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Mous — The Phone Case Startup With A Unique Story

Mous — The Phone Case Startup With A Unique Story

We found that slim phone cases weren’t that protective and protective phone cases were ugly! So, we designed a lot of phone cases. “We’re just off to China, on our new mission, to create the world’s best phone case!” We tested our cases relentlessly! “Drop test 4,563” On REAL iPhones! It took months and it started to get expensive! “Oh my word!” But in the end… We did it! And with the help of 70,000 backers, we launched
the Limitless phone case! “Here we go!” But we couldn’t stop there! “Throwing my iPhone X out the window!” All our cases have hidden magnets inside. Making them even more useful! WE ARE MOUS And this is anything but a traditional story! “Oh, it’s coming back on! It’s come back on!”

88 thoughts on “Mous — The Phone Case Startup With A Unique Story”

  1. mous i will request you to please sell your products through Amazon or flipcart its easier in india to buy through it…please make it convenient for indians

  2. I just got the leather for my X. The leather is so soft and genuine. But the case does feel really protective. A bit slick on the sides. But I’m trusting the material is more for protection than grip. I kinda want the carbon fiber now.

  3. I’m waiting for you guys to make the wallet for the iPhone XS Max cases.Have 2 Mous cases now and love them .Also the car mount needs to be longer

  4. I think my two Mous Cases are very handsome. IMO, they are more of a man's case but women will want them too when they want the best protection for their smartphone.

  5. Love my Mous carbon fiber case but my only gripe is it feels like handling a wet bar of soap. Wish y’all could make some type of rubber side or grip to handle better in the hand. Especially for the iPhone Xs Max

  6. Love these cases
    I’m getting another one
    I already have One for this phone
    And then I’m getting one for my new phone I was supporting this phone case from about 6 months to a year ago when I bought my first phone case absolutely love it I would recommend it to everyone
    But my only problem is I don’t know
    Which one to get, love it how a case can can be so beautiful but so protective you really have done a good job, Also do you still work with sweatcoin ?oh and I have another question do they come in different colours on the out side? and when are there gonna be new materials?
    Also are you gonna make one for the iPad or Apple Watch
    Or maybe even the MacBook? 🙂

  7. I have a question, if you live in Europe and you want this case, can i still order it from here from the original site of mous?

  8. Please put these in name brand stores my mom won’t let me get one because she doesn’t trust the website or add an option for cash

  9. You know if you had a Samsung INSTEAD of an iPhone you wound need a protective case. a Samsung could be dropped off of a sky scraper and land with now damage. you look at an iPhone the wrong way and 3,000 cracks form on your screen

  10. i have a suggestion, maybe sell different designs? the pure black and wooden style don't really fit me (i might get the transparent one and just put a design behind it though)

  11. We just bought this phone cover because of your ads! Your marketing is working 🙂 Looking forward to protecting our phones against ourselves! Cheers guys!

  12. I have an idea for a phone case: "Gallian Front Phonecase", made with freakin' medium tank armor that phone case is as prized as what it would be inspired by: The Edelweiss.

  13. I just got one and i (accidentally) put it to the test by dropping it on hard wood from about 3 feet above. No scratch. Great phone case.

  14. Dude , what is that music and where can i get it ? , i checked the arrow and the comments , and only found 5 more people asking the samething
    At 36:00 till end

  15. That’s so true that protective phone cases do look ugly but mous cases look HOT and they are protective but I also like there iPhone XS Max clear case that case is a god😱😱

  16. Everyone, let us have a silent moment for all the phones that were trashed during this venture. their sacrifice is not in vain.

  17. Very good idea, but you only have cases for iphone and samsung.
    I have a huawei nova plus

    and a very ugly case on it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  18. Just how big your margin is for you to continuously push out these ads? People pay that 100$ for 1 phone case just for your ads, right?

  19. Im so confused would the phone burn on its descend down to earth from space or did was it not dropped from that high

  20. im thinking of showing my mom this video to see if she wants to replace her current phone case with one of these

  21. Just purchased a clear one for XS iPhone, looks good, not bulky, about the same thickness as the case I had BUT no magnets. Oh well guess you can’t have it all.

  22. I had one for my iPhone 6 since Mous was a startup on Indiegogo. The first thing I did as I ordered my iPhone 11 was order a new Limitless 3.0 case. I am a huge fan.

  23. Bro… Just today, my Clarity case arrived! I loved! I have no doubt that my S10 + brings the best protection in the world. 😍

  24. I finally bought mine for my birthday! I got the Walnut Limitless was 2.0 It’s amazing I’ve never had a great phone case untill now!! 😎

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