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Moto X (2014) Tear Down, Screen Replacement, Battery Repair, COMPLETE!

Moto X (2014) Tear Down, Screen Replacement, Battery Repair, COMPLETE!

Today we are going to take apart the Moto X 2. This is the second generation Moto X that came out in 2014 Turn off the phone and use
your little tool to remove the SIM card and you can use that same tool or any metal little stick to poke through a little slot in
the back the hole to pray away the back from the phone. I used it to create a little slot and then slid a razor down inside instead to give me a little bit more
leverage. Once I had one corner up I was able to pull it off and away from
the back on the phone Make sure to avoid those ribbon cables that are along the left side if you damage those you’ll have problems
later on here’s the back of the phone and be careful when you’re taking off these
little rubber protectors the first one is on its way to mars and
I still have not found it yet (haha) the second one protects the battery
connection you don’t need to take off these screws for this repair but if you do the bottom one has the
little bracket for the volume and power buttons and then the
other ones just remove this little logo piece. Pretty straightforward and then all these
screws to hold the back plate onto the phone itself so make sure you
remove every single one of those and then pop this connector off the
motherboard. It is similar to a Lego piece just lifted up and away. It will un snap. Then take the
little tape off the connector (you’ll have to do this a couple times) Then set it on
the piece of plastic right next to it so you don’t lose it. lift up a little lever and slide out the
ribbon cable from the connectors itself. The ribbon cable
goes to the volume and power buttons then you can snap the battery cable from
the motherboard in a lot of times if your phone is acting up or power cycling or just not turn on
disconnecting and reconnecting the battery will fix your phone so you can give that a shot
you wont need to take your phone apart for that. you can see little contact pads for the
ear piece and this part is really cool I think, to
remove the battery just grab these little pull tabs and pull the adhesives
straight from the back side of the phone. It pulls it out so the
battery releases from the back of the phone a
lot easier than it normally would have just kinda poke it with your finger in
the the back and it will pop out and there’s still a little bit of adhesive
in there, but as you can see the battery pretty much just falls into your hands
once you pull the adhesive tabs up from the
bottom of the phone Here is the battery I will link replacement
parts in the video description below The lens also comes out fairly easily,
just lift up on the little tab to replace that I’ll try to find
replacement parts the description below as well Motorola replacement parts usually
harder to find than most phones but I’ll do my best. Removing the tape
for the LCD ribbon connector there’s a little
tab on the top of the connector actually been kinda used to leverage at
the connector self you can lift up this little locking flap and pull that cable out and those are
the two cables that are connected to the screen then wiggle the motherboard away from the
frame of this screen and so here’s the screen it is the glass, the LCD, and the frame of
the phone all kinda glued together into one piece
these ribbon cables are attached to that as well it will make you repair a hundred times
easier if you buy the replacement piece that has all those parts combine the glass, LCD, and frame, if you don’t buy
them together you’ll have to use a heat gun to separate the glue and mesh them all together
later on you might need to move over the rubber piece and the metal frame but that’s still easier than using a heat gun to try to
separate all of that stuff before we try to put it back together again
I am going to show you stuff on the motherboard got little rubber protectors on the
microphones so if we ever have problems hearing people or they have problems hearing you I
guess you can take those off and clean them and then here is the rear-facing
camera has the same the latch connectors that you’ve been
working on this whole time slipped the connector up in the camera
pop right now once again I will put all replacement
parts & tools in the description below also if you found this interesting so far
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the future here’s the front facing camera pretty straightforward has the same lego
type connector that you’ve been dealing with on that side of the phone this whole time
you see the little by vibrator motor right next to that and the proximity sensor and light sensor
on the back of the phone well I guess front of the phone depending on
which way we’re looking at it. Putting the phone back together again you wanna grab the
motherboard and slip it up into the top of the frame first making sure to line up the ribbon
cables and then there’s a little latch down at the bottom that kinda pins the
motherboard into the frame as well reconnecting the ribbon cables
push them in as far as you can and latch that down and then use the same tape you took off
to make sure that latch doesn’t come up again same thing with that LCD connector and make sure you put the tape over that
camera as well pretty straightforward now to get the very back in there you
can add extra double sided tape in there to help keep
the battery secure it was a little bit sticky still so I just
poped the battery in there and I’m not going to worry about the extra tape getting the buttons back in, they have
little holes in the middle of the buttons so when you take
that little metal bracket and stick it on the top again it’ll
stick through those buttons to help keep them in place and its way don’t really need to take
that apart unless you’re gonna work on the buttons
themselves. I would recommend just leaving that screw in if you ever to replace a screen or the
battery. To get the screen positioned back in I started with the top and then just pressed it gently into
place around the backside remember its not gonna close completely but
you want to be pretty darn close otherwise the screws arent gonna reach and
pin it down the rest away getting those power button flex cables
press down along with the battery then the volume and power pushed into the
little circuit board right there and locked down. Im testing it really quick before I put
in those bazillion screws in the back just to make sure everything’s connected
right and if you take off the logo and the
volume buttons make sure those screws are back in as well they’re all the same
size I believe it’s a T4. make sure that
the rubber connectors back in if this one ever comes back from Mars I’ll be
sure to find it and pop it back in place make sure that
the logo is positioned correctly because that will keep the back from lining up with the
edge of the phone if it’s not directly centered so you might need to adjust it a couple times
if you took it off. the back of the phone actually went on a lot easier than I thought it
would and actually looks like it was never
taken apart which I was worried about because of how it was
adhered to the phone in the first place as you can see there is almost no
indication that the phone was taken apart any questions leaned on the comments
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17 thoughts on “Moto X (2014) Tear Down, Screen Replacement, Battery Repair, COMPLETE!”

  1. I! Tanks for this video. I broke my screen and now with the new or with the old broken, I don't have any backlight. Do you have a solution?

  2. Great video, very helpful for me!
    But just a note of caution when pressing the battery connector back into the PCB socket at the end: Be gentle. If it is not aligned, a too firm a press can break off some of the delicate connector plastic (at the end). Luckily the connector still remained seated, so I think I'm ok …

  3. please! the word is lever, not leverage. leverage is the force multiplication provided by a lever. the whole world has started using the term after a few idiot business students failed English classes.

  4. hi my phone's totally wrecked in every possible way after falling off stairs, Is it possible to retrieve data through disassembly?

  5. My screen is shattered on my Moto X2, please give me links for the Original OEM parts , please help me !!!!! Yes, i checked the link in the description, but are these OEM parts with S+ grade quality(Like etradesupply) or thrid party parts? Is repairuniverse trustable ?????

  6. I replaced it. I bought my compatible screen from eBay for 42$. The brightness was different with the new screen and the touch screen did not work that great. I would like to get an authentic replacement screen. Great video.

  7. Hi, I have a problem with the battery charging … it stays at 0% >> I think I'm going to change it. Is there a way to add a SD memory card or something ? Thank you

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