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Moto X Pure Battery Replacement (Style) / How To Replace Moto X Pure Battery (Style)

Moto X Pure Battery Replacement (Style) / How To Replace Moto X Pure Battery (Style)

ah screw don’t glue greetings programs
Atari here you there and this is a Motorola MOTO X pure edition also known
as the style edition in some international markets and this is a
really good phone it’s got a clip very close to a vanilla Android operating
system on it and it’s been my daily driver for about two years now and the
only complaint I really have is that recently I’ve noticed that it’s just not
holding a charge like it used to so instead of buying a new phone which
frankly I can’t really afford to do because I’m not making that mad YouTube
cash yet hashtag ad pocalypse hashtag subscribe
now instead of doing that I’m just going to replace the battery and I’m gonna
show you how to do it so maybe you can squeeze a little bit more life out of
your phone as well the first thing to do obviously is remove this case this is
the omote on two piece hard case and actually kind of like it you can see a
review of it that I did a while back I’ll put a link in the little card up in
the corner this particular case is cool because it corrects what I feel is the
biggest problem on the Moto X it’s obnoxious
curved back if you didn’t have that curved back I think it would be a much
better phone overall but somebody was trying to go for some unique design that
didn’t really take off and it’s an older phone so yeah now to pull out the qi
wireless charging adapter I like my wireless charge upgrade because now I
can just drop the phone on my desk and let it charge I don’t worry about
tracking down the USB charger and the tango missile cables that are on my desk
I’ve got another video talking about adding wireless charging like this that
I’ll link in the corner as well now that we’ve got the phone on nekkid we must
find a way to pry the back cover off now I’ll take a spudger from my warranty
voiding kit and see if I can find a seam to start working on course links to
these tools are in the doobly-doo for your convenience
apparently the easiest way to do this is by removing this
cardholder and using that open slot there to begin working the background
but we’re gonna do this the hard way mostly because I whatever and of course
the back is apparently glued on how many times do I have to say this screw don’t
glue gluing things together like this just makes them difficult to work on and
more likely to be thrown away so now I’ve got to clean this adhesive foam off
as best I can without getting into solvents uh so you know actually I’m
gonna leave some residue here to help hold the backplate on when I reassemble
this foam because I’m not entirely certain up the little plastic tabs are
engineered to hold things together by themselves anyway so okay so now that I
have the glue mostly cleaned off there are about 20 screws holding the
retaining plate on that will have to be removed to access the battery there is
also this one silver screw that holds the volume rocker switch in place do not
do not remove that just leave it so to unscrew these 20 screws you’re gonna
need one of these little tiny star headed screwdrivers wait why is my
screwdriver stripping the heads 23:45
one two three four five six aqua rap these are Torx screws six-sided stars
and I do not have a small enough torque spit in my gift well I guess I’m off to
the show yes now we have all the tools we need to get this done this iFixit
driver kit is probably the most comprehensive kit on the market today so
I should have everything I need to rip apart just about anything else that
comes along it’s so pretty and new again I’ll put links to all the tools in the
doobly-doo so you can play along at home for now though let’s put eighty-three
bit in the driver and get back to it so now let’s take our teeth reports bit and
remove all twenty black screws do not I repeat do not remove the one silver
screw that I told you about holding the volume rocker in place you will have a
bad day if you do that only that guy once you have all 20 black screws
removed you can take a small flat-head screwdriver and pull back the tabs
holding the retaining plate in place to separate it from the screen assembly and
access the battery on the retaining plate there are four screws holding the
battery in place remove these screws with the t-3 driver as well now of
course or screws just couldn’t be trusted holding the battery in place so
they glued this section together as well you’re gonna have to carefully very
carefully extremely carefully pry the battery away from the retaining plate oh yeah and there’s some ribbon cables also
glued to the battery so you’re going to need to carefully separate those from
the battery as well finally now we have the battery separated from the phone and
ready to replace let’s get our new battery out of the packaging place it
into the cradle in the retaining plate for a test fit and replace those four
screws that we removed earlier now wait at our you might say why did we remove
those four screws just to immediately replace them well young padawan the
whole reason for removing those screws is so that we could get a little more
leverage on the retaining plate and may find the battery out just a little bit
easier due to that compound of glue that’s pretty much it pointless and
redundant just like the glue that Motorola used to assemble thing now
carefully place the battery in the spot where it sits against the screen section
of thumb reconnect the u-shaped wiring harness at the bottom of the battery
then carefully raise the top end of the battery and slip the NFC antenna that’s
that little part that was glued to the face of the battery earlier slip that
into place sandwiched between the battery and the street assembly then
press the retaining plate into place pop all the little tabs back into place and
then turn your attention to the wiring harnesses on the back of the retainer
make sure they’re all in their proper places and connected correctly then go
ahead and replace all twenty screws that we removed earlier press the backplate into place and then
we’ll just turn her on and make sure everything works disco if you found this video helpful by
all means hit the like button down there and if you want to see more how-tos and
tech tear downs and other adventitious geekery like this be sure to hit the
subscribe button as well i do live streams on every Thursday and on
Saturdays so hit the bell notification icon so you don’t miss anything
my name is Atari I appreciate you watching and until next time Tallyho

