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Motorola One Zoom review – super phone, super price

Motorola One Zoom review – super phone, super price

– Motorola has done it again. One zoom is a terrific phone for the price and in some cases it even matches the best phones on the market. See our review with pros, cons and price plus free great alternatives. (ticking sound) Motorola one zoom delivers
high quality on most functions and only for
a third of the price compared to other popular models. The high quality is on design, display, camera, battery life, navigation speed and I could continue the list. I have tested hundreds of
phones during the years, and this is probably
the best bargain so far. It’s not hundred percent perfect but it’s a great deal. First of all, it’s the best looking phone I have seen for years,
the brushed steel look on the back looks awesome and it’s neat how the color goes from
dark to metallic gray and back to dark. A nice thing is the 3D set in glass it makes sure that you cannot see your greasy fingerprints on the back. The batwing logo, Motorola called it that,
themselves is pretty much in your face on the back
but it has a function, it can light up when there are new notifications for example. The phone is a bit
slippery so you might want to use the silicone
cover that’s in the box. (upbeat music) The user interface is as stock android as possible with only a few small but handy stuff from Motorola, for example the possibility to activate the flash by shaking your hand. The navigation speed is from start fine, it’s not a fast as the
most powerful phones, but you can speed up the navigation. Go into settings,
accessibility, scroll down to remove animations. Animations slow down the navigation speed when you scroll from window
to window on your phone, by removing animation, it
is simply much speedier. By the way, it’s called one zoom, indicating it’s an android one phone but it’s actually not, So you’re not guaranteed
two gig android updates or three years of security updates, just one big android update and two years of security updates. The camera on the back
contains four lenses pretty unusual for this price level. Now lots of lenses does not guarantee great picture quality by itself, but the camera sure
does take nice pictures. The camera delivers great in most situations with great picture quality, nice colors, fine sharpness. In some cases, it’s even on par with the best camera phones, for example, the three times optical zoom and pictures taken in the dark, they are actually really
good almost on par with, for example, Huawei’s P30 Pro, just don’t use the night mode, it messes the picture quality up. (upbeat music) The battery capacity is great with 4000 MiliAmp hours and depending on how hardcore a phone user you are, it should last for two
days for most users. There’s an 18 watt charger in the box which Motorola describe as a fast charger. It’s not fast but it’s
not IPhone slow as well. 30 minutes of charging gives about 35% battery life and it takes almost two hours for a full charge. The price for One Zoom starts from around 450 dollars or 380 euros. That’s a great price
for a phone this great but of course there are
also some drawbacks. The back is slippery, so
you better use a cover which is a shame on a great looking phone. It does not have the
fastest, fast charging. There is no IP certification, the fingerprint scanner
of the screen is working but it’s too slow, the antenna quality could be better. (polyphonic music) If you don’t dig Motorola phones or this phone in particular, there are other good alternatives. (polyphonic music) Motorola One Zoom is the culmination of phones from Motorola, it’s the best looking phone ever from the company and the best looking phone in years, in general. It’s performing great on design of course but also on display, battery life, navigation speed, user friendliness and camera and for the price, this is one of the very
best bargains right now on the market. Did you like this video? Then subscribe to our
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14 thoughts on “Motorola One Zoom review – super phone, super price”

  1. I agree about design, the prettiest solution for the back I've ever seen. Embarrasses Mate 30 and newest iPhone. Overall great midrange phone. Nokia 7.2 seems nice too.

  2. Had to return mine due to MAJOR FOCUS HUNTING and VIDEO FREEZING, mine might have been defective 🤔 nevertheless it went back.
    Hoping it was an isolated issue with mine.
    If the own a Motorola One Zoom test out the cameras when shooting video, make sure your Device is working properly✌️

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