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My iPhone Keeps Restarting! Here’s The Real Fix.

My iPhone Keeps Restarting! Here’s The Real Fix.

Hi guys, David and David here, and in this
video, we’re going to explain what to do when your iPhone keeps restarting. When your iPhone keeps your restarting, one
of two things is going on. Either your iPhone is restarting every once
in a while or it’s restarting all the time. So we’re going to start with dealing with
the basic issues that cause iPhones to restart every once in a while and then we’ll move
on to the more complicated fixes. And if you’re in one of those scenarios where
your iPhone is keeps you starting over and over and over again, you might want to skip
a little bit ahead in this video because the first four steps aren’t going to work for
you. But, step number one is to back up your iPhone
if you can. Right when your iPhone keeps restarting like
this, it can be indicative of a pretty bad software problem or a hardware problem. So back it up while you still can. Connect your iPhone to iTunes on your computer
or do an iCloud backup. Whatever works just back it up first. Yep. Our next step is to update your iPhone software. How do we do that? Well, let’s open up the Settings app scroll
down to General tab Software Update. They’ll check for an update. I do have a software update available. I won’t download and install it now because
then that’ll turn my iPhone off, but tap Download & Install. It’ll download the update, then install the
update and hopefully they’ll fix the problem. This update also includes bug, fixes, and
improvements. Well, that is the problem. That could be it right. There you go. So our third step is to make sure it’s not
an app that’s actually causing the problem and the way we can check this is by taking
a look at the iPhone analytics on your iPhone. So let’s open the Settings app and then head
to Privacy and then scroll all the way to the bottom to Analytics and then take a look
at Analytics Data. This is a pretty technical list. I want you just to scroll through this list
and see if anyone app starts to appear over and over and over again. You don’t really need to know much about it. But if you see the same app just repeated
and repeated and repeated there could be a problem with that app. So I noticed that the top of your David had
some ESPN issues go back up there ESPN scores widget, right? That could be the problem right? There could be. a problem. Generally these problems don’t cause your
iPhone to restart, you might be using an app and then you’re right back on your iPhone’s
home screen. You’re like what happened the app disappeared? That’s an app crash. Yep, but occasionally it can happen. So if you find an app that’s causing a lot
of problems on your iPhone. I recommend deleting the app and reinstalling
and downloading it from the App Store or just to be safe. Why don’t you close out of all the apps on
our iPhone right now just in case one of them crashed to do that iPhone 8 or earlier, double-press
the Home button. iPhone X: swipe up from the bottom to the
center of the screen. iPhone 8 or earlier you’re going to swipe
right off the top of the screen. iPhone X first press and hold until the minus
button appears. Then, swipe up. Apps are closed. Our next fix is going to be to Reset All Settings
on your iPhone. This is kind of a Magic Bullet that solves
a lot of iPhone software problems and it’s a good in between step between just uninstalling
an app. Let’s say and erasing everything on your iPhone
and setting it up from scratch. How do we do it? Go to the Settings app, and then we’re going
to go to General scroll down to reset. We’re going to tap Reset All Settings. Basically, it takes everything out of the
Settings app. So you are going to have to set up your wallpaper
again for instance and reenter your Wi-Fi password, but it’s not going to delete any
of your personal data from your iPhone. Yep. So you enter your passcode, tap Reset All
Settings confirmation, your iPhone will turn off reset turn back on. Hopefully this solves the problem. If it doesn’t our next step is to eject and
reinsert your sim card, right? And so to do this, we’re going to have to
pop open the center and the side of your iPhone using the SIM card ejector tool that we forgot
to get it’s right here. Don’t worry about it. There it is. All right. So on the side of your iPhone, I like how
you let me do this not that hard you can use a paper clip. So all we need is a little paper clip, but
you can put this in the side of your iPhone, press down out pops the SIM tray. So your sim card contains your telephone number
essentially. It’s what allows your iPhone to connect to
your carrier. If you take out your sim card and your iPhone
stops restarting then it was a problem. With your iPhone’s connection to the carrier. So sometimes just taking it out and putting
it back in again will solve the problem if it stops happening when you take it out but
reappears once you put it back in however, it’s time to take a trip to your carrier and
replace your sim card. A lot of times that will solve the problem. Yeah, if that doesn’t work, don’t worry. We still have one more step and that is the
DFU restore a DFU restore is the deepest type of restore that you can do in an iPhone. If a software problem is causing your iPhone
to restart a DFU restore is going to fix that problem. So we have a great video above in a card and
below in the description. We have videos for the iPhone 7, 8, and X. This is the go to fix for Apple text to bring
it to an Apple Store before they’ll decide it’s a hardware problem. They’ll try a DFU restore. So try it yourself if it doesn’t work and
you still have this problem. It probably is a hardware problem. We have multiple repair options. First of all, there is the Apple Store if
you have AppleCare+ branded local Apple Store schedule employment first though. We also recommend Puls third-party repair
company will send it to you fix for iPhone on the spot. So that’s what to do if your iPhone keeps
restarting. Thank you guys for watching this video If
you enjoyed it, please give it a thumbs up. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel
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100 thoughts on “My iPhone Keeps Restarting! Here’s The Real Fix.”