47 thoughts on “Moto X Pure Battery Replacement (Style) / How To Replace Moto X Pure Battery (Style)”

  1. screw it dont glue it lol, I was just yelling the other day screw it dont zip tie it when I was taking the rear bumper off the 300 lol
    hashtag Idiots!
    nice kit you picked up buddy, If the woman dont find you attractive make sure they find you useful 😉

  2. Nice. If it's glued I will break it, if it's plastic I will break it, if it's screwed I will strip it. Great video it reminds me of when I took apart my camera to fix the auto focus lights in the view finder. I was so nervous lol the glue had failed and I had to glue it back in place lol

  3. 2:35 – A cynical person might get the idea that they would prefer everyone to throw stuff away after a year or so and never try to repair anything.

  4. Too bad I didn't see this a year ago… my Moto X battery got all swollen, and I replaced it with a Pixel.
    Happy with the Pixel though.

  5. Hi .. thanks for the video..I'm using d same moto x style for 2 years now…And now it is running on 7.0 Android version…n I'm facing same problem with the battery….so is d phone battery performing well after the replacement of new one? cous if it is..I need to do replacement as well !!

  6. How do you show photos to loved ones across the country who don't have the luxury of a computer or smartphone? Find out!

  7. Does replacing the battery fix the overheating issues? My Moto x pure drains battery really fast and always overheats and is uncomfortably hot to hold.

  8. I just got finished changing the battery in my phone just about 5 minutes ago. Overall it took me about an hour. What a pain in the ass. Cleaning off the old adhesive was the worst. The replacement battery I got off of Amazon wasn't curved like the original, despite them both being "genuine" Motorola FX30 batteries. I have to admit, yours is not the video I followed, since I stumbled across your video AFTER I got everything back together. One detail you missed were the two pulltabs that allow you to pull away the glue strips that hold the battery to the cradle. It's almost like the 3m command strips where if you pull straight on them they should break the adhesiveness and the battery should come out with no problem. Not saying your video is not informative or entertaining, but just saying that watching the other videos helped me out immensely.

  9. So I tried this, but now my phone won't turn on 🙁 I lost one of the 20 screws somehow. Do you need all screws for the phone to turn on? btw the battery IS hooked up, because I get the battery charging screen when I plug it in. The phone just wont boot up. Tried power+volume up, still no luck.

  10. Any idea Why so many screws? I once had to fix a commercial Hot Plate and it was held together with many screws. Later I purchased a new one of a different brand. It was obvious it had been designed much better. Only 3 screws and much more sturdy, also both were same price.

  11. You should use something like TeeSpring to make and sell some shirts. Selling one shirt would probably net you 100x what you would make in ad revenue per 1000 views 🙂

  12. I swapped batteries and ended up with worse battery life, plus pressure marks on the screen after a month. Cracked the thing open three months later to find out what the holdup was and found that the replacement had swollen a bit. But the old one back in and axed Magisk in favor of SuperSu, and things are moderately better. Some of the pressure marks are gone too.

    Knockoff batteries are garbage, which is sad because that seems to be all that is available. Especially so, given that this is probably one of my favorite smartphones of all time.

