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My Favorite Phone of 2017!

My Favorite Phone of 2017!

[Intro Music] [Intro Music] Hey, how’s it going, Dave2D here. So 2017 was just packed with really good smartphones choices to choose from. Basically, every manufacturer out there delivered some really good stuff this year. And it was really hard to make videos on them, because every time I would find a phone and make a video on it, a month later, some other company would come out with another phone that was just as good. It was really hard for me to just be like: “Hey, this one’s good. That one’s good. No wait, that one’s good.” So, these are the favourite ones. These are the ones that over the course of the year were, like, my top picks. Any phone that is in this pile was a phone that I really enjoyed using and it kind of surprised me to how good it was. So, I’m just gonna kind of go through them…eventually I’ll go down to my very favourite phone of 2017. So I’m going to start off with the Note 8. This phone was…this thing launched at almost $1000 dollars and when I first learned about its price tag, It was super disappointing because it was so much more expensive than I felt like it should be. The S8 and the S8+ were really similar in experience, but this thing was just so much more (expensive) than those two. Now it’s down to like $750 – $800, which is way more reasonable. It still isn’t my favourite phone right now because if you buy it right now–if I bought this right now– I’d still be paying for things that I don’t use, things I don’t particularly like. So the pen, I’d never use it. The telephoto lens on the back, it’s just not stuff that I’d ever use. And same with the software, I’m not a fan, of the whole Samsung software So… Solid phone just not my favorite phone. Ok. Moving along. We have the LG V30 and this a phone that functionally I enjoyed more than any of the Samsung phones. It’s the same kind of idea like thin bezels, but just ergonomically, I love the way this phone feels, and I love the use of its secondary lens. This is a wide angle lens, and I just much prefer this type of focal lens. I just find them more useful for the type of photos that I take, but that being said, I still don’t love the software. Now I actually ran mine with the Google launcher, and eventually tried the Nova launcher, But, I could never make mine feel stock enough. It always just had this kind of “LG vibe” to it. I mean, some people will love that stuff but… It’s just not my thing, so… Not my favorite phone in the year. Next up is the Razer Phone, and this is a phone that really impressed me at launch. It had a lot of unique features that just, really stood out, 120 Hz screen, really good speakers – probably the best speakers in the industry, but the price tag, $700, I mean it’s fair for what you’re getting, it’s not like super overpriced or anything, but it just felt like it wasn’t a compelling enough purchase for me. A lot of the features in here were geared towards media consumption and gaming, which were cool, but it didn’t have a headphone jack, which was just, really backwards to me like, on a device like this, where you’ll constantly have this thing plugged up, because you’re just draining battery really quickly, it would be nice built to have this thing to be able to be charged, while having headphones connected to it, which was… impossible. So… yeah. Good device, just not my favorite. I just think a lot of the headlining features are really really nice, and good for a lot of people, just not ideal for me. Okay, next up let’s go with the Pixel 2. Pixel 2 XL. This is a phone that I really liked. And, when this thing launched, so many people complained about the screen, but I’ve never had any real issues with it. I mean, it’s not as awesome as the Note 8’s screen, but I was always happy with the screen. I’ve never had burn-in, didn’t have really bad blue shift or anything, but the price tag was steep. $850 is a lot of money for a Pixel device. It does have the best camera in the Android game right now, I just… Cameras aren’t that important to me – they’re important, just not the most important feature.

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  1. Please give me advice dave.
    I want buy smartphone.
    If you choose, Which one?, Oneplus 5t or huawei mate 10, and why you choose that ?.

    Please give the answer.

  2. what about the updates? Iphone has occasional updates and more than the others. Does Oneplus update its device occasionally?

  3. OnePlus basically runs on listening to what the people want. That's where they started and thats what I love about them. They actually care about what the consumer wants.

  4. From whichever he pick first ……is not a winner…..the last one which comes to his list is the WINNER! And it's my OnePlus 5T!

  5. The Essential PH1 is now on Oreo 8.1.0 final release and it's a beast. The improved responsiveness, fluidity and over all performance of this device can now compete with the flagships. The pictures from the cameras has improved and 4K video is outstanding. Premium hardware, stock software and all this for $499 now that's top notch.

  6. i love the lg v30 so much to be honest but after the g6 i know what lg is like and i cant relive that nightmare

  7. whats the point in headphone jacks when you have bluetooth, thats all I use now, bluetooth with my Razer

  8. I like this guy. It's like having a regular guy with a sensible and logical approach. He the reviewer for the every man.

  9. Absolutely agree with ur choice of the best phone in 2017! I was an iPhone user for years and Oneplus 5t changed everything for me. Such a great value for the money paid .

  10. HI how are you My dear iam adil from Kuwait what about lg g6 32gb now reduced price now price is 356 us dollars please I want your opinion thank you

  11. Oh my god! I cant agree with this video enough! I had to come back and give it a like again <3
    Also yes Apple has done enough damage to phone pricing (not to mention the notch)

  12. Androd user here, but I have a used lumia 950 and I love it. Yes windows is meh, but it just works for me. Sadly the app ecosystem is really bad.

  13. why poor people cant play this game if i work hard cant handle phone price if i bought it i couldn't have money to eat and get clothes for month so best solution work for 3 month harder and get the phone and be hungry and naked for next month and if you play this game to have fun you're fucked up well damn for world difference and the unbalanced living

  14. I still kind of want an Essential ph-1 and I'm not entirely sure why probably that build, and quality of materials..

  15. Great review Dave.
    I completely agree that people should buy smartphones that suit there needs instead of looking for the best.

  16. I came here to this video to see the massive haul of phones you have. I'm planning on buying one of these for. My first ever phone. My price range is 1000$, and I'm considering buying the OnePlus 5t. If my choice is correct and an amazing pick for my first, please reply that it is. If it isn't, reply what you think would be a great pick. Also, iPhones are not included.

  17. Bro the Note 8 is a phone in a league of its own. S pen is amazing for multitasking. No phon can't compete with the Note. IPhone X is a joke over price Apple plus that ugly notch

  18. you're the best dave. still use your old vids to help make decisions. also, if you could do a mid 2018 vid on phones, that'd be great, thanks

  19. the thumbnail was amazing! I love your honest reviews, however, pixel 2 is bae… What are the chances you can give me that Red camera 😉 slim to none or just none D:

  20. im stuck between buying the Oneplus 5t or the Essential Phone? thoughts on this. I really just use my phone for the camera and surfing the web/instagram and Spotify. I love the minimal design of the Essential phone and the idea of the 360 camera. is the camera on the phone really that bad? Thoughts on this decision?

  21. I see what he means about the Razer phone not having a headphone jack. And that you may want to charge your phone while using your headphones. But not having that headphone jack give the phone that extra space on the inside to make the phone better. and the phone has a 4,000mAh battery so it should last about 1-2 Days straight without dying and on 120Hz Refresh rate

  22. I literally love your intros. They're too damn good and creatively made.
    Your reviews are great too. Up to the point.

  23. yeah you are right oneplus devices are complete devices every thing is available which an average and even enthusiast's want. like performance interface camera build quality and fast charging in reasonable price.

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