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Moving company scams: What you need to know. (CBC Marketplace)

Moving company scams: What you need to know. (CBC Marketplace)

(♪♪)>>This is one of the movers that moved me.>>Tom: This week on “Marketplace”. The wild bunch.>>Straight up, they lied.>>Tom: Our chase car has them in sight. Shady movers are riding roughshod.>>Should I start unloading.>>Tom: Holding your stuff for ransom.>>I was at their mercy.>>Oh, look out!>>Tom: Bashing your things. Grabbing your cash.>>I got robbed right in broad daylight.>>Tom: We’re tracking them on hidden camera. Why do you do this to people. You have to stop, you have to stop this. (♪♪) (Truck beeping)>>Tom: We’re staging a home. Yeah, that’ll work. But this ain’t no extreme makeover show. These guys are helping us set up this house with our props. We’ve cameras up, we’re going to put more cameras up. We’ve borrowed some furniture to set-up this house in east end Toronto. We’re gonna have some other people come in and we’re gonna see what happens. A maverick company is on the way and we’re gonna put ’em to the test. Bandit movers are acting like it’s the wild west, staging hold-ups across the land. With no sheriff to run ’em out of town, innocent folks are easy pick’ins.>>I got robbed right in broad daylight and the worst thing is I called them, and had them come to my house and rob me.>>Tom: Shawn Royal had a dust up with his movers when moving into his first home. now he wants to help you dodge the bullet.>>I don’t want to get hit with any hidden charges, you know I’ve heard stories and he said nope, that’s everything and I’m like, okay, fantastic.>>I feel like I’ve been robbed.>>Tom: That’s how Mia Solomon felt when she moved her business.>>They said no hidden fees and there was a lot of hidden fees.>>Tom: Both got the same deal: an hourly rate plus travel time. Turns out, the movers were bluffing.>>Straight up, they lied.>>Tom: It’s a stickup, and Mia and Shawn end up paying way more than they ever expected.>>Stop, you know, ambushing people with extra charges.>>It was a nightmare.>>An absolute nightmare.>>Tom: The outfit behind this nightmare? Husky Movers.>>That’s who we’re hiring. They’re based in Toronto. (Phone ringing)>>Tom: Megan, who works for us, books our move and gets this deal.>>You’re looking two guys with a truck for 45 an hour and plus there’s a one hour travel time.>>Okay, and does that include everything?>>That’s right>>Tom: Okay, we’re in the game. We’ve got a deal, but is there a trick up their sleeve? To find out we bring in a wise old hand. Hi Jim, how you doing? Jim Carney’s company has been in the business for a century. (♪♪)>>Tom: Welcome to the garage, or as I like to call it, mission control. He’s also with the Canadian Association of Movers. That’ll be your seat.>>Thank you.>>Tom: He’s fed up with the likes of companies such as Husky Movers.>>There are fly-by-nighters out there.>>Tom: We’re about to find out how Husky Movers ambush their customers.>>Testing. Yeah, can you hear me?>>Tom: Loud and clear, great. We wire up Megan, our Marketplace homeowner. Sheíll wear a camera that looks like a button on her shirt. John, our hidden camera specialist, will be the friend. Our cameras are rolling. (♪♪) (♪♪)>>Tom: It’s 11:00. They’re supposed to be here now.>>Tom, they’re coming.>>Tom: As the van pulls up, its clear this is not your typical moving company. Okay, there’s your white van.>>Yep with graffiti on the side.>>Tom: Right, no Husky Movers logos or Husky Movers uniforms. They’re coming to the front door Meg. And they’re here.>>HI, I’m Megan.>>Oh, hi. I’m Sam.>>Sam, hi.>>And I’m Jaskaran.>>Jaskaran, hello.>>Tom: Our Marketplace homeowner explains what needs to go.>>The pictures are staying and everything on the wall stays.>>Tom: There’s more stuff upstairs, and some awkward pieces.>>And then there’s a bedroom.>>Tom: So we think they’re ready to start the move.>>Can I have your initials?>>Tom: When suddenly, Sam pulls out a new deal. And you won’t believe what he hits us with. Let’s see what happens here.>>It will be one-time charge for the stairs.>>Oh, that’s a surprise. They didn’t mention anything about that.>>A charge for the stairs.>>Tom: Is that normal to charge for stairs?>>Absolutely not. They’re getting paid by the hour, every home has stairs.>>Tom: No kidding. Shawn’s floored too.>>Absolutely bogus, man. I’ve never heard of a stair charge.>>Tom: Despite protesting, they put it on his bill.>>Absolutely ridiculous.>>Tom: Back at our move, another surprise. Get a load of this one.>>And any item over 100 pounds, will be charged.>>Any item over 100 pounds, will be charged, which again is a complete rip-off.>>They didn’t mention any of this stuff on the phone.>>Tom: They didn’t mention it to Mia either when she called to book her move.