  13. So… if a guy takes out the silver screw which holds on the volume and power buttons , how do I turn around the bad day and fix it so those buttons work again?

  14. Did you do anything after replacing the battery, like deleting the battery stats or something? I replaced the battery and the new one doesn't seem much better than the old one.

  15. I was able to get an original FX30 battery with the curved back. A single site regularly reported having the curved back version, but it seemed always to be out of stock. I kept checking and pounced on it when it showed up for a short time. I was very nervous about trying to bend one of the flat Lithium Ion batteries available that are posted for sale in many places. The batteries just seem too fragile to risk bending and creating broken internal cells. I successfully installed it following the instructions in this video and comments elsewhere. All went smoothly. I removed the adhesive from the plastic back (a pain), but left the residue in the phone itself and used one of the pre-cut adhesive backs available on Amazon. The 20 screws easily came out using a T4 screwdriver which seemed to fit well and was recommended by several commenters on a variety of sites.. Several people have reported stripping their screws with a T3 as recommended by some. This replacement was very doable. Thanks for putting the video together.

  16. lol you are all over the place. Good video though. Wondering what battery you replaced with because some of what I am reading is that there are some bunk batteries out there..

  17. Sure the Motorola X pure is a nice phone which would be tempting to replace the battery on so you can keep it longer but I just got a Motorola G5 plus which includes a fingerprint sensor for a hundred and forty bucks on eBay and it comes with a brand new battery lol. I would Like to know how much you spent by the time you bought the battery and the tools and all the time to fix this dead battery problem.

  18. I am trying this right now and I cannot find the tabs you are talking about to release the display screen and motherboard from the back. There are two copper connections that are holding it together.

  19. Great video. I just want to add my 2 cents on this process. I ordered the best kit I could off Amazon, with battery and tools, seemed nice. Here's the hard part of this. Its not the glue on the back, although that bad too. It's the screw heads strip out really easily. Of the twenty, I had 11 that would not come out. I ended up using a Dremel tool to grind the heads off. This was a NIGHTMARE. This phone has never been the same, and I will never, I mean never buy another Motorola. (Three of them all had issues, Samsung no issues seamless Bluetooth other apps work better Motorola is not the way to go). Why would anyone in there right mind secure the battery with twenty T3 screws with super soft heads? Perhaps they don't want you to change the battery? Hmmmm….

  20. Thanks guy. Where did you buy ur battery from? If u don't mind. I've looked at dozens and want to make sure i get a perfect fit and best battery for the buck. Thanks again.

  21. Hi, thanks for the video. After installing the new battery the scrolling is very sluggish and erratic. Also it is very touch sensitive where it clicks on a video rather than scrolling the screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mark

  22. Those wonderful golden days of just opening the back cover, replace the battery, replace the back cover all under 5 seconds are just gone. Isn't it? Who knows next time the companies will make disposable phones that you have to throw away after 10 months. Taking away our freedom and also increasing e waste.

  23. Love my Moto X Pure. Thanks for the info! I've swapped the battery for my wife's Moto and am getting ready to do the same on mine. One side question – how well does the wireless charger adapter work, compared to the standard turbo charger? Just trying to get a feel for recharge time differences between the two. Thanks Again!

  24. Great video, watched it once and did the job from memory on two phones.

    I took some tiny screws and drove them through the back cover and in to the plastic tabs on the battery retainer/housing to keep the back from peeling back off. Those plastic tabs are soft enough and thick enough to accept a 2 mm long screw. Bonus, this will make the project easier if/when there is a next time. I did lose NFC functionality on one phone, but that's not a big deal, there are a variety of other ways to transfer data.

  25. my battery finally ate shit last month.. any input on removing the wood back? I bought a kit and battery but worried i'll break the wood.

  26. Why can't people just make a video about the exact task they set out to do?? Why make the video 4 times longer adding unwanted nonsense? Just show me how to remove the back and replace the battery. Done. I don't care where you go to get your fucking screwdrivers.

  27. Hey atari. Would you mind doing a video or linking a video of how to replace a broken micro usb port? The male piece that accepts the charge broke out and into one of my micro usb charging cables today. Thanks

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