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Moto X (2013) Complete Tear Down, Screen Repair, Battery Fix

Moto X (2013) Complete Tear Down, Screen Repair, Battery Fix

Alright today I got my hands on the Moto X
from Motorola. It’s Google’s new phone. First things first, I want to apologize for
my dirty hands, I was working on my car and that stuff. Grease does not come off. Anyway, open up the back of the phone. Take your prying tool and kind of go around
the edge, the seam between the back plate and the screen. Just kind of popping up the little latches
or clasps all around the backside. You’ll hear a little click each time that
you pop one out. The back is glued on pretty tight to the phone
itself so it’s not going to come off easily. But once you’re done unclipping the sides
you can peel it back just a little bit and slide your prying tool underneath. You got to be really careful while you are
doing this because there is a ribbon cable next to the volume buttons that you don’t
want to break. If you break it you won’t have volume buttons. Anyway, go ahead and slide it in. You can see the ribbon cable right here, it’s
also attached to the LED on the back of the phone as you can see. To unlatch it just lift up the back clasp,
tug a little bit on the ribbon cable and slide it right out. And that will release the back of the phone
from the phone itself. You can see the blue sticky stuff that was
holding it down. Anyway, now we’re going to take off the
bottom. There are four screws on the bottom plastic
section. Here is where they are. Once you get the screws out you can kind of
lift up a little bit and the black section will come off. Right here you can see the charging port. It is soldered onto the board so it’s not
easily replaceable. Anyway, lift up these two latches. They are kind of like Legos, just put your
little pry tool underneath and lift up and it will unclasp. And then right here is the volume button ribbon
cable. Just lift up the little clasp and slide out
the ribbon cable. And latch it back down so you don’t break
it. And this part to release the battery you do
have to lift up this little ribbon cable that’s glued on to the battery…Well more like just
the sticky tape stuff. It lifts up pretty easily once you get it
started. Lift that up and off the battery. And then the battery will be free to be lifted
off as well. You just have to take your prying tool and
slide it underneath the battery. It’s glued on pretty tight so you’ll have
to use a little bit of force. I’ve already taken mine off once so yours
will be a little bit harder than this to lift up and off. You can see kind of where it’s got sticky
stuff on the back. Anyway, now the battery’s out so it’s
got 5 more screws for the top of the phone. This is kind of the plastic piece that holds
on the camera and everything, like the little vibrator. Once those 5 screws are out just lift this
up and off. Once again I’m going to put all these replacement
parts listed in the video description below. Amazon is where I usually get all my replacement
parts from. Amazon Prime usually gets them here the fastest. Anyway here’s the top plastic piece. And then there are two screws right here next
to the SIM card slot. I would recommend taking the SIM card out
before you start this project, but as long as you take it out right now you’ll still
be fine. Just stick a….a paper clip works fine. My little tweezers are thin enough I can press
it in this little hole and the SIM card pops up and out. Now the motherboard you got to be careful
when you’re lifting this off too because there is a ribbon cable underneath the motherboard
attaching it to the screen. Right there. So you can take that, lift up the little black
clasp. Then you can slide the ribbon cable out just
like that. And then you’ve freed the motherboard from
the phone. The camera is also replaceable. Same ribbon cable. Just lift up the little clasp and the camera
slides out. To replace it pop the new one back in. Pretty simple. And then latch the clasp back down into place
once the ribbon cable is fully inserted back into the phone. So this is the screen. The glass part and the LCD. They are glued together so if you crack your
glass you have to replace both parts and buy the whole component. You can’t replace just the glass alone. There seems to be confusion about that but
they are definitely glued together. Anyway, so to put the phone back together
take the same ribbon cable, the digitizer cable, and slide it into the motherboard latching
the little black clasp down again. Set the motherboard into place. Make sure to lift up the front camera ribbon
cables so there are no ribbon cables attached underneath. And make sure that the bottom cable isn’t
bent in any weird ways either when you put it back down. You don’t want to damage anything when you
are screwing everything back into place. Put the little metal bracket back in. There are two little screws that go onto the
upper side here, and then the lower side right below that. Take the black plastic piece, clip that into
place. And then there are those 5 screws that you
took off that will fit right around the edge of that again. There is the placement of those. Battery: slip it in. Stick the little ribbon cable back down again. It will still be sticky so just kind of press
it into place. And then we have the volume ribbon cable that
I’m going to slide in and re-latch. If you don’t lift up the latch it’s not
going to go in. So lift it up, slide it in, and then pinch
it back down again. And then these two bottom cables for the battery
and the antenna. Just go ahead and click those into place kind
of like Legos again. And then the bottom plastic piece. Remember this one has 4 screws going around
the bottom edge of it. And putting the SIM card back in the same
slot it came out of. Checking to make sure the phone works before
I put the back on. And it looks like everything’s going well. Alright, everything looks all right so I’m
going to go ahead and put the LED ribbon cable back into this slot and latch it back into
place. Like I mentioned before, all the replacement
parts and tools that I used for this project can be found in the video description below
where I’ll put links to them. And then go ahead and clip around the outside. There are a series of satisfying clicks as
you put everything back into place. And that’s it. Anyway, if you have any questions make sure
to leave them in the comments below. You can also reach me on Twitter and yeah. “Like” if this video helped you and don’t
forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching!

