay, let’s look. Let’s look around. Let’s use our brains. They all get a tree. I don’t know I just will assume that you can use something to make it into water melt the ice, you know, but nothing works, okay? But here so here’s the question for you. Why do we need water? Because the lava and the water will make up of them Then we can make it all the way out there cousin try to have enough logs, right? Yeah But we could also we can cut down these and I think they drop Tree branches, and then we get more trees and we can plant the trees and then more trees more wait It’s so so that we’re gonna sit here and we’re gonna wait for trees to grow Listen I don’t make the rules of Minecraft. Okay, we got to make it across look. I’m almost there These are supposed to be every Islands like a puzzle that we got to figure out how to make it work We’re given everything we need. All right, we’ve gotta make that we got criticized in the water I’m telling you it’s not how to do it Oh, look, I got a stick it came from the tree Oh Oh can can kick in I got it There is a tree branch there I didn’t google this but I know for a fact that breaking this I somehow is supposed to turn it into water. I Got it. I got it. I got it. Look what There’s nothing here tree take that Three said again Break the ice. Okay new brain. Let’s try and blame my kids game. Alright, I’m in again I’m looking up ice right now It says you can break it and turn it into a water block Creating water ice can be used to create water by either melting it or being broken if there’s another block directly underneath the ice block The ice will revert to water when broken with it. Really you just need to break it It’s what says if there’s another right underneath it while you do your stupid ice thing. This guy is gonna say dear I Didn’t uh, everything’s fine. It’s me drown. All right. Well, I’m finding a lot of tree stuff here dude, like this is Why well it became ice again Possible I was a waterbender. Oh, I got a tree I’m dead. Okay. So now we plant three nice Look at this, okay okay, so and then Now you lost the block cut stop. Stop losing block you stop. I’m making cobblestone Give me that lava put that love on that spot right there. You still have a gun. I don’t have it Did you not take it? I’ll get it. Okay. Okay. Just don’t hurt don’t hurt tree It didn’t it almost worked we’re close it has to be flowing lava. Oh, okay. So make these be the okay, maybe I need to Reset the map again. Is that is that what we have to do Ken? Yep, but we’re on the right track gamers All right. Well, maybe if you ask me next time what you’re gonna do doing you’re the one that just taught me to do it It’s the worst minecraft experience yeah It’s good for videos though all the gamers out there just raging their face off right now Now they know they know they will never be this good you will never be this minecraft minecraft choice friendships, okay? Alright, so now okay you do your little dude first try I got an oak sapling Oh, are you still doing the tree? We have done. You don’t understand minecraft if you think trees aren’t important trees they’re not they’re Fun over there somewhere. I need the space game work. Well, the tree needs space to grow Oh my god, how am I supposed to make a lava? Infinite conduit here through a deer here do it here How many spaces do is it even on the top one, two three four through theoretics and careful with the blocks? Gosh, he hits me off. Can they be? Yeah, there we go. So I need to make it still water Oh, maybe I need it. It’s like what do you need to make the Waterford make the border? So thinking make the water Ken. Yeah. Hey, where can that work? What can I work? We didn’t work here Just put the water. No, he’s not ready. Hang on And neither was oak tree and you killed Don’t worry, okay Don’t go near oak tree. I swear. I will sorry sorry. Sorry, I didn’t damn Distance you almost a toast at me rather. I’ll stand up snap anyone that goes near oak tree cool Maybe I’ll work over here by box then and you can grow trees over. Okay, I’ll work Okay, listen, listen, listen, but the water here and then you have lava flowing here. Okay? Yeah, I’m gonna go put the lava. Yeah Yeah right here. Where’s yeah, I got a bucket, right? Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah the ice down no break the ice scoop it back run over there You ruin oak tree every time we reset oak tree dies that’s why I’m really mad The lava needs to be flowing Ken. Okay. So the lava lava needs to be flowing water. Okay what it doesn’t matter, okay glowing lava to be 500 part series Let’s try to get off the first Okay. Okay. I got I got it. I understand now watch me get open first tray Oh, no, I did right cuz someone okay, wait. Wait, I got it. I got it I got okay I got tree I got tree. Don’t go near my tree or I hate to be a dick, okay? Now do your thing and I’ll all supervise. Okay, so you’ll pick up here. Yes lava here, right? No, no, no lava needs to be flowing lava. Thank you. Now. It’s flowing now It’s you got you pick up the carrot you scum. I don’t do this I think I need to be the water first before no no, no, no, no and then Okay, and then put the Hey I’m just gonna what fucking I move. I’m just getting the water first so I don’t mess up the lava Can kick in work together teamwork. Okay. Nobody next team at the teamwork teamwork teamwork. Okay. Okay, okay All right there put the lava there then get the ice here and then the water will flow in okay Thank you, we got a cobblestone baby that was that thing that was epic Closer maybe, we just have to make more room more room for lava. I got it. Okay. Okay. Okay. We got one cops code Yeah, we’re getting closer editing it out. Idiot. Give me back my oh Okay, don’t you dare say those words. Oh Okay, dude, I got an apple. I got a freaking app Uh-oh. Hey drop it. Oh, no There you go, okay. All right gamer I have a tree I’ll put down the tree later actually I’ll put them to you All right. So let’s make the lava flow as much as possible. All right. Oh Good. All right, we lost look it’s fine. The water will like run over to this Yeah, but the more the more spaces that it runs over the more lava will make so if anything maybe we should remove this box And make the lava flow from really it’s as high as possible. So like this make sense to you. Where would I say? None of the flowing lava, right? Yeah, and then we need flowing water and they need to meet so we need like a separation. Can I do anything? Okay, they have to flow into each other They have to meet put put up put up the lava put up the lawn pick it up. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah pick up. Okay What we’re gonna do is gonna place them as high up as possible. All right, but they’ll just run into each other. Yeah. Well place Scoot scoot over please. Scooch Oh scooch over. I’m scooch in. Okay. So the lava will go from this one the long tough work It’s gonna it’s gonna go everywhere and then that’s the point Yeah, yeah, yeah, this is good, okay, this is good, yeah Yeah, we want as much flow. You want to put a water on top? Okay, I got you. Yeah, yeah Yeah, maybe like, I don’t know how high we should put it and like maybe you’ll make a little shoot Avenge me Oh, oh you stole it BAM, I’m fine I think uh, okay. All right, see Okay, I think that was good except, oh we save oak tree as well this is epic So now my guy we’ve done this the hardest way possible This is kid. This Hickory. This is good and now We grab our grab this all the cobblestone with the tree the tree finally comes into play. They’re free I mean the tree Okay. All right an oak tree. Yeah Okay, and then we need more tree This is the most this is intense guys. We must get away. Is there been No, no don’t even even Sleeping I’m a microphone inside. I know how to do this by heart. Yeah do it. No, never mind do it Wait any more would do it? That’s what person said do it. Make a pick. All right I’m making a pick so I can pick your nose now my nose We can have a picky check to me. Do you want one? No, we have to save you. Never know What’s gonna need in the next one? I’m picking this Stone it look look at it’s gonna make that block or whatever again. This is what I talking about This is what I was talking to this one I was talking if I talked about this before you talk about this I talked about this at the beginning that we gotta make infinite friggin dirt. Awesome. We’re killing it. Yeah We did it. Does that mean we solve the food crisis? Yeah. Yeah. We don’t even need to glow the stupid oak tree We don’t need to grow you. You suck. Oak tree. I’ll tell you this I tell you this Okay. Do you want to start building the bridge I don’t like bridges so you came In here you get into me. Look. How did that miss? I’ll just put it there in the water and you can jump in the water We’re on our way baby dude, we’re awesome if