  1. thank you so much it was my SIM card that is very interesting. I do recommend people try removing the SIM card before restarting as it has less consequences. Nonetheless, thank you!

  2. I swear this happened when i was playing fortnite solos, there was 2 people left and it was going to be a 1v1 with the last guy but then the ipad crashed and i raged lol

  3. It’s my first iphone i ever got, after having androids my whole life. I got iphone xs a week after its launch and i had this issue since day 1! It would randomly restart once a day or every other day. It wasn’t too bad. But a month after up until now it keeps restarting 3-4-5 times in a row until it starts again and it does this 3-4 times per day. I never regreted a purchase so much in my life. And i costed a fortune. This will be my first and my absolute last iphone i’ll ever get

  4. Did y’all define exactly what we’re talking about here? What do you mean by “restarting?” Does that mean that it’s turning off and then turning back on with Apple logo appearing? I ask because IPhone X will go black, stays dark for a a few seconds and then spinning gear appears for 4 seconds.

  5. My phone Keeps restarting! Meaning Its not Coming on. yet these guys talking about updating and downloading apps lol My phone KEEPS RESTARTING

  6. my iphone restart when i put my code’s last number. for example ill type 12345 and when i hit 6 my phone just freezes and restarts. so when its done with it’s restart i restart it myself, when i’ve restarted it myself then i can put my code and enter my phone, when i close my phone and try to open it again it restarts again.

  7. Thank god 😭

    I thought my phone was broken! Thank god it was the SIM CARD!!!

    You guys are really helpful

  8. I dropped my phone in a cup of water and it went off for 2 weeks and turned back on, then it turned back off for like 20 minutes and turned back on, it keeps doing this

    I even got a new SIM card and everything but that didn’t fix anything 😭😭

  9. phone restarts during the video


    This has been happening ever since I replaced my battery at batteries+

  10. Every time i try to update, my iphone would restart. It does it every 4 mins. Sometimes even when im nit touching it. And it won't charge past 1% i need help

  11. can u help me? my iphone 6s is automatic resart when i open it and put my passcode then after it automatic resart please help me.

  12. So I had a sleepover with my friend, I'm not sure what the hell happened but we both started to get our phone restarting out of nowhere. We were freaking out and we were pondering all over the place. We couldn't believe that it was BOTH of us having it. For me, I would go on my phone (for probably around 1-3 mins) and then it would turn black then have the apple logo and it would go back to normal. Also, I can't charge my phone… When I go on it, it would show 1% then it would change to the actual %. I don't know what to do… I'm going to watch this video now..

    I'm worried if I try what people say and then break my phone… :I

    P.S. I didn't update my phone

  13. i took my iphone xr into my pool for a tiny bit to take videos of my friend underwater, (ive never had any restarting problems before this and it was already updated to ios12.2 beforehand)
    and now its constantly restarting, and i got a notification saying that "face id is not available" or something so now i cant use face id.
    can someone help?

