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Motorola RAZR foldable phone: Hands-on

Motorola RAZR foldable phone: Hands-on

let me briefly take you back to 2004 anchorman had everyone exclaiming that they love lamp
and snoop dogg had just told us to drop it like it’s hot meanwhile Motorola
released what went on to become one of the most iconic phones in mobile history
and now it’s back I’m Toddy from tech advisor and this is
our first hands-on look at the new Motorola RAZR the new razr is
Motorola’s first attempt at a consumer ready foldable phone and it’s
hard not to admire the level of engineering that the company has put
into its latest handset unlike Samsung and Huawei who showcase tablets that
collapse down into something with phone like functionality when fully open the
razor sports a 6.2 inch 21 by 9 aspect ratio display and when closed down
collapses down into something markedly smaller than any other smartphone
currently out there this means that the user experience doesn’t have to format
any differently than it usually would meaning your favorite apps should look
and run the same as they would on any other Android phone the genius of the
race is holding design is in how the screen tucks up inside the body when you
close the dual hinge down and when you open it back up how to concealed metal
plates lock in place do you support the crease so that when you’re actually
using it it doesn’t feel like there’s any crease at all it feels impressively
robust the plastic only panel has a bunch of protective layers that feel
like they’re do a great job at defending against nicks and scrapes more so than
the lights of the screen found on the likes of the huawei mate X especially
when you consider when you close the phone down the whole panel is moved out
of harm’s way completely Motorola’s paired the phone with a two-year warranty and
the option of an extended care package – just to reinforce their confidence in
the hardware at play here just like the original RAZR there’s actually a second
screen on the outside face of the phone which Motorola is calling the quick view
display you can use it to snap selfies with the phone’s 16 megapixel single
sensor action notifications talk to the Google assistant use Google pay and even
control your media open the phone up while using one of these features and
through what the company is calling app continuity the same experience will be
available and ready to go on the phone’s main display for all the impressive
material sciences and engineering at play here the new Motorola RAZR isn’t a
flagship in the same sense as the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy fold it’s launching
on Android 9 even though Android 10 will have been out for about four months
by that point the camera quality from that 16
pixal snapper out the gate doesn’t seem all that impressive and performance is a
bit behind the curve too much like the original RAZR motorola is prioritizing
design here so instead of a beefy snapdragon 855 chipset you get a much
more modest snapdragon 710 running the show paired with six gigabytes of RAM in
order for the phone to remain under 14 millimeters coincidentally the same
thickness as the original RAZR motorola has decided to split the concerning ly
small 2510 mah battery across both halves of the phone they’re
commonly still confident you’ll be able to get all day usage from this thing not
least because of everything you can do with that quick view display but even
with 15 watt fast charging for $1,500 it’s a little worrying that this new
high-end razr might not be able to last you till bedtime well what do you think
does the new razr get your nostalgia senses tingling
does cutting-edge tech make up for middling internals and would you be
willing to pay a premium to have this phone ahead of everyone else we’d love
to hear your thoughts so let us know in the comments section or on socials and
tune in in early 2020 when we have a full review of the phone see you then

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  1. Sorry but I have to question where confidence in bending plastic starts since every product with a plastic hinge breaks in less than two years, bar none.

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