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My iPhone Won’t Charge! The Real Fix From A Former Apple Tech.

My iPhone Won’t Charge! The Real Fix From A Former Apple Tech.

Hi guys, my name is David from Payette Forward. And I’m David from Payette Forward. In this video, we’re going to show you what
to do when your iPhone won’t charge. There are four main components in the iPhone
charging process. That’s right. The first one is the power source itself,
which could be the wall charger or your computer or the car charger. The second is the lightning cable or charger
cable. The third is the charging port on the bottom
of your iPhone. And the fourth is the iPhone software itself. Now for the first step in this video, we’re
going to walk you through a pretty typical scenario at the Apple Store. I’ll be the customer. David will be the tick. All right. It’s been a while, but I can remember how
it goes. Hey, what’s going on with your iPhone? Well won’t turn on it’s not charged and I
missed my son’s birthday because I couldn’t get the Calendar app open. I missed a very important call from work. And now I don’t get the promotion they gave
it to sue instead. I just drove four hours here from Plattsburgh
and you fixed my iPhone in 15 seconds. How did you do that? Well, I did a hard reset on your iPhone. Well, I call the Apple support line. I have an iPhone 7 hoping to do a hard reset
by holding down the power button and the volume. Down button, and they said if I had an iPhone
6 or older that I would have had a hold down the power button and the home button right
for how long about 510 seconds, right? So here’s the truth. You thought you would hard reset your iPhone,
but you didn’t hold down the buttons for long enough. And this was a super of the Apple Store people
would come in and say exactly what David just did I’d hold the iPhone hold the buttons down
for not just 5 or 10 seconds, but maybe hold him down for 20 seconds or 30 seconds because
if there’s a problem with your iPhone, it just may take a little bit longer to turn
on. So make sure you really try to hard reset
your iPhone before you go into the Apple Store do anything else. So let’s say the hard reset didn’t work. The next thing to do is go through each of
the components of the charging process and inspect those four damage, right? So let’s start with the power adapter now
if it’s your computer or the car charger or the wall adapter just take a close look inside
for any debris or Gunk that may have gotten in there that could be interfering with the
charging process. Now I recommend just using the flashlight
on your iPhone. Another iPhone to take a look inside. I’ll turn on my flashlight now all sorts of
stuff can get in there now don’t use a paper clip or anything sharp or metal because that
can cause problems with static electricity and it can do physical damage to your iPhone
or other components. So Apple Stores use this fancy anti-static
brush. You can get a whole pack of five of these
for five bucks on Amazon give it to your kids give it to your neighbors. And then uh, if you don’t have an anti-static
brush at home, which most people don’t um use my other favorite anti-static a toothbrush,
but not a toothbrush like that that you’ve used this morning because the moisture from
your mouth can cause serious damage the internal components of your iPhone or your charger
thought it could cause a problem seriously spit toothpaste. So let’s use the set of my toothbrush. Let’s use on toothbrush that we never used
before and brand-new gently brush out using a circular motion much better that’s in there. Okay. So the other way to do this is just simply
try using a friend’s charger. That’s probably the easier way to do. We’re also just trying to plug it in the car
try a different charger. Okay, next step. Let’s say the charger didn’t work. I phone stolen charge. We’re going to move on to the lightning cable. Now. This is a cable that’s in very poor condition. It’s my cable feels like you’re judging me,
but let’s move on. Okay, so I phone cables are susceptible to
Frank, uh, maybe your cat to it. Maybe you leave it outside and you have a
rodent problem. But either way, uh, take a close look at the
lightning cable itself. Make sure that there isn’t any damage now
also just like the wall charger take a look inside the USB side of your lightning cable
to make sure there isn’t any gunk in there. If you need to, you know, brush it off and
just like with the wall charger though. Just try and Friends Cape. Yep. Now let’s talk quickly about Apple cables
and certified cables versus a cheap table. You’ll find in your gas station, right? So what an MFi certified cable is is it certified
