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Moto G4 Plus LCD Screen Repair Guide

Moto G4 Plus LCD Screen Repair Guide

Power off the phone. Remove back cover. Teardown video link in the description. Heat up the phone for a while. Especially for the top & bottom side. Use a spudger to open a gap. Insert a card. Slide the card to cut the adhesive underneath. Slide it between the screen and frame. Do not insert too much. Insert another card. Keep sliding and sepatare the touch display. There is strong adhesive underneath. Be careful and patient. Heat up the brim of the screen. There are some glues along the little brim. Use the plastic opening tools to separate it. The screen is separated. Insert a guitar pick. Slide the guitar pick. Heat up another side. Do the same way to another side. Heat up the bottom side. Slide guitar picks to cut the adhesive of the bottom side. The adhesive is very sticky. Continue cut the adhesive. Mind the navigation button. Pass around the navigation button. Be careful & patient! Then remove the flexes. Remove the plastic cards. Now separate the screen and metal frame. Mind the screen flex here. It’s adhesive. And the fingerprint scanner flex. Something is broken? No.It’s a sponge. Heat up the navigation button. Pry up the navigation button. It’s adhesive. Be careful and patient. Do not scratch it. . Remember to clean out the adhesive before installation. Then heat up the top side. Then remove the speaker metal cover. It’s adhesive. Connect the battery. Old navigation button. Connect the screen. Power on the phone. Unlock the phone. Settings-Security-Fingerprint-Add fingerprint(test the old fingerprint). If you can’t find the fingerprint option,you will need to restart. It works good. Messenger. Test the touch sensitive,especially the edge of the screen. Hold an app and slide it around the display. Everything is fine. And power off. Peel off the middle black adhesive. Don’t throw it. Then Peel off the white protective film. Stick the black adhesive to the metal frame. Make it fit well. Peel off the upper protective film. Put some black adhesive to the new navigation button. Put the speaker metal cover to the new screen. Put some tape to the flex. Make the flex fit well. Lift the flex up. Another side. And the connector side. Install navigation button (from the old screen). Mind the screen flexes. Mind the navigation button flex. Make sure they are through the metal frame. Then make the screen stick to the metal frame. Make them adhesive well. Put some black adhesive to the flexes. Put back speaker. Then the headphone set. Reassemble video link in the description.

35 thoughts on “Moto G4 Plus LCD Screen Repair Guide”

  1. nice video My q. is I have moto g4 plus n the screen is damaged so what will be the cost of repairing plzzzzzzzzzzz ans.

  2. Sorry for the question but, do you have any video teaching the exchange of just the glass of the motorola moto G plus?

  3. my volume and power button is broken and lost, i called motorola service in december till now they are saying to come next month as buttons are not avalible right now
    Can anyone plz tell me from where ican get new butoons ?

  4. Hi, I broke the screen of my moto g4 plus but it works perfectly, can you just change the glass without the display?

  5. my phone is in warranty period and the screen cracked yesterday what should I do…
    should I go to moto service centre or just a normal shop…
    please help

  6. Ok so i have th e moto g4 and my screen display is working clarity is fine, color is fine. Backlight is perfect, the onyl thing that doesnt work its the touch, for that i need to replace the digitizer Not the screen itself correct?

  7. what will be the charge for this screen replacement cost in Motorola service center my phone is in warrenty

  8. Moto g4 plus display on eBay of 2500 is quality of that display is equal to original one plz reply any who know this ans

  9. I have bought Moto g4 plus six months back .. yesterday my phone got slip from my hands …that's it my phone screen broken so badly ..what should I do now I go for warranty issue or else get it repair and use much will it cost for new screen ?

  10. My screen is broken touching working good so
    I just want to replace screen display glass …Is
    it possible and what is price please help me…

  11. OEM screen for Moto G4 Plus

  12. Can you replace broken screen with any type of smart phone lcd screen? They don't have the specific screen where I live and i need to get my files off the phone.

  13. Bro just two question is it possible in market to buy a mod hardware like led display for Moto g4 plus?
    2nd question
    Bro what about the permanent fix of screen retention problem not the screen filter one !!

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