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Misslisibell Shows The Last Thing on her Phone | NA-KD

Misslisibell Shows The Last Thing on her Phone  | NA-KD

Hi, my name is Lisa Jonsson, also known as Misslisibell, and I’ll soon release my own collection for NA-KD. I’m so excited! Today, I’m at NA-KD’s headquarter to play “What’s the last thing on my phone?” Very exciting! And make sure to watch the whole video if you want to participate in a competition. Okay, first question: “What’s the last song you listened to on Spotify?” It was Livet Ut by Simon Weidersjö. A very romantic and good song. “What’s the last thing you googled?” How do I check that? I googled white leather bag. Ah yeah, I want a white bag… “Your latest selfie?” It was actually just outside. I found a nice sofa and I took many selfies. I haven’t decided which one to go for but I’ll definitely post one on Instagram. Perhaps this one. “The last picture you took?” So, the other day, me and boyfriend were out running and we stopped by a beach to take some photos. He refused to be serious on these photos, but, yeah… “The last text you sent and to whom?” It was to my friend, Amy, and I wrote: “haha, love” because she sent a funny picture of herself. “You last search on Instagram?” My boyfriend. “Which apps do you use the most?” The standard ones. Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube. And actually, I’ve a new favorite app since I’m struggling with making decisions. The app is called Decision Helper. So, for example, when we have to decide what to eat there’s a wheel in here with different meals we could eat. Like this. Let’s see… Ah, pizza! How nice?! Favorite app! “What’s the last thing you bought?” It was… Oh, here’s something I need to buy, that’s available in my size again. No but, … Does C More count? Okay, it’s time for the last question and you get to guess. You’ve the chance to win 5000 SEK to use exclusively on The question is: “What’s my most frequently used emoji?” Comment down here! That’s all for now. Click on the link down here if you want more details about my collection and don’t forget to subscribe to NA-KD’s channel and like this video. Take care, bye!

100 thoughts on “Misslisibell Shows The Last Thing on her Phone | NA-KD”

  1. Jag tror att din mest använda emoji är denna: 🥰! Jag tror detta för att jag ofta ser den i dina captions när jag får upp dina bilder i mitt Instagram flöde!! Är min mest använda också så det förvånar mig inte🤩🥰❤️

  2. ”🥰” är Lisas mest använda emoji även hennes favorit!! Och det är klart jag vet det är Lisas största fan hihi🥰❤️ såååå taggad på Lisas Kollektion med nakd längtat efter detta!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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