100 thoughts on “Mobile Tricks – What can you do with your phone?”

  1. I come from 9 years in the future to tell you that you will not be using flipphones and will be using smartphones with a touch screen. Also there will be flying cars, teleporters, and the ability to time travel. There will be the end to cryogenetics because we found a way to restore life. That second part wasn't so true srry :(. Also there is voice recognition systems

  2. How many people work for Google in the help support center for the millions of people that have so many questions.

  3. Tricks with a phone? I can smash windows, hammer nails, knock out thugs, or crack granite slabs with it.
    (by the way, I have a Nokia)

  4. Da lernt man auch noch ein wenig Englisch, habe ich nicht in der Schule gelernt. Das war früher freiwillig. ABER jetzt denke ich Es ist eine Bildungslűcke.

  5. Program awesome apps that synch parties calendar to do joint daily activities, spontaneously? Of course you have to be kewl, know how to program, have ppl skill, willing to put out, not cheapskates??

  6. Easier program old phones. Just buy a load of identical models, distribut it among circle of friends, get creative and program to needs!!?? The real future!??

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