>>Husky Movers said no, they don’t charge.>>Tom: But they charged it all right. Our contract now has charges we weren’t told about. And we’re stuck with them.>>So I just have to sign this?>>This is one of the movers that moved me.>>Tom: Recognize him? That’s Sam, one of our movers.>>I signed the contract under duress. I felt there was a gun to my head.>>Tom: Refusing to sign means trying to find another mover, and fast, almost impossible on moving day. He’s asking to sign a contract now.>>Looks like.>>Tom: Is that normal?>>No. She’s seeing this contract for the first time and they’re asking her to sign it. And she’s only seen it for, like, 20 seconds.>>Tom: Like most people on moving day, we sign. Okay, we’re starting the move now? Guess again.>>So is that everything?>>I need a deposit of $250.>>Oh really? ‘Cause they didn’t say anything about that either.>>Tom: A $250 deposit?>>We would never do that on move day. We would ask for a 10 percent deposit but that’s well in advance of the move taking place.>>Tom: Jim says there’s no rule book in the moving business. But what Husky’s doing, he says, should be outlawed. No choice. We hand over the deposit.>>And they haven’t even touched a piece of furniture yet.>>Tom: Right. When they finally do…>>Here comes the mattress with no plastic bags to protect it. So now they’re just going to put it in the truck. So it’s gonna get soiled. (♪♪)>>Tom: Just how careless are they? Ouch.>>Ooh, boy. Look at the drawers coming out of the dresser.>>Tom: Yikes. Aye-yie-yie. Now they have to get that dresser into the truck.>>Tom: No ramp.>>No ramp.>>Oh, boy.>>Tom: Whoa, whoa, whoa.>>Yikes.>>Tom: How could they do this?>>They’re stuck now. Every proper moving truck should have a ramp.>>Tom: Not much TLC for the armoire either.>>Oh look out, look out!>>Ton: Whoa, whoa, whoa. If this was a $5000 antique?>>If I were the customer right now, I’d be –>>Tom: Oh, geez look at this.>>– having a cardiac.>>Tom: It’s not even our furniture and I’m worried. Mia’s heart sure skipped a beat.>>I just feel scammed.>>Tom: When Husky was done, she estimates three thousand bucks worth of her stuff was damaged.>>How’s it looking?>>A lot of heavy stuff.>>Tom: A lot of heavy stuff what does that tell ya?>>Oh yeah, they’re just padding the bill, that’s all they’re doing.>>Tom: Back at our house, Husky’s bill is about do more damage. Remember they’re charging for stairs, but not just here, at the new place too.>>How many stairs do you think it is?>>I dont know, how would I know that?>>Tom: Why can’t he just count them up when he gets there? Our expert thinks he knows why. It’s the old, “we’ve got all your stuff, now pay us all your money” trick.>>You watch, I bet they hit her with it at that point and hold her goods for ransom. That’s what I see transpiring here right now.>>Tom: Hold her goods for ransom, really?>>Yep.>>Tom: Meaning what?>>Meaning they will not unload until they get the paid what they’re demanding.>>Tom: Sounds outrageous right? Well, it happened to Mia.>>My stuff would not get off the truck if i didn’t pay. I felt that my things, my belongings, that I paid for, it was held hostage.>>Tom: In Shawn’s case, they would release it, outside.>>It ‘s like putting a gun to my head.>>Husky Movers, they were armed and I was unarmed. I was at their mercy.>>Tom: Now we are too. Sam’s armed with the bill. Okay, here we go.>>Sorry? It’s $200 for heavy items?>>Unbelievable.>>Plus $80 for stairs?>>Yeah.>>The total is $570.65?>>Tom: Wow, 570 bucks! Based on their quote, Jim says that’s more than double what we should be paying.>>I don’t think this is fair. This isn’t what i was told at all.>>I don’t know, why don’t you phone the company directly.>>Tom: So Megan calls.>>And now I’ve just got this bill for almost $600 with extra charges for stairs and heavy items, and I wasn’t told about any of this.>>Let me see if I can give you some kind of break here. Is it possible you can give her $40 break?>>Yeah, sure. If you say so.>>Tom: Some break, and as Jim suspected, we’ve gotta pay now.>>So it should be before unloading then.>>So I have the pay the balance before unloading?>>Yeah.>>Tom: And if we don’t pay for stairs and heavy stuff?>>You’re stuff will be unloaded at this place.>>If I don’t pay all these charges, you’re just gonna unload my stuff here?>>Yeah.>>Like, back in the house?>>No, but outside.>>To have the audacity to even say that you’re going to unload someone’s goods on their lawn is just incredulous.>>It’s the company policy.>>Tom: Time for step two in our plan. Megan says they’ll get their money — at the new place.>>The stress that I would be going through right now if I were the customer, unbelievable.>>Tom: Okay, they’re leaving. But wait ’til you see the surprise we have for them.>>Should I start unloading.>>Tom: If you wanna unload the furniture on the street you go right ahead. When we come back.