45 thoughts on “Moto X (2013) Complete Tear Down, Screen Repair, Battery Fix”

  1. I found this,
    but based on your video this may not be the whole assembly that is needed?

  2. cool. very informative. too bad it costs 300 freaking dollars to buy a replacement screen or I would have jumped right in and done it (a new phone from Republic Wireless only costs $26 more); crazy.
    I got lucky; I bought my first one with a American Express card, comes with 90 day buyer protection including accidents, and I dropped mine on day 80. American Express gave me a full refund incl shipping so I got the new one for 'free'.


  3.  Has anyone tried to fix a moto x screen with only the glass? I bought a moto x with a broken screen for 100 bucks and i get the glass for 15 dollars. is it hard to separate the glass from the digitizer? and what would i use to reattach the screen? adhesive strips isnt very descriptive.

  4. Is there any website Where I can buy a battery that is bigger and have more life along with a thicker back to the phone?

  5. Is there any website Where I can buy a battery that is bigger and have more life along with a thicker back to the phone?

  6. You did great but I got a problem man , I want to know if we want to change the front original cover , what shall we do ? is it possible ?

  7. just a question if you have say a sprint moto x that works but you want to use it on att could you buy an att moto x with a broken screen and just switch out the main board inside

  8. Thank you for the detailed video, @JerryRigEverything . I just broke the glass on my Moto X, and I'm wanting to get back (as close as possible) to that factory look again. QUESTION- It seems like there's an imperfection in the bottom left corner of the screen after you reassemble the phone- Was that already there before the phone was disassembled / reassembled it, or was the hazy corner a result of the process? I'm wanting to make sure that I know what to be careful of before I spend the money on a new lcd assembly. Thanks!

  9. Great video, thank you.  Trying to swap out my back/battery cover and it looks pretty easy other than the adhesive (silicone?) that is on the back cover (appears to be blue).  How do you recommend transferring that to the new case?  Or can you buy similar adhesive somewhere?

  10. Excellent! I'm thinking about buying a used one of these as my first smartphone as I want to install Ubuntu on it. But I was worried about the battery.

  11. hello, i was trying to do this my self, but since theres no tutorial for motog2, e followed a step wrong, and peeled off a copper sheet that was covering the battery, and i probably also pulled a cable wrong, and now my phone doesnt recognize the sim cards, do u know if its a permanent damage?

  12. I'm a little confused?  In this video you state that replacing just the front glass is not possible with this phone yet in another video I watched that you did, you replaced just the glass (had to trim the frame to fit the glass then super-glued at cut frame).
    Perhaps you made this video first before that one?  Can you comment on this topic once again.  Thank you!  (subscribed – good work!)

  13. Used this video to replace my broken glass screen. I left battery connected to motherboard, found it easier that way. Quick question: Can you buy just the back battery cover? I'm in UK but don't mind buying from overseas. Great and easy to follow tutorial.

  14. Thanks for the bid! Great step-by-step. I am replacing my battery in a few days and this will be a huge help. Question though, what is attached to the top of the battery? Is that the NFC antenna? Is it easy to remove?

  15. I have a moto x with blue back panel which has got dirty. I need new back panels may be wodden panel with good quality. Can i send me a link where i can buy these.

  16. hello, i recently replaced my phone screen which was broken. Everything works except the sim reader doesnt detect any sim. I'm not getting connected to any networks. Any hellp?

  17. Damn this video feels old (so does my 2013 Moto X lol). Just discovered this channel and I watched a lot of videos already, can't stop! Funny to see one of the first smartphone vids, knowing where it all end up. Congrats 🙂

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