by Apple to actually work with iPhones MFi certification is only given to certain manufacturers
of iPhone cables. So if you’re buying a $3 Cable of the gas
station. It’s probably not my certified and it could
have all sorts of problems. Now, where can they get a great certified
cable? Right? Well, obviously Apple cables are all certified
but other places have cheaper capable. So we love this amazonbasics cable. I actually use this one next to my dad and
this is a 6 foot high phone. Very long table, right? Yep. It’s great. I can use it bet you get it on Amazon. Look at how long that cable is. Oh, so how do you know if an iPhone cable
is my certified what you need to do is take a look and look for this made for iPod iPhone
and iPad logo. If you see that that it’s certified. If you don’t then the cable is not all right. So check the charger. We’ve checked the cable. What’s next? Let’s look at the charging port on the bottom
of the iPhone. Now, you might be surprised about how much
Gunk can get into this lint from your pocket or dirt or peanut butter or any I’ve seen
lots of things. Here rice rice rice is like one of the most
common problems that you’ll find at the Apple Store people will come in their iPhone won’t
charge and they’ll say yeah, I don’t know what’s going on. You look inside. There’s a grain of rice inside the charging
port and I’ll say like well where you at a wedding did somebody throw it in but the truth
is and obviously they dropped it in water and they didn’t want to say anything but they
hadn’t looked in there and actually sometimes rice is really really hard to get out of there. So never use rice to dry out an iPhone it
can sometimes ruin an iPhone. That would have come back to life. I’ve seen that multiple times at the Apple
Store. So same deal with the bottom of the iPhone
brush it out gently with anti brush or toothbrush. So now we’ve checked the cable the charger
and the lightning port on your iPhone. The last thing here is the iPhone software,
right? And the iPhone software is probably the most
important part of the iPhone charging process because it’s the software that decides whether
to charge your iPhone when you plug it in. So how do we fix that problem to fix the software
problems? We’re gonna have to do a dfu restore on your
iPhone software now, it’s kind of tricky to do especially with your first time. Fortunately, I made a special video walking
you through the entire process and we’ll link to that below. Yep. You should always do a dfu restore it before
you think it’s a hardware problem because the dfu restore is an apple Tech’s last-ditch
effort to fix any software problems before they decide if it’s a hardware problem. So if you go on to the Apple Store, the probably
just do it if you restore anyway, right? So make sure that you do it at home before
you go in and you could end up wasting hours of your day, right? So you do the dfu restore that didn’t work. You may need to get a repaired first off. There’s apple right apple is a good choice
if your iPhone’s at our warranty and it’s not damaged bring it to the Apple Store. They’ll probably give you a new phone now
the caveat with going through apple is that if your iPhone won’t charge and they need
to let’s say fix a problem with the charging port Apple will give you an entirely new iPhone. So that will mean that you lose all the data
on your iPhone and that could be tragic. I’ve seen people cry before now there are
other options for repairing iPhones that won’t charge and one of our favorites is CellSavers. CellSavers is an on-demand iPhone repair service
that actually comes to you. Meet you wherever you are to fix your iPhone
in 60 minutes or less also they offer a lifetime guarantee and they can be cheaper than so. It’s really sort of a win-win. Yeah CellSavers. Now the only drawback to CellSavers is that
it can void your warranty when you replace an internal component with that Apple part,
but still CellSavers does a great job in that only applies if Apple finds out. So be quiet. Yeah, so don’t tell Applel. So that’s it for this video. We hope we fixed your iPhone that wouldn’t
charge. If you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs
up. If you have other questions leave a comment
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100 thoughts on “My iPhone Won’t Charge! The Real Fix From A Former Apple Tech.”

  1. Important Note For iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X:

    The hard reset your iPhone — press and release the volume up button, press and release the volume down button, then press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears! The hard reset methods discussed in this video only cover the iPhone 7 and earlier.

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