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Moto G4 Plus Earpiece Speaker Repair Guide

Moto G4 Plus Earpiece Speaker Repair Guide

Power off the phone. Put your fingernail in the notch on the bottom corner and pry the back cover off. Pull out the SIM card adapters. Screw out 19 Torx screws. Remove rubber seal. Release flashlight sensor flex. Remove rear housing. Remove earpiece speaker. There are adhesive underneath. Set earpiece speaker in place. Put it in the correct side. Make it fit well. Put back rear housing. Tighten up 19 Torx screws. Remember to connect flashlight sensor cable flex well. Put back rubber seal. Put back SIM card adapters in correct side. Put back the back cover. Make it match well to the phone. Done!

19 thoughts on “Moto G4 Plus Earpiece Speaker Repair Guide”

  1. i don't know if it's just my G4 or all but the speaker is super sensitive, the amp has a wicked high noise floor and the thing needs a highpass filter. # justaudiophilethigns

  2. The the earpeace speaker same as the regular speaker from which the ringtone comes out or when we put the phone in speakerphone mode when in active call?

  3. i have change 4 speaker like this….but the sound quality is not good…..and volume is very low…can you give me any suggestions..

  4. You probably don't even need to replace the speaker. There are two little copper clips under the back cover that make contact with the speaker, they get flattened and don't make contact with the speaker any more and that can cause cut outs and/or complete loss of sound. You just need to pry the little contacts out a little bit so they touch the speaker again and walah, it will likely work again!!

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