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Mobile Application Home Repair | Mobile App Service Providers | Saas Mobile App by ClickTecs

Mobile Application Home Repair | Mobile App Service Providers | Saas Mobile App by ClickTecs

WElcome to the home repair saas web and mobile
application demo. This is the web application and I am going
to log in as the attendant who is going to receive the phone calls. This is the attendant dashboard. We have functionality
such as email integration to be able to check their email and instant messenger to be able
to talk to all their staff online. Lets say there is a new phone call coming
in, and we know it is coming in from the yellow pages ad so the attendant selects that, and
they need a plumber so we select that from the drop down and enter their phone number. You will notice the moment I start to type
things in, there is a predictive search that will bring in everything in the database,
so I don’t have to enter it each time. I can select it and each of these fields get updated
automatically. I entered the zip code and it geo located
the customer’s address on a map and also showed me all of my technicians that are around that
particular customer. Technician schedules are displayed here. Looks like Sam Davis appears
to be the nearest one. I can hover over the technician’s schedule
to quickly look at where he is and what he is doing and even click on it to get into
more details. It looks like everyone is available at 4 o’clock,
so this should be a pretty straight forward assignment. I enter the rest of the details
in and assign this. ie. wife broke jaw with a 9 iron, so he needs
plumbing help to fix that. I assign that to Sam Davis and hit submit. It says, ‘Job assigned to technician, awaiting
confirmation’. So let’s see what happens on the mobile side. This is the application that all technicians
will have either on their android or their iphone devices. It gives them a message saying
job has been assigned, please check the job cue. They click OK, click on the job cue and
get new jobs from the server. It shows them a complete list of jobs that are pending in
the system. It gives an alert saying you already have a 2pm booked today, but Sam knows what
he is doing so he is just going to go ahead and accept this. It says 4pm added to your
schedule. Now lets go back to the attendant dashboard
and see what is happening. This list will typically update every minute or so, but I
am going to manually refresh this. It says work order number so and so, Tiger Woods,
Isleworth 4pm confirmed by Sam Davis. That status is also changed to confirmed, so my
work here as the attendant is done. The job has been confirmed by the technician,
and he is going to go ahead and do it. I can delete or edit if I need to. So now lets move on back over to the mobile
application. So it is about 8 o’clock and Sam wants to see what’s on his schedule for
the day. So he clicks on schedule. Jane bailey 8:30am there is a faucet leak. Sam can click
on directions to get directions on a map to get to the client’s location. When he arrives at the house he is going to
‘check-in’. It takes him about an hour to fix this leak and after he is done he is going
to click on completed. It’ll say Jane Bailey job completed, please invoice. So on my home
screen the job is done and I can invoice. There is other functionality available such
as inventory so I can check all the inventory that is available on my truck and track how
much I have left. But now I want to create an invoice so i am
going to click on ‘billing’. It’ll give me a list of all the completed jobs. I only have
1 so I am going to click create invoice. The customer name is already populated. I can
fill in all this and this is going to go out in a pre populated format that the company
has decided. Thanks Jane and Send the Invoice. So invoice
has been sent and I am going to check what else is on my schedule. Looks like I have
a 2pm and a 4pm. So I have plenty of time here, so I am going to go back and log out
of the application so I don’t publish my location anymore. So I don’t want to receive more jobs
for the day. So once I log out its going to say that you
are logged out. All the appointments have been moved over to the ical (calendar) application.
So even though I am logged out, my iphone will still keep giving me alerts on when my
next appointment is. Moving back to the attendant dashboard, all this information flows through
to an interactive dashboard that tracks things such as technician performance – so how much
money they are generating per call that is assigned to them or revenue per call trends
over months all of this information can help the management of the company to make educated
decisions, track profitability and grow the business.

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