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Motorola Moto X Play – Display wechseln [mit Rahmen]

Motorola Moto X Play – Display wechseln [mit Rahmen]

Hi, I’m Christopher from iDoc, and today I’m going to show you how to replace the display of your Motorola Moto X Play on your own. This repair is kind of tricky because a lot of the parts are really glued in place. You should plan on taking about 60 minutes. You only need four tools for the repair: a steel laboratory spatula, a Torx screwdriver, tweezers and a spudger. I also recommend using our magnetic pad so you don’t lose any screws. You can find these tools in our online shop. A guide with pictures is available on our website. You can also use the comment function there to ask questions. Have fun repairing your device. Before I start the repair, I’m going to turn off the device so nothing short-circuits. Now I take out the SIM card tray by pressing the tool into the little hole until the tray slides out. Then I can remove it. To open the device, I have to insert the tool into the little opening at the bottom, then carefully disconnect and take off the back cover. Now I use the Torx screwdriver to remove the seventeen screws from the enclosure. Then I can remove the enclosure. Don’t worry about mixing up the screws. They’re all the same length. Now I can go ahead and remove the enclosure. The standby and volume buttons might fall out. If these two buttons don’t fall out, make sure you remove them right afterwards. Okay, so now I’ll disconnect the battery and then the NFC antenna. I disconnect the battery by carefully inserting my steel spatula under it on the side here, and then prying it up a bit. I do that on both sides and you’ll notice that it’s starting to come off. Next, I try to carefully insert the steel spatula below the battery so I can take out the battery. Now I’ve uncovered the two contacts for the display and the controls. I have to release them and then carefully remove them using the tweezers. It’s very important to avoid pulling too hard on the two flexible flat cables or bending them too much. When I’m removing the logic board, I have to remember that it’s glued to the frame. I recommend heating the logic board, or rather the entire device, a little. Once it’s heated up, you can use the steel spatula to carefully detach the board from your device. I insert the steel spatula under the logic board wherever I can get it in. I’m trying to be really careful because I never know for sure if there are components or connections under there. Insert it under the board and detach everything step by step. Make sure you don’t bend the board too much, because that could weaken or break the components soldered onto it or the solder joints. Once it’s attached, I just remove it. I still have to transfer a few parts from the old display to the new one, including the earpiece and the Sleep/Wake and volume buttons. For the earpiece, I carefully insert my steel spatula between the enclosure and the earpiece and try to detach the glue a little until I’ve completely detached the earpiece and can remove it. The next step, removing the three buttons, is a little harder. They’re clipped to the enclosure by a bracket. I install the volume and Sleep/Wake buttons on the new display. I have to position the brackets on this wall here and click them into place, then bend the flexible flat cable into shape a little. Next, I put the earpiece back in. I put it in its original position, making sure that the tab on the earpiece latches onto the two tabs on the enclosure. Now that I’ve prepared the new display, I can put the logic board back in. I have to carefully place it on the enclosure and make sure I don’t clamp any flexible flat cables under the logic board. Then I gently press it onto the frame so the glue will really stick. Once I’ve installed the logic board, I can carefully connect the two contacts for the controls and the display again using a pair of tweezers. Once I’ve pressed each contact into the socket, I lock them in place so they won’t slip out when I’m using my phone. It’s very important to push the flexible flat cables in all the way to make sure they really have electrical contact. Now I’m installing the battery, so I need to find the approximate position, which is pretty clear from the connector. Then I press the battery on a little more so it will really stick. Now I connect the NFC antenna and then the battery. Now I put the enclosure back on and use the Torx screwdriver to screw the seventeen screws back in. We’re speeding up this part a little so you don’t have to watch the whole thing. Now I’ve installed the enclosure again, but I have to remember to put the buttons back in. Now I put the back cover back on to close the device. You have to press it on all over so all the clips click into place in the frame. Now I put the SIM card tray back in by inserting it into the slot and pressing it in with my finger until it clicks into place. Now that I’ve installed the display and put the device back together, I check to see whether everything really works. I pick an app on the display, touch it and drag it around the entire screen. If the display weren’t working right, the app would go back to where it was originally at some point. You’re all done now. I hope you enjoyed the repair. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please use the comment function and I’d be happy to reply. See you next time.

4 thoughts on “Motorola Moto X Play – Display wechseln [mit Rahmen]”

  1. i've to reapair LCD and the screen: the problem is that also the frame is a little bit broke. should I buy a lcd also witha new frame or it's not necessary?

  2. Wirklich gutes Tutorial!
    Ich habe das Gerät mit dem Heizbett meines 3D- Druckers erhitzt und das war auch das Schwierigste am ganzen. der Rest hat super funktioniert, das Tutorial hat alles super erklärt!
    Ich empfehle nur nicht das billigste ersatz Display zu kaufen (20€, 12.2018) da die Qualität nicht so gut sein wird wie beim original! (Farben nicht so schön, reagiert etwas langsamer).
    Daumen nach oben für das Video!

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