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Motu Patlu Ka Photo Phone – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Motu Patlu Ka Photo Phone – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Hey careful my friend, all this stuff belongs to my great grandfather, its very old, it should not break. Don’t worry big brother, no one else can do this more carefully then us. Hey all of you, be careful. Oh my lord! My back is broken, wherever this Motu goes he brings trouble there. May all the bitter medicines fall in to your mouth. He broke my back also. I was screaming and telling you all to be careful, but you all were not careful, now what is my fault in it? What is this? It looks like a mobile phone. Big brother in your great grandfather’s time there was no mobile phone. Then why this is there in your great grandfather’s stuff? This must be his invention, he must have invented it himself, he used to think ahead of time. Big brother can I take this? I will click photo’s with this. Take it, but on one condition that you will leave immediately from here. So that Ghasitaram and I can do some cleaning. Come on Patlu, let’s go and click some photo’s. From Dr Jhatka junk we got a nice phone Patlu. Yes it looks nice, but click a photo from this phone and see. Boxer brother your car is looking brand new, come I will click one photo. Not mine, click my cars photo, its new. Click photo in such a way so that my shop is also visible in it. Whats wrong with my jeep? Click its photo also. Click a good photo. Hey, where is my car? Hey brother where did my shop disappear, what is this magic? Somebody help me to bring back my shop. Oh my god!! Its my office jeep, I will lose my job. I don’t know sir, I can’t understand, what is happening. We need to go to Dr Jhatka, we will find some solution there, it will be fine, please. Ok, we give you one days time. Ok, bye. If I get that phone then I will rule over Furfurinagar, I have to do something. I will have to remove a stormy idea from my devil mind. Yes big brother, what work do you have? I have come from mobile company, I have heard that you have three mobile phones. And you pay the bill of only two phones, get the third phone registered now. Yes, we got the third phone only yesterday, I we have not made any phone call from it. Whether you have called or not, we need to keep the phone record with us. Show the phone right now, or you have to pay a heavy penalty for it. Ok! And who does that fourth phone belong to? But there is no phone here. Hey, where has he gone? I am sure that was John, he was short, fat and he had beard also. John!! Where are you? Don’t search, don’t worry, I have not gone any where, I am here, come on get yourself clicked, say cheese. No, don’t click our photo. Open the door, let me click a picture, please. Say cheese. Big brother, come fast. Motu, my friend, we have come, you come on the terrace through the chimney. We can’t see John anywhere around right now. Ok big brother, we are coming. Dr. Jhatka, say cheese. No, cheese doesn’t suits me. Oh my lord!! We don’t want this cheese. Let me click at least one snap, please, say cheese. I guess, John has forgotten that it is not possible to escape Chingam’s web. Come on I will show him now. No need to go anywhere. I am here to serve you. Say cheese. No!!! John will become don!! My police station disappeared. Oh my god!! My mind doesn’t work on empty stomach. Patlu, please do something. Idea! Dr. Jhatka, make a robot which looks like us. Then our work is done. This is my left hand’s job. Wow! The prey is coming to the predator on its own. Motu Patlu, say cheese. Now the root of the problem is solved. Motu Patlu are now gone forever. Now I will keep Motu Patlu’s picture in a nice album. We will keep you in an album, say cheese. What is this? You both had disappeared then how come you are behind me? Those were our robots. Now it’s your turn to disappear. Say cheese! John, say cheese. Now its enough, no more cheese. Motu, you are gone. No!! You disappeared by Patlu, now I won’t leave you. You broke it!! Now Patlu will remain disappeared forever. I broke Motu Patlu’s pair. Now you won’t ever get your friend back. Patlu, my friend, you cant leave me and go. What will I do without you? Motu, don’t cry, I’ve come back. Where have you come? I can’t see you. I have gone no where, turn around. Not behind the phone, behind you. Are you Patlu? Real Patlu? Yes, Motu yes. Now should I write and give you? I am Patlu and those are our robots. Everything came back as soon as camera broke. Oh wow! Patlu is back! My Patlu is back! He is back! Now its John’s turn to go. Number 1, number 2, Ready, steady, go. Lets move fast from here. It is impossible to escape from Chingam’s web, impossible.

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