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My Minimal Phone – Digital Minimalism, Declutter, Extreme Minimalism

My Minimal Phone – Digital Minimalism, Declutter, Extreme Minimalism

Hello friends, this is Youheum and I am an Extreme Minimalist. I’ll be sharing my digital Minimalism approach including emails, notifications, computer files, how I use my devices mindfully, and just general digital decluttering. I recently started limiting my phone time to a maximum of 30 minutes a day. Now I’m on the phone for about 15 to 20 minutes just connecting through social, checking my planner, and texts. I do this so that I can be more focused on using my time and energy in a mindful way. But sometimes I do exceed the limit that I set for myself. But it’s okay because I don’t strive for perfection and I try to be flexible throughout my journey of Minimalism. My home screen is empty except the most used apps and one folder containing everything else. Most of my notifications are set to OFF and I don’t have an email app on my phone. The only social app that I downloaded on my phone are Instagram and Pinterest for work purposes because I’m a Content Creator, YouTuber, and a Digital Nomad. I’m currently focusing on using my devices to be productive and intentional by getting actual work done. Or using it for self-improvement like using my meditation app and my phone as a learning device like listening to audiobooks. It’s good to be mindful of my breathing when I’m checking my social or just being on my phone. If you’re interested in this practice, feel free to check out my ways to be more mindful video. When it’s around 8 pm I stop using my phone. But there are times when I don’t follow this goal It’s set to nighttime and the Wi-Fi turned off. I place my phone on the opposite side of the room to avoid EMF as much as possible. I understand that just like me there are those who need to keep certain apps on their phone to support their work and lifestyle. I know that it’s hard to suddenly cut down app use. Especially when it’s something habitual. So feel free to do what works for you and be sure to share with me what apps and platforms you spend most of your time on in the comments below. I own one laptop that I carry with me to cafes and when I travel. I also have an iMac that I share and it’s inside my sister’s room. Which I will do a tour of in the future if she’s comfortable with that. I will also do a video on how I work as a Digital Nomad and the simple gears that I use to share my journey on my blog and YouTube. I keep the screen on my laptop dark and minimal so I don’t get distracted. I don’t keep any music files on my computer and I simply go to streaming sites instead of downloading. I also keep most of my photos organized in my Drive or Google Photos. It’s categorized by year and shared with my family members. Some of you already know that I am mostly paperless and this is how I keep it organized. I have three email accounts one for my YouTube channel, one for random things like newsletters that shouldn’t get mixed up with my professional life, and I also have another one for my design and illustration freelance work. This way I can keep them separate and not too confusing. I Organize my receipts and other categories by flagging them with different colors. I use Trello for planning my month for both business and personal use. I organize appointments, important dates, and content calendar all in one platform to keep it simple and minimal. The key to not using my phone for a way of distraction Is to be creative. I’m currently listening to Essentialism: The Discipline Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown. I also love the teachings of Abraham Hicks, which I always talk about! Especially their work The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent. I enjoy listening to Audible because it allows me to easily absorb information on the go. It can help us live with more awareness and we can practice mindful learning. I teamed up with them so that we can receive our first audiobook for free and also two Audible originals when we try it for 30 days. Feel free to visit or simply text healyourliving to 500 500. I am grateful for their generosity for supporting me as a sponsor. Audible Original provides exclusive audio titles made by creative souls from worlds as diverse as theatre, journalism, literature, and more. The effectiveness of digital devices and just technology in general all depends on how I choose to use it. Am I going to use it to distract myself by seeking temporary relief or thrill through stimulating content? or am I going to focus on self-improvement and mindful learning? I agree that social media can be toxic for some people. But it can also be useful as long as I have the emotional capacity to use it in a non-destructive way and I enjoy keeping it clutter-free and simple. So that I can maximize the effectiveness of the time and energy that I spend on these devices. When I combine Mindfulness and Minimalism and apply it to my digital consumption, it can be very powerful. That’s why I value the time that I spend on the internet and social. And also the time that I spend on organizing the platforms that I use very often. If you are currently transitioning to digital Minimalism or just Minimalism in general, feel free to share with me where you are on your journey. I hope that we can all deepen our practice of intentional living and if you would like to take advantage of my offer, feel free to visit or simply text healyourliving to 500 500. If you enjoyed this video, please like and subscribe to my channel. Thanks again for being here my friend and I hope to see you soon

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  1. please make more videos! it is very valuable to see your world and your insights into simple living and spirituality! i feel like you are a refreshing drink in a hot desert, we need more voices like yours!

  2. Digital Minimalism has been really life changing for me. I don't use social media on my phone (including YouTube), and I have it set to black and white. I still post to instagram on occasion, but I take pictures on my phone, access them on my laptop via icloud, and use the developer tools in Google Chrome (the only reason I keep that browser around) to post to Instagram. This ensures that I'm intentional about what I post. I also have an extension installed on my laptop browser that blocks social media and other time wasters except between 11am & 2pm. I rely on walking and the public transit system for transportation, but most of the time when I'm out my phone is on do not disturb driving mode in my bag.

