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Motorola Photon 4g LCD Cracked Screen Repair

Motorola Photon 4g LCD Cracked Screen Repair

Alright today we’re going to take apart
the Motorola Photon. It’s a Dual-Core phone from Sprint. It’s rocking the android operating system. There are a total of 10 screws around the
outside. There are 7 normal screws that you can see
me taking apart right here. Then there’s a screw hidden underneath this
little rubber tab. You can just pop that off with a pair of tweezers. Just kind of lift up underneath there. Then the screw is in the upper part right
next to the camera. The other two screws are down near the bottom. Make sure to take out the battery before you
start prying away the case or anything. Let me get a better view. You can kind of see it’s like a hard piece
of plastic. You just kind of lift up and out. It’s got a little bit of sticky stuff on
the bottom that you can put back on later if you want to. Pop those two screws out. These screws are different than all the other
screws so it’ll be pretty easy to put them back into place. Anyway, once those are off, the phone itself
actually lifts away pretty easily. You might need to use a little pry tool around
the edges to get it all the way off, but it’s pretty simple. This is the kick stand right here which is
replaceable so if your kickstand is stuck in the upright position you can get rid of
it. This is the audio jack. The little pins that connect to each part
of the headphone jack. And then this is the vibrator right here;
it’s what spins around to vibrate your phone. Unfortunately for this phone not many of the
components are replaceable. There’s one screw holding down the motherboard
which is what I’m taking off right now. Then there are two ribbon cables: that one
and this one right here. Once those are snapped off….they’re kind
of like Legos, you just kind of lift them off. Then the board itself is glued onto the LCD
so kind of take your pry tool and lift it up just a little bit. Then I slide my pry tool in all the way and
it kind of clicks up and off of the main board. Don’t want to bend too much though because
it can damage the motherboard. You can kind of lift it, wiggle it, and then
you can pry it away and make sure that the earpiece right there doesn’t get ripped
away from the motherboard, it’s kind of glued onto the front screen. So now I have my new screen that I’m going
to put down. I’m going to slide the motherboard into
place here, making sure that the ribbon cables are on the right side of the motherboard – correct
side of the motherboard. Then just snap them down into place just like
Legos. And if you look in the video description I’m
going to try to find as many replacement parts as I can. Hopefully there will be some screens. After the phone’s been out for a while screens
are usually pretty cheap on Amazon so I’ll post those. Anyway, make sure you get the screws back
into place. This is the little silver round one. The rest of the video is pretty self explanatory. Pop the plastic into place, make sure it’s
clipped in all around the sides. This phone doesn’t have very strong clips
on the outsides so that’s why it has so many freaking screws. So put the two silver ones – long silver
ones- down in the bottom. And then grab your other 7 black screws and
screw them in around the outside, as well as the screw underneath the rubber piece next
to the camera. Pop the battery back in and viola, the phone
works! Anyway, if you have any questions leave them
in the comments. Don’t forget to “like” this video if
it helped you and don’t forget to subscribe. It helps me out a lot. Thanks!

15 thoughts on “Motorola Photon 4g LCD Cracked Screen Repair”

  1. Okay just curious if you could help me out, I know its an older video but heres to hope. Shattered the glass on my phone the other day, the touch screen part still works and the display is still clear with no artifacts or anything, just the cracked glass. When i'm looking at replacement parts, do I just need the lcd screen or do i also need the digitizer?

  2. All you REALLY need is the digitizer. But it is harder to switch those out. You'll need a heat gun and careful hands to pry away the glass from the LCD. I don't enjoy doing it. Its cheaper that way though.

  3. Dem tools, any suggestions on where I should go to get tools to perform this phone surgery? Preferably running out to a store.

  4. Hmm… if you need something local you can try a hobby shop. They usually have small hand tools. My amazon set has been my favorite though.

  5. Jerry, I'm unable to perform this myself but I was considering using Ifixfast's service. But what concerns me is that hair replacement glass doesn't say Motorola on it. Is it possible to get a genuine replacement Motorola Gorilla Glass screen/ digitizer?? Thanx!

  6. Every replacement service is going to use aftermarket parts, UNLESS you send it directly to Motorola itself. Dont worry too much though. Usually the aftermarket parts work just as well. Most repair places wont charge you if they cant fix it.

  7. So I replaced it and there is this little red wire up by the speaker. I have one on the replacement screen and also one sticking out of the mother board. Any suggestions on what is and if it is needed. I cant seem to get my phone to turn back on and was wondering if that had something to do with it.

  8. Are both wires connected to the speaker? Do you have a speaker still on your motherboard and another speaker in your screen? Thats the only wire I can think of. Just remove one of the speakers and the other one should fit right in.

  9. My camera wont initialize. This is the third phone thats done this to me. Is there a part or something i could do to fix this myself?

  10. Jerry when you remove the motherboard and exchanged the broken glass with the new one,  comes with the digitizer to make replacement easy?  can I buy the glass w Digitizer attached to it? I saw the video to separate the digitizer of the glass and looks like painful process and risky.  Thank you Jerry w any input. Waldy

  11. Thank you for the video.

    By glass, do you mean the digitizer?

    I have a friend who broke his Photon Q. He bought a newer, flashier telephone. He said if I can fix the Photon Q, I can have it. That works for me.

    Your link for Repair Universe showed just the screen. I would like to get the screen and digitzer together. I figure he broke both of them.

    Torleif was helping Fritz and Barbara with yard work. He had the telephone in his left pants pocket. He picked up a wheelbarrow and the left handle pressed against the telephone and cracked the digitizer. It probably cracked the screen as well.

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