  14. Acttually mine dies then keep restarting in like the brand its like "close open" and am really annoyed about it when am playing my games am a kid thats why well a teen and it keeps restarting i really hate it

  15. hello there, plz help me, i'm now currently using Iphone 5S, my iphone is keep restarting all over and over. About 2-3 mins. I had brought my it to the store for about 2-3 time but it stills happening. I tried to reset all setting at first and it worked fine until the next day. then I deteled Minecraft and reinstall it and yeah didn't see this problem for a month and my teacher took it aways and when they gave my phone back. this problem again keep me away from making new video. plz help me. wait, it have a wired action before it restart itself. Way like sometime there are about some lines appeared with the same gaps. and most of the time it turn to the black screen and then the apple logo appeared. help

  16. My phone was doing this restarting over and over like every minute and so I literally took the SIM card out. Didn’t work, I then restarted all my settings, was still doing until half a hour later when I PURPOSELY I’m serious, hit my phone against the tv to see if it fixed, and it hasn’t restarted since then

  17. My iPhone was fine all day but a few hours ago it started to slow down. I have no volume control meaning no sound from music or apps or anything. There’s a delay when I try to slide up controlling things like the brightness or the rotation lock. My phone continues to reset itself switching over to the white Apple screen then coming on a few seconds later. Apps take longer to access. I hate Apple for reasons like this. Some advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


  19. My iPhone restarts at random times and then my battery percentage always goes to 10% and some days it does it a bunt has of times and sometimes it doesn’t do it for awhile does anyone know the problem?

  20. Hey I have an iPhone 6,which shuts down randomly within 3 to 5 minutes and when it comes back on the battery percentage falls to 1% Even though it was fully charged before it went off,and when it's on the battery percentage shoots up again to where it was.What can I do?

  21. How the fuck am i suppose to get to a home page when it restarts continuously over and over it doesnt even get past the apple logo

  22. My iPhone 5 keeps restarting and freezing over and over… after about 3 months it starts doing it once a day +- then 6-8 months after reinstalling iOS it's restarting every 10 min.

  23. If you tried all the above and nothing worked, change your battery 🔋. I had a same problem now it’s sorted out with a new battery

  24. Very helpful content, thank you! The simple suggestion of going to Privacy | Analytics | Analytics Data to scroll through logs was what saved me from reboots that cycled endlessly for 10 – 45 minutes at a stretch. I had a lot of "WebKit" logs, and when I Googled that, I saw that the issue was related to Safari, and that there is actually a nasty little CSS attack out there crashes iPhones and iPads! (See: ) I closed all of my tabs in Safari, closed Safari, and restarted my iPhone 8. It's only been a couple of days, but so far, the dreaded reboot hasn't happened yet. I think you guys really saved me from having to do a factory restore — THANK YOU!

  25. i am using android device my device just reboots into recovery custom and it starts working when i manually reboot into my system when i use the reboot option it wont boot but if my sister does it it starts working some illuminatic crap

  26. my phone keeps on restarting too, but after it restart I could only use it for 2 minutes then it restart again

  27. my phone has almost constantly been restarting, and it is saying it's at 1% when it's not, and saying it's not charging when it is.

    update: the battery was punctured and there was a little bit of moisture in it, so i had to get a new phone.

  28. my 7 plus is literally stuck on a black screen unless i press and hold the off/on button and volume buttons where it shows the apple logo then disappears and reappears constantly

  29. I have done every step even resetting it into factory settings and it still keeps restarting by itself. What should i do?

  30. Every time I video chat, edit a video, edit a photo, or try to text for more than 20 minutes my iPhone restarts.

  31. HI GUYS. 
    SAME HERE ! my iPhone 8plus keeps restarting since a few days in a crazy "restart-loop" esp when I open INSTAGRAM, FB or Telegram and when I start switching between the apps at the same time ;-( WHAT TO DO ? restart, SIMcard, hard reset etc won't help. Apple store checked my phone saying "strange, but nothing is wrong with the hardware" when we test it. Ive no backup yet (60.000 pix). What abut the iTunes restart option ? THX

  32. what keeps happening to me is after it restarts it wont let me turn on wifi. it really sucks because i cant download any software updates.

  33. my phone hangs then after pressing the home buttom for 3 times its suddenly turn off and then the screen starts to load for hours

  34. My phone keep restarting every 2 minutesss. But if i just let it stayand not touching the fon at all it do not happennnn

  35. My iphone 6 plus keep restarting every 2 min and the home button is really hot. It happen after i change the motherboard

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