>>And later, why our vets investigation left many of you barking mad? (♪♪) (♪♪)>>Tom: Shady moving Companies are emptying the pockets of Canadians across the country. Okay, they’re leaving. So now we’re tailing one sketchy outfit. Our chase car has them in sight. — that’s stiffed us, and many people, with hidden charges.>>We’re directly behind them.>>Tom: Okay. Even threatened to dump our furniture if we don’t pay those fees. Husky Movers have been getting away with this stuff. but not today. So, we’re gonna have it out with them. What will they do when we turn the tables and refuse to pay those extra charges? They’ve insisted on not unloading the furniture until they’re paid. We’re not going to pay them. We’re at our new place. There’s the truck. Time to lay out the plan to Megan, our undercover customer. The sidewalk in front of the house is where you need to do this, okay.>>Okay.>>Tom: Will there be a showdown on the street? And at a certain point we’ll come out with cameras rolling. Megan takes a stand.>>I’m not going to pay anymore money for these extra charges that I didn’t agree to.>>You should have told me earlier, right?>>Tom: It’s a standoff. Sam is refusing to unload our stuff. He gets headquarters back on the line. But Husky isn’t moving on the bill.>>And you initialled that contract, you signed it and you agreed to pay for it.>>I don’t want to pay these charges.>>Ah, you don’t need your stuff, that’s what you’re telling me?>>Tom: Time for me to make my move.>>You told the guys that you’re ok to pay.>>Tom: Remember, we’ve already paid them 250 bucks. We just don’t want to pay for the charges they never told us about on the phone. But as they’ve done to so many, Husky puts the gun to our head.>>If you’re not paying the money, I have to tell them to unload your stuff at the pickup location.>>Tom: That’s right. They’ll bring our furniture back to the first house and unload it.>>Will they put it back in the house?>>No, just outside.>>Tom: My name is Tom Harrington and I work for “Marketplace”, at CBC. Okay, and we know what you guys are up to, and what your company has been up to. How can you go into a house on moving day to do this to anybody?>>I don’t know, like, if you want to call the company, like, we are just the workers.>>Tom: Put him on speaker. What kind of operation is this that you’re running? This isn’t a proper moving company.>>What you mean, sir? Everything was explained to the lady before they touch her stuff.>>Tom: What was explained on the phone, the contract over the phone, was $45 an hour, plus an hour for travel time, everything else is included, that’s what was said on the phone, that’s what she agreed to. These fellas come in, hand her a contract, which she has 30 seconds to read, and can’t see everything in the first place, then they start saying, oh, we’re going to add for things like stairs.>>I think he hung up.>>Tom: Yup, hung up. But the mystery man on the phone is calling the shots.>>So should I start unloading?>>Tom: If you wanna unload the furniture on the street you go right ahead. If that’s what you think you should do. Is that what he said to do?>>He said he will take the legal action against her.>>Tom: So he’s gonna sue her? Maybe we should sue! This customer did.>>And I won, and I feel good.>>Tom: Just like us, Carol Lutete-Bayekula got stuck with hidden charges.>>This is outrageous. I was not expecting these charges.>>Tom: The judge agreed, saying that sneaking them into a last-minute contract was not fair. Carol sued City Hawks Movers and storage. Guess what? Same people behind Husky Movers. Sam says he’s just following orders, even if it means dumping the stuff right in front of our new place. (♪♪)>>Tom: I think we’ll be dining under the stars at this point. If all the dining room furniture ends up there. (♪♪)>>Tom: They’ve made good on this threat. So that’s it you’re just going To leave it on the lawn?>>Yeah.>>Tom: As for seeing them in court, not worth our time, so we pay the entire bill. We’ll keep the receipt. If we want them to move our stuff inside, that’ll cost extra. We’re not paying you anymore. (♪♪) They get the heck outta Dodge. But not so fast. The showdown’s not over.>>They’re indicating a left turn, Tom.>>Tom: We see him far up ahead. We follow their truck, because it’s our best lead to the boss. We end up on the outskirts of town. So there’s two big Husky Mover trucks. And discover a corral of battered trucks. Our movers leave but we notice the Husky brand. We check back in another day. There’s a Husky Movers truck right there. And the Husky name on that truck is painted over! Wonder what else they’re covering up? Time to round up some answers. Why do you do this to people? You have to stop. You have to stop this.