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My iPhone Won’t Connect To Bluetooth! Here’s The Fix.

My iPhone Won’t Connect To Bluetooth! Here’s The Fix.

Hi guys, David David here for Payette Forward
and in this video we’re going to show you what to do when your iPhone won’t connect
the Bluetooth. Now, there are as many Bluetooth devices in the world as the day is long. So
in this video, we’re going to show you how to do the generic troubleshooting steps that
will fix most every problem. Yep. And that first step is to Simply turn bluetooth often
back on on your iPhone. Right? Let’s just before we do that just say like when you get
a new Bluetooth device, you have to pair it to your iPhone. So let’s just take a look
in the Settings app and go to Bluetooth before we decide that there’s something actually
wrong. If you don’t see your device here under my devices, it’s never been set up correctly.
So if your iPhone will connect to Bluetooth in your car, what you have to do is pair it
with your device. So the first thing I’d like to do is actually just pair it with these
pair of headphones. So this is a pair of bluetooth headphones. They’ve never been set up with
David’s iPhone before. So let’s just turn it on now in this case. Here’s a common mistake
— I just turned them on but they’re not going to show up over here because I didn’t
put them into pairing mode. So typically, there’s a side button on a lot of these devices
or in this case. What I have to do is just press and hold the power button and just keep
holding. This is also pretty common setup. And if I just keep holding the headphones
will kick into a pairing mode keep holding and you can see this sort of fancy blue and
red. A lot of the time, it has to wait for seconds for that to happen. And you know,
it is on our other devices. It doesn’t send the name of the device. But I have a pretty
good idea this one because we just put that one into pairing mode and immediately so so
let’s connect to it. All right, here we go. And I am connected. All right, pretty cool.
Yep. There you go. So that’s just like the first step make sure that your Bluetooth device
is set up correctly. If it’s not there then we’re going to start this won’t connect the
Bluetooth, uh open the Settings app tap Bluetooth and turn that switch off next to Bluetooth
turn it off back on and that usually fix a lot of problems. Usually a minor software
issued. That’ll fix it. The next step in this process for troubleshooting the bluetooth
problem is to make sure that the other device is actually there. So we’re just going to
show you what that looks like. If it doesn’t work you go to Settings and then Bluetooth,
let’s say you’re trying to connect headphones go ahead and just click right now is not connected
and we’re just waiting. It’s not going to connect I’m gonna you know save a spoiler
alert not going to work because the headphones aren’t turned on or if your device is out
of range. So you Bluetooth only works within a 30 foot radius right now new technology.
So the device is off might say connection on successful make sure that is turned on
and in you just saw so I’m just going to turn it on now now it’s on you’d be able to connect
if you and I actually am connected automatically that should happen. Yeah. So both of Isis
are all reset them. We turn Bluetooth on it off and back on the next step is to forget
the device on your iPhone and get about it like brand new just like we did at the beginning
of this video. So once again Settings Bluetooth tap that blue “i” next to the device you want
to forget I and then tap forget this device, forget the device again, and the device has
been forgotten. So now the next time you pair the devices it’ll be like they’re pairing
for the very first time. Yep. Alright, sometimes on the other device there’s a way to do a
master reset like on a car you can forget all the devices that have ever connected to
it. Sometimes that’s a good idea to a lot of the steps that we do depending on the complexity
of your Bluetooth device. Like if it’s a car you can sort of mirror them on the other devices
as well like a car you can forget the iPhone. Don’t forget it on the car for getting on
the phone reconnect them. Yeah. So rather than advice try to reconnect still didn’t
worth your Bluetooth device forgot the next step is to reset the network Settings on your
iPhone. This will reset your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi VPN and your cellular data Settings.
So make sure you’ve written your Wi-Fi password before doing this because you want to enter
those next time so open the Settings app scroll down and tap General scroll all the way down
and tap reset and then tap reset network Settings enter your passcode, your restrictions passcode
confirm reset network Settings rifling turn off perform the reset and we’ll turn it back
on. Yep formed reset perform. So you so let’s say you reset the network Settings. You reset
the Network’s he’s done all the steps so far your iPhone still like a Bluetooth devices.
What’s the next step, you know DFU restore a d of your restores the deepest type of a
store that you can do and if there is a software problem with your iPhone DFU restore, we’ll
fix it funny enough the F and DFU stands for firmware when we’re talking about hardware
problems, like Bluetooth antennas that actually has firmware so DFU restore is necessary instead
of just a regular ReStore in this case. We’ve got a great video on DFU restore link that
to a card and below in the description. If a DFU restore doesn’t fix your iPhone, there
could be the hardware problem with that Bluetooth antenna you talking about. Yep. Um, if you
had AppleCare plus take your iPhone as the Apple Store, we also recommend Puls, a third
party or optional set of technical fix your iPhone on the spot. Yeah. So that’s what to
do when your iPhone will connect a Bluetooth. Thank you guys for watching this video. Don’t
forget to subscribe to this Channel and click the notification bell to get an immediate
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100 thoughts on “My iPhone Won’t Connect To Bluetooth! Here’s The Fix.”

  1. Plz help my bluetooth headphones wont connect with my phone even though before it was working perfectly fine and now I've tried everything such as going to the website and asking for help and restarting headphones by putting them into pairing mode and forgetting device on my device but the problem is it won't show up on my Bluetooth my phone says that there's no devices even though my headphones are in pairing mode plz help

  2. Oh yay!! I was so worried my headphones wouldnt pair!! The instructions were useless.. I didnt know holding power button after "power on" and then a few secondss later I hear "pairing" and now it works!!

  3. Forgeting my device and pairing it again fix the

    “Make sure your device is on and in range”

    Problem thank you so much guys definitely subscribing

  4. Thank You for this video its so helpful. Im from Japan and i bought 2 different kinds of bluetooth earphones and got so frustrated cos i did everything just to connect it to my iphone xs max. I found this video and both my earphones Connected so fast! Thank you so much! And Godbless!

  5. Holding the power button on my Sony bluetooth speaker did the trick for pairing my iPhone 8, thank you! Funny, I don't remember having to do that with my iPhone 6s. Maybe the iPhone 8 is a little more fussy.

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  8. Thank you so much! I was so freaking frustrated with my new iPhone. I was getting ready to throw it out the window! I just had to pair my headphones to my iPhone like it was the first time by holding the pairing button on my headphones then it showed up on my phone's screen. I really appreciate your help.

  9. Hi
    It’s great informative video
    I tried forget device but after that my i phone doesn’t shows that Bluetooth device jbl 3.1 soundbar
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  10. Omg thank you so much.
    All I needed to do is hold the power button so it entered pairing for first time mode.

  11. We have 5 iPads and they all have the same problem, most of time they won’t see other Bluetooth devices around them

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  13. First tip did it for me, finally got my headphones connected to iPhone, didn’t have to do the setup mode thing when I connected to the computer but at least now I know the trick.

  14. Thank you! I was missing the "hold the button up" for pairing mode. It was not listed as a step in the manual for the headset. Your help is so appreciated.

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  18. Mine won’t find a forgotten device.

    Edit: nevermind im an idiot. Lol didn’t even think about holding the button down on my headphones. Like I’m stupid

  19. Omg this helped lol how did I not think of this (just pressing the button for a long time lol)

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  21. I was getting it wrong because I was pressing the on button, letting go, then trying to hold the on button down to start pairing, but all that was doing was shutting off the headphones. When you turn on your headphones try not letting go of the on button once they’ve turned on, a few seconds after they turned on they then said “Bluetooth pairing”. Hope this helps some people that were stuck like me!

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