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Moto X Pure Edition 2015 Screen Repair, Battery Replacement Xt1575

Moto X Pure Edition 2015 Screen Repair, Battery Replacement Xt1575

Today we are going to be opening up the Moto
X Pure Edition. This is the phone that came out in 2015. Luckily everything inside is
pretty straight forward. I’ll be walking you through the whole process. On the back
of the phone here there is a Sim card tray that also holds the SD card. Just put your
little Sim card tool in there. Right here next to that tray there is a little hole,
and if you stick your Sim card removal tool in that hole it will start removing the back
of the phone from the housing. Once I had that little corner up I slipped a card in
there. I found that the glue is very strong though, and I ended up dropping the card and
just using my hands to pull it away from the phone body. I have heard of people using heat
to soften the glue and that would make it a little bit easier to pull it away from the
body, but there’s not a whole lot that can go wrong here. I will show you a few ribbon
cables that you have to avoid here in a second. Basically all you’re doing is pulling away
the back panel from the phone itself. Make sure you do watch out for these orange cables
underneath though. If you tear those you will lose your volume and power buttons; which
are pretty darn important. You can see all the adhesive that is holding back the plastic
panel onto the phone itself. Once the plastic panel is pulled away from the phone you can
see all the excess glue. You can remove this if you want. It will probably make it easier
to put the back on when you are done. I will be linking all the tools you will need for
this project down in the video description below. There are 20 screws here they are all
size T4. Once you remove all those screws there are a couple ribbon cables that you
have to pop out. As well as this little plastic camera shield. Then down here there’s these
pull tabs. These pull tabs make it extraordinarily easy to remove the battery from the inside
of the device. So pull these tabs. If you pull them out horizontal with the phone. It
will make it so that the battery is not stuck to the back panel anymore. When you pull on
this adhesive it becomes unsticky and just slides out from the back of the phone. Here’s
how to unplug the battery. Sometimes this will solve any software issues. So instead
of unscrewing the back panel and releasing the battery you can just unplug the battery
and see if it will solve any of your software problems. After the battery is unplugged you
can lift off the back panel. Before we jump onto the mother board let me show you a little
bit about the back panel. Flipping it over you can see how easily the battery just pops
away from the back since we’ve already removed those pull tabs. You can see that the NFC
connector right there on top of the battery as well. I’m just gonna pop that off. There’s
the battery. Here are the volume ribbon cables connections as well as the LED. The duel LED
flash. They just plug down on the mother board with this little waffle connector right there.
Just like a little Lego. Snaps onto the phone and snaps off. Pretty straight forward. Here’s
the headphone jack. Pretty common with Motorola to have the little pins that just rest on
top of the mother board. That’s how the headphone jack receives its communication.
So if you ever have anything get stuck in there or dirt, grime or anything like that
it’s pretty easy to clean out. It just pops away from the back panel. So here’s the
little ribbing cable for the rear facing camera. It is 21 Megapixles. It just has a little
latch that you unlatch, and you can slide the camera out from its little connection.
Here’s the little circuit board on top of the Sim card, and SD card tray. You just unlatch
that from the mother board just like a little Lego. Here’s the front facing camera. It
also has that same Lego connection. It is a 5 Megapixel camera. Then here’s the vibrator
motor. I thought this was interesting. It has the duel vibrations on either side, and
they are different sizes so it give you a more full vibration because it has a small
and a larger side. It’s similar to one of the Xbox controllers. Here is one of the screen
ribbing cables. I’m just going to remove the tape and flip up the latch and that will
let the little ribbon cable slide out of its little slot. Then there’s one more screw
down at the bottom of the phone that’s holding the mother board into place. So we are going
to remove that. Then that lets the bottom of the mother board slide up, and the top
of the mother board pop out of its little connection on the frame for the screen. So
here’s the screen. This is the part that you want to buy if your LCD is black or if
you have a crack in your glass of the screen. Motorola has been good in the past about selling
the screen that is already attached to the frame of the screen so it’s pretty easy
to install once you have this particular part. If you buy a screen that does not have the
frame installed. You’ll have to remove the plastic frame from your old screen and install
the new one usually using heat, and a bunch of pry tools. It’s much easier to buy the
screen with the frame intact. Here’s the mother board again with the charging port
down at the bottom. The charging port is not replaceable which is unfortunate because usually
charging ports are one of the first things that go out on a cell phone, besides a cracked
screen. Putting it all back together. The mother board does have that one screw at the
bottom. Go ahead and screw that into place. Then get the circuit board that rests on top
of the Sim card tray. Plug that in and you’ll feel it snap into place. Here’s a close
up shot of the ribbon cable connector for the screen. We are just going to slide it
into the little plug and then latch the black plastic part down. That holds it into place.
It has the exact same connection as the rear facing camera. We’re going to latch that
down. Then we are going to put the tape back onto it as well. The tape just makes sure
that the latch does stay down, and keeps any debris away from those connections. We don’t
want anything shorting out while you are using the phone. Getting the front camera back into
place. Latching it down with its little Lego connector, and then sliding the battery back
in as well. You can put a little piece of double sided tape in there to hold it down
if you would like. Putting the NFC back onto of the battery. Then laying the back panel
back on top of the phone. Pretty straight forward. Clamp it into place all around the
edges. Then make sure the battery is plugged back in. As well as the little rubber protective
piece on the top of that as well. Then here’s the little connector for the power button
and volume buttons. So once that’s connected everything should be done. Then I’m going
to test the phone before I put the 20 screws back into place. Everything looks like it
went smoothly. The phone is turning on, and it vibrated. I’m going to go ahead and take
all those twenty T4 screws, and put those back into place. Now the back panel is pretty
easy as well. If you’re new back panel didn’t come with any adhesive then you can just take
double sided tape and put it around the outside. The more the better. Just make sure that you
don’t put any adhesive that will rest on top of the ribbing cables for the volume and power
buttons. Otherwise next time you take off the back of your phone it will rip those right
off and render your phone unusable. Thanks a ton for watching if you have any questions
leave them in the comments below. Don’t forget to like this video if you liked it
or if you learned something. Don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching. Hope to
see you around.