>>And later, our “Marketplace” investigation into vet bills continues. (♪♪) (♪♪)>>Tom: We’re investigating a shady moving company that’s more like a moving target. Husky Movers hit us with hidden charges, and dumped our furniture. We call the owner, Harpreet Singh, he says they are upfront about the charges, but declines to come on camera saying he’s in California. We’re not giving up though. We’re staking out another moving day. No trucks today. They must be very busy. We hope the trucks will return. ‘Cause when they do… Our plan is to deliver our own charges to Husky Movers. For misleading the public with hidden charges, threatening to hold furniture hostage, and unprofessional service. We’re waiting for another showdown. But it’s almost sundown. Will they be a no show? (♪♪)>>They are back. Holy (bleep).>>Tom: And there’s a fancy black sedan. We’ve done our homework. It’s a company car. Is the owner inside? Hey, how ya doing? I’m Tom Harrington from Marketplace.>>Okay.>>Tom: And I’m — you’re with Husky Movers?>>No.>>Tom: Sure you are. What are you doing in this parking lot?>>Just eating chicken here.>>Tom: Yea, sure. No, no, you’re with Husky Movers, what’s your name?>>Why?>>Tom: What’s your name? He won’t give us his name, but we give him our charges. Here’s what I’m going to give you. This is our bill, these are our charges. This is for misleading people. Misleading the public.>>What?>>Tom: With hidden charges.>>What are you showing me this for?>>Tom: Because this is what you do to Canadians, man.>>No, no, no. Hold it, hold it, hold it. Stop your camera.>>Tom: No, answer the question. Why do you do this to people? You have to stop, You have to stop this. I’ll just put this in your windshield. He can run but he can’t hide. Later, sources tell us that was Harpreet Singh, the owner of Husky Movers. We leave another copy of our bill behind to make sure he gets the message. But maybe he is already. Since we started poking around, Husky Movers charges for stairs and heavy items are posted on their web site. But remember in the wild west of the moving business, it can be a treacherous road. To dodge your own moving day nightmare, here’s our survival guide. Watch out for low prices. You can be hit with hidden charges later. Demand a written estimate and a copy of the contract before you move. Get proof they’ve got insurance to protect you and your stuff. Deposits are usually paid before moving day and do your homework. Check out reviews online.>>Erica: We’re back digging into our investigation into what you pay at the vet. Last week “Marketplace” brought in Marshall, a real watchdog, to reveal five ways you may be paying too much at the vet. By the end, Marshall wracked up a bill of over $500 in questionable charges. And boy did we hear from you. In one of our strongest reactions ever. People coast to coast told us they could relate to being overcharged, and are barking mad. Can’t believe the level of discrepancies between pet vets. The government must step in and regulate this industry. As a veterinarian, I found your program just scratched the surface. Veterinarian medicine today is primarily about making money. We sure heard from a lot of vets who disagreed. Vets didn’t go to school for that many years to rip off clients. Are owners aware of how often vets actually slash costs down to bare minimums and provide services free of charge? (♪♪)>>Erica: And our investigation continues. Across the country, you pitched in and shared your own vet bills too. And what do they reveal? A range of prices for similar procedures. Across Canada for a wellness exam, you’re paying between $50 and $81. When it comes to dental cleaning for cats, prices ranged from $340 for Scout, to 654 for Dusty. As for x-rays, Dexter’s owners spent 143 bucks, while Dejavu’s x-rays cost $257. At the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, here’s what president Jim Berry had to say.>>There’s a lot of different factors that roll into costs. Everything from cost of living, where you live, if you have factors like what equipment is being used so the different procedures that are being asked for. And clients right now, basically really expect, and rightly so, I think, to have really high-quality medicine.>>Erica: Even so, when it comes to saving money at the vet, it might pay to shop around. And you can check out our cross-country comparison anytime on-line. Next week on “Marketplace”.>>Erica: Oh, there’s that smell again. We’re back checking in, again. Testing hotel’s promises.>>Wow, that doesn’t look good, does it.>>Erica: Oh!! Look at that!>>Erica: With your help.>>I couldn’t believe my eyes.>>Erica: Have dirty hotels cleaned up their act? Could this be the same stain as last year?>>It’s possible.>>Erica: How much better — The bath mat looks cleaner — — or worse — — why hasn’t anyone got the message, you have to clean the sheets. — can things get?

