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Moto Z3 Play: A mid-range phone with flagship flair

Moto Z3 Play: A mid-range phone with flagship flair

Hey, it’s Ashley Carman
here with The Verge, and today we are checking
out the Moto Z3 Play, Motorola’s newest phone in their Z lineup. You can immediately tell they’ve
made some obvious hardware changes to make the phone
look a little more expensive, even though it’s still
keeping that mid-range cost. And, so far, I’m having a
lot of fun playing with it. (upbeat music) You’ll immediately notice
some obvious hardware changes. Dual rear-facing cameras,
the missing home button, a side fingerprint sensor,
and a taller display. Motorola clearly designed
the device to look like a higher end phone,
particularly with those minimized bezels, aluminum
body, and glass back. But there’s no notch. Sorry to all you notch lovers out there. The new phone looks nice,
although the glass back gathers lots of fingerprints, and doesn’t serve a real purpose, like
allowing for wireless charging. You’ll need a Moto mod
if you want to do that. Speaking of which Z3 Play
still supports Moto mods, and is back where it’s
compatible with any you might have purchased for prior models. As for these hardware updates, the display is a six inch, full HD plus, super amoled with the
18 by nine aspect ratio. In my brief handling of the phone, display quality wasn’t great. It wasn’t very bright
when I took it outside, and I didn’t feel it could
accurately represent colors, especially skin tones. It also wasn’t extremely clear, and didn’t wow me immediately. The side finger print sensor
seems to work well enough, although Sony was really the only other company using side sensors, and even they recently gave up on it. But Motorola didn’t
really have a choice here because a rear fingerprint
sensor would be covered by mods, which the company
definitely wants you to buy. So, if it wants a finger print sensor, it has to go with the side placement. Inside, the phone features
a snap dragon 636 processor with four gigs of ram and 32
gigs of expandable storage. The phone chargers over USB-C
and supports fast charging. The battery is 3,000
milliamperes, which is the same as last year’s model, but
smaller than the original Z Play. This should still be enough to get you through the day though. Of course, you can also
always buy a battery mod if you want more juice. And if you purchase the
unlocked Z3 Play in the US, it will be bundled with a battery mod that’ll give you up to 40 hours of use. (gentle techno music) The camera’s underwent
the biggest changes. The dual cameras on the back
include a 12 megapixel sensor, and a five megapixel depth sensing lens, that’s mostly used for portrait mode. The front facing camera has
an eight megapixel sensor. There are a couple new software features, like portrait mode for
the front facing camera. But, my favorite is the cinemagraph mode. It let’s you record a video of a scene, and choose which parts of it keep moving, and which stay still. Like, these balloons or this flag. It’s super gimmicky, but
I enjoyed playing with it. Would I continued to use this
feature after a few days? Eh, probably not. The phone also features Google lens built right into the camera. The Z3 play runs android
8.1 and mostly sticks with Google stock android, but because there’s no home button, you
can gesture on the screen through Motorola’s one button navigation. It allows you to swipe left to go back, right for recent apps,
or tap to go back home. If you press and hold,
Google assistant will launch. The phone will be
shipped with this feature turned off and the standard
navigation buttons on. Honestly, this didn’t
free up much screen space, and I kept getting confused
about which gestures did what. It’s personal preference though, and some people will
probably like this feature, while others won’t. Okay, so the phone will be out this summer exclusively through US
Cellular and Sprint in the US, or you can get it on lack
through various retailers but if you do that, you’re
going to get a bundle. In the US, it’ll come
bundled with a battery mod, and abroad you can either get
a battery mod with the phone, or a speaker mod. Those bundles will cost $499. We don’t have pricing yet,
just on the phone by itself through the carriers, but hopefully we’ll have that information soon. Thanks for watching, and
as always, stay tuned to, and The
Verge’s YouTube channel for a full review of the Z3 Play and all our other tech coverage.

100 thoughts on “Moto Z3 Play: A mid-range phone with flagship flair”

  1. Wow nice concept… Placing the fingerprint at side…

    As always I am a Moto lover for it's new designs and innovative ideas..
    But I hate it when it comes to monthly updates….

  2. Why would anyone review a phone only outside on a bright sunny day? That would make all phone displays look weaker.

  3. You said upfront that display is the weakness of the phone, so why shoot the rest of the video outside?!

  4. It's like this review is intentionally making the phone looks bad. The entire shot of the phone is done outside, making the screen looks washed out. Flagships from Apple and Samsung didn't get this treatment. Why?

  5. Is it just me or is Moto being stingy? C'mon man, why are you cutting corners in 2018 (no pun intended) @theverge @moto

  6. Motorola (Lenovo) sucks! If you buy one, you should be happy with the Android version your phone comes with, 'cause you'll be using it for years without any update.

  7. "We shoved two cameras in there and removed the headphone jack to make it look more expensive"

    I miss the old Motorola, like pre-Android old…

  8. Interesting. It certainly has a lot of printed components as the X4 has. It appears to be larger. Ironically, as cheap as the X4 is in comparison to this phone… it still feels premium (Glass casing on the reverse and front as well as waterproof coating).

  9. The side fingerprint scanner not doubling up as a power button was a wasted opportunity its so dum on the left side and akward. Why does Motorola always screw up small things. They gona always be behind the competition if they keep doing stupid redundant stuff.

  10. The essential phone is the same price as this lol I would take the essential phone over a galaxy s9 any day.

  11. It shameless to sale this $500 as Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is just $ 400 with … better camera, cpu, charging … OMG it is pointless for die hard moto fans, right ?

  12. Very pricey for what you get , 499 for a 636 really !! Mate 10 is way better with the same price in here.

  13. If that's the brightest the screen gets, that's unacceptable. The screen probably couldn't even be seen on a sunny day or with sunglasses. Also Motorola's one touch navigation looks like a clear ripoff of the iPhone X, they should have used a design more similar to the Android P developer preview's "pill".

  14. Does anyone actually LIKE the notch? I'm pretty sure there are "people who accept the notch," but nobody who actually likes it. (Much less love.)

  15. Qualcomm Snapdragon 429 and Snapdragon 439 SoC is coming for Android Go devices

  16. Great News No Notch glad to C a Company not following in the stupid fashion of A Notch which is not a fashion trend at all Nice one Motorola

  17. This phone is amazing for a mid range phone. The moto mods are amazing and they will eventually come in handy, but I think they should just put the price down for these mods because they’re pretty expensive.

  18. 500 dollars so much big price for this device. I will not be rong if I say that it's price so bad for good sales.Espesially in countries like Brazil and Russia.

  19. I love my z2 play…fast, snappy, and last for days!! Coming from Samsung flagships, I am over the moon with the Moto z line

  20. I've had no problem with the side print, in fact it's my favorite way to unlock a phone that I've experienced. I've had a 6 plus, 8 plus, s8+, Moto x4 and so on

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