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Moto G4 Plus Front Camera Repair Guide

Moto G4 Plus Front Camera Repair Guide

Power off the phone. Put your fingernail in the notch on the bottom corner and pry the back cover off. Pull out the SIM card adapters. Screw out 19 Torx screws. Remove rubber seal. Release flashlight sensor flex. Remove rear housing. Peel off yellow sticker. Release camera connector. Lift up front camera. Remove front camera flex carefully. If the plastic film broken, then peel it off. Put front camera in place. Set front camera flex in carefully. Don’t forget to make it fit well. Connect the connector. Put back yellow sticker. Power on the phone and open camera app to make selfie. See!The front camera works well. Put back rear housing. Tighten up 19 Torx screws. Remember to connect flashlight sensor cable flex well. Put back rubber seal. Put back SIM card adapters in correct side. Put back the back cover. Make it match well to the phone. Done!

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  1. I have a solution for this. Guys i am using moto g4 plus and faced ths issue. Wat i did is i kept on scratching the glass. For few min. All the coating will get removed off. Now i have great camera without blurred image. Do try. I did this and results outstanding

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