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  1. I’m moving across country, Washington State to Texas. I’ve done it before. The first move, I drove a 26ft u-haul with a car tow. Everything was fine, nothing broken or missing. Hired Allied to move my belongings back and my family and I drove back visiting family in California on the way. Allied arrived a week earlier than agreed per contract, were going to leave my belonging outside on the sidewalk if I couldn’t get them access to the house and I had missing and broken property. So we’re driving ourselves. Don’t trust movers.

  2. Only twice did my family hire a moving company and that was to move cross country both times (Nova Scotia to BC and back), the other times we moved we rented a U-haul and moved ourselves (U-hauls come with ramps).

  3. Police have shut down this moving company back in 2010

  4. You paid the whole bill when you didn’t have to but you also raised awareness and that’s what’s important here.

  5. 45 an hour plus travel time is a totally rediculous price, i use to be a mover. also in canada. we charge 95 an hour for a small truck 103 for a mid level 110 and 120 for bigger trucks, id be very skeptical as soon as i hear 45 a hour lol. first thing ive noticed.

  6. why are you people by yourself , do not have any brothers, sisters , husband , partners , sons , friends or anything for back up

  7. Lesson learned: HAVE FRIENDS. HAVE MANY FRIENDS. They will help you move. And if you don't have friends, then hire TWO MEN AND A TRUCK.

  8. This how 3rd world rats get rich quick. A family steal's begs borrows. Then all pay for a business, then run it like its still 3rd world.

  9. For pets at the veterinarian in my state, no one walks out under a hundred dollars. You are going to pay $100.00 plus. I just had to have my 4 year old kitty euthanized. She had lymphoma. I paid over two grand in vet bills, just before I found out what she had. I had to charge it on credit cards. It was sad. I paid on top of vet bills, $95.00 to have her euthanized. Over $300 for the creamation. Sorry. I am sti i

  10. Owner Harpreet Singh. That explains it all. Immigrants from a country known to commit scams and frauds all the time.

  11. Market place what is the point of putting camera and those people keep doing what they doing it just pissing us off

  12. I too have been scammed by movers they are called vanship van lines do not trust them they have scammed over 900 people they break your things not only that there very rude and once they get you stuff they drive away they move it to a storage place and leave it they only take the good places,please I'm warning you do not trust them.

