Mở hộp iPhone 11 Pro Max

Hi everybody, we have here is the official box of the iPhone 11 Pro Max that will be sold soon This year box is different from last year This time the box color is back, not white We still have the image of the phone on the front, with the famous trio-camera These what comes inside of the box, there is a Lightning earphones just like last year and we have a brand new cable and charger a 18W USB-C charger really nice but bigger than the old one This fast charger is a really nice upgrade The cable is the USB-C to Lightning I will talk about the back of the phone unlike the iPhone XS Max with the glossy glass this year we have matte one Apple said it still is a glass but they add the matte finish The color is not too gold like iPhone SE or iPhone XS Max The upside of this finish is the phone’s back is a fingerprint magnet anymore But the Apple logo is till the same The center position of the logo makes it looks more symmetric The trio-cam is put into a square glass The cameras’ glasses are not too convex especially from this angle compare to the XS Max Apple’s craftmanship is really good this year. That’s great But we can feel the bump clearly by hands We also have a flash on the side we have stainless steel same as XS Max the color is still gold that reflects different variation with different angle About the size, its the same In general, the design hasn’t changed much However, on the iPhone 11 Pro Max the sim slot is put a bit lower, farther from the power button On the other side, the two look completly identical from the volume buttons to the silent switch Thickness is the same too, the antenna, microphones, speakers they all the same and the top also The transition from back, to the frame, to the front glass is really smooth But in reverse order is a little bit rough This is the new iPhone screen with the same 6.4inch of XS Max We still have the same notch which is not really cool The phone speaker, the FaceID sensors are situated here The new FaceID is said to be upgraded to have a wider scanning angle, better face recognition We will test more later and share to you But now we will stop the video here When we can activate the phone and really use it to experience the trio-cam system the new iOS 13 and more That’s all for today You can click on the link in decription to see more photos of the phone on TINHTE.VN My name is Đức Nguyễn, see you guy next time!

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