you need to make a stone pick Nana, we’d say it’s called natural resources And we save them make a stone pick crazy Foreman PewDiePie, do you have any more materials for me? Oh, yes, of course. Here you go, sir Flip flip flop Oh in the water. I will pick them up. You picked them. No, I got them I get for keep god Fantastic, you’re doing great. May I say you’re very smart and very handsome like how we’re getting along until like the next puzzle. Come here Here you go sir the teamwork makes the PP work got them. Oh, yeah, give it to me. Oh, yeah I’ve been played a bunch of Grand Theft Auto roleplay and There’s like a distance thing to your voice like you get lower the further you get away. So I keep coming I got like yell at you when I’m far away Oh Way too much like oh, yeah. We’re in the call together. It’s fun. No, it’s good. Yelling is good. Keep doing All right. How many more do we need to get across? Uh, well, I don’t think we’re halfway yet not even halfway Yeah, it’s pretty far out here. We’re getting we’re getting near them. Oh, I see. So what’s over there on that island? There’s a cactus some sand in another chest another chest Sounds exotic. Yeah, you have such a fun job Yes, okay. Let’s switch them Do great. Well, sometimes they burn up it’s really nice like they don’t land in the lava. All right. Here you go Ken You’re the new miner. Oh god here. I go gamers. Oh god. There’s bridges in Minecraft You could have you know, oh God, it’s so far. It’s so far They’re just gonna take forever mine quicker Chiba liebe, but it keeps jumping the lava. Yeah stop Change your technique Shave you change your face talking to me like no, I can’t do that Ken No, I can’t change my face and I want to I got bad news. Oh It’s about to break our white broke. Okay, the pic is broken. Oh, no, no No, I waste I just please okay But okay you have one? Okay, perfect. I’ll make a new one. You have the wood do I have to win? What a question, of course, I have the wood you always have the wood newsy. Yeah. I’m the wood man. Of course This is precious. Be careful. Okay? Thank you, that was beautiful the only time we’ve ever given me anything Oh, yeah, how about the thousands of years and millions of nine-year-olds? You complain more you see what happens you lose your name aid privileges you’ve given me so many subs that’s right Everyone’s always like you’ve gotten so many stuff and pretty pod I’m like, you know, it’s really not as much as you think it. Oh, yeah, we’ll keep mining This is what it looks like when we feel like bragging. I caught it. I don’t know. How come on Maybe mine it in my direction if you keep your the lava There you go Dude that’s so offensive You caught them all up pick up pick up up you right. I am a nerd. You’re right. What? Oh my god Can you not take these from me? Can you take these precious cobblestones? I’m truck run my person That’s thumb off the edge. I want to punch you but Come on work the finish I have to eat then there Ken this episode needs to finish. Come on Give me give me the pickaxe. Give me the pick a you’re bored. Now. Look, okay, God so move turn them into water Thank you, we must be like IQ 2004 doing this did you make it yet? So close gamer? Have you not made it yet? Cuz you keep throwing the material across the edge Ken. Well, you wanted me to do this I’m doing it. Okay. I’m doing my best. You know, what lit? Alright fine. Look look at me Cattleya Mom takes all these good either. You’re like a Pokemon master. You just got to catch them all. Wow. This was really hard Kim I know how many left Probably Tim. Alright, here we go. You ready for this Oh got it. He all right Pro-gamer straight I was pro game. I was just about to say how bro that was. Okay. We’re almost across one – don’t push me now three four five six don’t Seven Oh, yeah Gaber, oh Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, there’s a melon. Where do we get and pumpkin seeds? What this is awesome Thanks for watching part 1 of Skype look this is written that the entrance Stretch like for part 2 and I see you guys next time Wow, by the way, I dropped everything ah what you never played super simulator You know, it’s fun right? I’m not supposed to give my opinion But give it a try and then you can tell me if it’s good or not not convinced yet. Okay. I’ll cut you a deal The game is available for free and that’s a great price

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