  13. There's a company in Los Angeles with the same name. I moved with them from Los Angeles to Vegas.The guys really liked it ! Well done !

  14. I've worked for moving companies and it is normal to charge for stairs. If we're bringing something upstairs or downstairs by using stairs instead of an elevator you're getting charged. This guy is supposed to be head of the movers committee and he said its not normal smh.

  15. there is a charge for stairs, and it is written as an extra charge possibility in any common agreement… but it is arguable…

  16. any item over 100 pounds is extra charged… ok, read OSHA Compliance and see, that by the regulation a worker shouldn't lift more than 50-75 pounds, so 100 pounds per 2 persons is fair enough… otherwise i know some people who want to save money and use movers to move heavy machinery that was delivered by crane and used to cost thousands of dollars…

  17. movers must wrap the furniture, especially mattresses, and shouldnt usually take a deposit. they seem absolutely unprofessional, their work is terrible.

  18. Yes, any agreement says clearly, all charges shall be paid before unloading… it is US DOT rule, you can find a copy of basic transportation agreement online or on JJ Keller.

  19. Talking about moving scams, there are a lot of HVAC scams also. My uncle was charged $100 for a A/C problem that was just solved by flicking a switch that somehow got turned off

  20. I don't see anything wrong with this video. They moved her money into their own pockets. They did their job.

  21. lol wtf do you mean every home has stairs!? what kind of "professional" remark is that. Not advocating for the dirty movers or anything but they producers of this video do seem to be over sensationalizing a bit. Then again it is Tv..

  22. Not to defend the scamming Indians but when paying $45 an hour for 2 men and a truck, with a 1 hour travel charge, what do you expect!!?? People that hire these low bidders on all sorts of jobs deserve what they pay for!
    Smarten up folks!

  23. I used Mike the Mover, always used them because the movers were always so great to my mother. Using them on 17 years now. Great and honest moving company

  24. Once when I moved when I was about 12 and I couldn’t find my bag that I planned to use for my overnight bag and my dad found one of the movers with it and he had walked about the house just stealing random stuff and putting it in my bag. And it wasn’t stuff like jewellery it was like dvds and forks and knives it was the STRANGEST this ever

  25. 3 Men movers did this to me and broke a lot of my things here in the states. Not Indian. Also destroyed a hard drive on one of my computers, lost all screws to my bed. Stole money from a can where I kept it. And the list goes on. They gave me some money back, but was a 4th of what I paid to have them release my things. Almost 1k extra. That was 6 years ago. About to move again this week. Now I know what to do. I had the flu and was so tired, I called and asked a friend to loan me the rest so I could pay. I think now I will leave a review, cause seeing this…I am realizing I got scammed.

  26. Here are the best practices for anyone who intends on doing a move or delivery professionally:
    1) always try to use someone that was used by someone you know.
    2) all professional movers should be licensed and insured . You should be able to go to the licensing Authority's website to see the company's name, address, owner name, phone number, type of license, type of insurance coverage limits, how long they have been in business, and number of complaints against them.
    3) don't go according to the company's website they may post phony information and bogus references.
    4) not all moving companies run their business the same way. Just like not all moves are the same.

    a) paying by the hour is good if you have a large sq ft house with multiple levels where the move involves packing, loading and unloading, and Hauling
    b) paying by the pound is good if you're going a very far distance say over a thousand miles
    c) paying by the mile and by the item is best for small-sized moves traveling short distances — as was described in the video.

  27. my friend the movers stole all the computer stuff and monitors…. took about a year to get the money for it.
    Scumbags like this , just rename the company and start again….

  28. I think it was totally pointless to set up this sting operation because then it leads to them just paying the entire bill. Like what was the point of this sting operation if you were just going to give in and pay the bs charges? Waste of my time🙄

  29. Quite common in India. The techniques used for swindling, are well practiced in India, but does not work easily, as most people are aware. Hence, move to a new place and try out the techniques.

  30. Should have checked the owner's immigration papers. Typical non-citizen, typical Pakistani. Probably his real job is smuggling weapons. No joke.

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