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Mous — Breaking The Mould Of What A Protective Phone Case Should Be

Mous — Breaking The Mould Of What A Protective Phone Case Should Be

Just because something seems simple, doesn’t mean it isn’t sophisticated. We took a simple concept, and pushed it to the extreme. Uniting style with extreme protection, to break the mould of what a phone case should be. It wasn’t easy, but simplicity should never be underestimated when it’s done right. Because the difference between something good
and something great is attention to detail.

45 thoughts on “Mous — Breaking The Mould Of What A Protective Phone Case Should Be”

  1. I love these guys and their Brand! Mous cases are so stylish and durable. When I saw my 1st Mous ad I knew I just had found another gem of a brand.

  2. Love mous as a brand, the customer service is pretty top notch too. I bought one for my Dad and he never has taken it off yet. There’s no point in taking it off. Screen protectors have broken but the case and phone are still pristine

  3. Best iPhone cases. I’m in the process of upgrading my whole family’s cases to Mous. I receive lots of positive comments about the cases.

  4. Not sure if it would compromise the integrity of the case but it would be super cool if the material inlays were interchangeable!

  5. I honestly love my mous case and the company. I’ll definitely buy another one when I get a new phone!

  6. Yeah but the price of your phone 📱 case is £40. 😳
    I'll stick to the leather case one from Ebay at £5. Works perfectly well.

  7. I love your phone cases! I will never buy anything else, thanks! I do have a question though. Is Mous planning on releasing a Flip Wallet case for the Galaxy S10+? I really love that it is a magnetic add on, so it can be easily taken off while not changing cases! Please release this for my phone! Thanks; I hope you have a wonderful day!

  8. Hey mous plz come to Perth with this I really want one but I can’t buy it on line because I don’t have American money but I got enough Australian money

  9. your phone case for the S10+ doesnt work with certain charger cables. it doesnt fit because the case at the bottom blocks entry way. i wish someone would reply to my support ticket/ reply on twitter with a solution.

  10. These look great — and the $59 is not terrible, considering I wouldn't have to replace my phone. But so far, only available for iPhone or Galaxy? More options, please — LG for me, please!

  11. Can you make a case for the Note 9 because you guys make really good cases and I got this as my new phone e but you dont have a case for it

  12. Hi there good morning. Just really want to ask? I bought the shell type for my iphone x which i so amazing. But the varnish of the shell is chipping off, is it normal? I dont know what to do with it or how to take care of it. Any advice? Thank you very much!..

  13. why is no one talking about the asian ladies working in the factory to make these??
    yall are so blind i stg


  14. I absolutely LOATHE this ad. It annoys me everytime I hear that dumb bimbo scream. Especially the advertisement that starts with this idiot screaming. Just came here to tell you how annoying this ad is. Even when I block the ad I get a different ad that hasn't been blocked yet.

  15. Hi mous team, cheers from indonesia! anyway, I just recently bought your case which is the clarity version for my iphone 11 after seeing some reviews from the internet and i can say one word for this case "its teriffic"! i really love the material of the case as well as the design, not bulky but can give extreme protection too for my iphone 11. as a graphic designer, i can say the case is aesthetically designed and beautiful. Keep up the good work mous! Will be recommending your case to my peers.

    Cheers mate 🙂

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