100 thoughts on “Moto X Pure Edition 2015 Screen Repair, Battery Replacement Xt1575”

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    Do you have one that focuses on the replacement of the micro USB charging/sync port on the Moto XPure?
    Apparently, this is a growing problem. I am looking for info on the process, to send along with other specs to my micro soldering guy. (The closest one lives over 700 miles away!)
    Do you have a video that highlights the micro USB port replacement, or can you make one?

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  17. I just used this video to change the battery on my phone and it's working great! I had to run to Home Depot for a better screwdriver than the one that came with the battery. I picked up a Husky 8-in-1 Star Precision Screwdriver Set and the T4 bit worked perfectly. Thanks so much for this video. It was so helpful.

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  37. I've used parts of this tutorial to replace the battery in my Motorola xt1575. Everything is working fine, but it was not an easy process. I doubt many people have done this without stripping or cracking something. I'll be the first to admit I cracked the female connector to the power and volume buttons but still managed to seat the ribbon back in securely. And I repair electronics. Especially computers. I honestly believe the built in batteries are all about competitive marketing. They want their consumers to toss these phones once the battery is no good for the purchasing of a new one.

  38. cool ! great phone for photography on the fly 21 MP camera is so good. but why on earth did the upgrade the moto X (G) with a lesser rear camera! weird! the 21 MP camera is one of the reasons i bough it! would never go back to a cell with a lesser camera.

  39. Sir I have this phone but I am using this phone from one year I got some problems and phone got damaged on display it didn't cracked and my phone display work only half then I downloaded screen rotation app and. I am using my phone by rottating why my phone works like that please reply me sir I request you

  40. Great video Jerry. I used it to replace my battery, took 90 minutes but it took 30 to remove the old adhesive. Plus I worked very carefully so as to not break anything. Very important to note, the screws are definitely T3, not T4. I also kept track of where each screw was and put it back in the same hole. I did put pieces of double sided tape on back of battery before replacing and I purchased adhesive backing that matched the phone exactly. I also used a multimeter to test the motorola battery I got from ebay with a resistance load to make sure it was good. Would be a bummer to go through all that work with a bad battery. Thanks for saving me $400.

  41. Great vid! I was wondering if you could help me diagnose a problem I had with this phone: I've replaced the screen 3 times so far, but this last time replacing a screen with a "dead strip", I replaced the screen only to turn it on & have sound but no screen. I replaced the broken screen to see if it was a problem with replacement screen & it wasn't. The old screen also had sound with no screen. Is it something with the motherboard? Please don't say I need a new phone! I love the moto x pure!

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    I fucked up a couple of screws and now i can go fuck myself as well

  43. Thanks, great video. Mine were T3 screws. I didn't have any trouble with them stripping, maybe because I didn't use the cheapo that came with the battery (which didn't fit) and sprung for an expensive Wiha T3. I had a little trouble getting the case to snap closed and stay closed, maybe because my battery came flat, and I didn't get it bent exactly like the original? But I screwed it down carefully, holding it closed as I put screws back in, and going around a few times tightening and retightening, and it seems to have come out ok.

  44. avoid the cheap T4 screwdrivers usually included with the battery change kits. Will just strip the screws. Get a real Torx screwdriver.

  45. can't you correct your mistake they are Torx T3 screws not T 4 is that because you want people to click on your link for tool kit that only goes down to T4 torx.
    Totally dishonest if true.

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  48. Thanks Jerry, very clear video. Just one !warning! before remove the battery, the volume connector remains stuck to the battery, the rest is perfect. Congratulations

  49. This worked will for me twice but it failed for my daughter. The silver side of the battery is attached. After removing the NFC contact, I had to carefully unstick the battery from the compartment. It did NOT "easily pop away from the back since already removed those pull tabs." But with some careful effort, I got it unstuck. Everything else worked like a charm. Thanks for the video!

  50. Thank You !… Your video was Great and right to the point and I did my first screen repair successfully … Great instructions!.

  51. Awesome video.
    I got my screen replaced using the video you shared. But Now putting the back cover back is become a challenge. Can you please share the link where I can find the double sided sticker that you seem to be using in the video?

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