  3. Have you ever looked into living off the grid? Like building a cob house or an earthship and living completely self sufficient? I feel like that would be right up your alley, thank you

  4. I think you should go more in-depth in how you manage your files and stuff in your phone and computers.

  5. Title my minimal phone….. if you can only be on your phone for 30 minutes why would you by a iPhone x

  6. You are going to be the first person I support in Patreon. You inspired me deeply and I'm so thankful to you. ❤️

  7. Hi, I stumbled upon your videos just recently and I'm not sure if you have tackled how you handle having visitors over at your house, considering you are furniture free? 😊 I am now binging on your videos, learning more about minimalism!

  8. Want to stay productive and organize your notes and documents on your smartphone offline with little to no memory usage? Then please download my new android app NotesMate. It will organize your notes/images and documents offline and with almost no extra memory usage.

  9. Im listening to Essentialism too! Another book im going read after that is Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

  10. I was waiting for you to share this. Thank you! By the way, I can't help but notice that pen you're using. May I know the brand and where can I get those? Thank you

  11. I bought an iPhone 6s recently. My first experience with IOS. I choose that particular phone because its size and design (minimal). I'm trying to change the way in which I use my phone and made it a point to not have useless apps to distract me from my studies. Thankfully, I don't have the habit of gaming in my phone, in fact I just hate the idea of having a lots of apps in it. I also eliminated social media a few years ago, except for whatsapp which I use to communicate with a total of 30 people. Maybe I'm a little boring, but I concluded that Facebook, Twitter, etc are just way too toxic and distort the way in which we perceive ourselves and others.

  12. I was wondering if you could share the quote you had “i am on the path of success no matter what” somewhere. I cannot find it in that style as your lock screen and would really like to have it on my phone too as I find it very motivating in the rather dark hole I currently feel I am drowning in.

  13. This video is very useful. Watch this. Because some people think that minimalism is just boring but its not. it's just being organized and simple.

  14. How does using unsustainable and unethically produced products like your iPhone factor into your lifestyle? How do you go through a decision to make purchases of such items?

  15. I limit my phone to an hour a day, usually right before bed listening to meditation podcast. I am working towards a digital cleanse!

  16. I am slowly moving into minimal digital living but so far I have lowered my consumption of clothing items and what I own as a way to feel clutter free with the stressful life style I have, and it has helped get so much weight off of me. I have also started to meditate and become more mindful, even if it isn’t every day or all the time it helps me so much as a person and I am growing. I feel so free now that I have transitioned to this life style and I hope to one day achieve the form of living you do. Despite living with a family who aren’t minimalists like myself, I have learned to love their life styles, just as I love mine and to be supportive for what they do. I feel like my mind has opened since starting this adventure and I cannot wait to grow more into an earth loving being as you are. Thank you for inspiring me to be a better me, and for showing the world that any style of living as long as they are happy is the best style of living. 누나감사합니다!!

  17. Is it weird that I could go for days without caring about my phone with the exception from phone calls and as a watch. I never really do social media not as a mindful choice it just kinda naturally happened…

    I use my phone alot now because I am bored now that I don’t have a job, starting school in the fall. Find that a youtube video before bed is very calming on nights I don’t feel like reading 🙂

    If you like painting or calming voices watch bob ross “the joy of painting” his voice is so calming its like a meditation but with art 😀

  18. Your YouTube channel is exactly what I have been missing. I look forward to seeing more videos in the future, they make me very happy!

  19. So after watching one of your videos not too long ago. I started my digital minimalism. I didn’t know how many apps I had that I didn’t even use! I’m still deleting apps and organizing apps into folders. Eventually I plan to only have a few apps less than 20? I hope to accomplish that. Thank you!

  20. Want to live a minimalist lifestyle. But the temptation is overwhelming. Can't fight. Tried many time but failed.

  21. Hello! I really love your channel and have just subscribed today! Even though I’m not a Buddhist myself, I find the religion very interesting. Your lifestyle is simply beautiful. You must be extremely healthy and happy. I’m so glad I found you and your channel. A huge thank you from Texas. 💞🌱

  22. Then why have an expensive iPhone if you spend so little time on it?? Seems like an enormous waste of money especially since it looks like you don’t have other apple products

  23. Another great app for self improvement is Duolingo, where you can a lot of languages for free. I use it in the morning after meditation and in the evening before getting ready for bed and I usually feel very content and proud of myself watching my improvements.

  24. I just found your channel and love how you show your lifestyle… I'm just curious do you work on a desk at home? How do you manage your daily routine working as a milimalist/freelancer? 🙂

  25. Hey, I haven't seen the whole entire video YET. But what iPhone case is that? I would love to get it!

  26. i have an app called forest which essentially allows you to "plant" a digital tree. closing the app (using your phone) will kill the tree. you can pick how long you plant the tree for and this can help me stay focused when im meant to be doing university work.

  27. I just deleted 523 images off my phone..go me
    I also just blocked notifications from all my games and most things other than social media and just my general

  28. Where the hell does the word "extreme minimalism" come from?? I think she doesn' t understand the concept of Minimalism.

  29. I love this video. I really needed this because I spend a lot of time on social media when u should be focusing on my work.

  30. Very interested on your content development strategy;
    1. How you use Trello.
    2. How you manage your ideas and ideas for content.
    3. Do you have any rules / best practices for shaving your ideas and inspirations for future reference?

    I discovered your channel today much gratitude and appreciation for your life changing light work. You are truly a lightworker.

  31. Youtube is the hardest to limit because the content is so more interesting than social media's. But I've found a way. I realized it's OK to just hear the vids audio like a podcast (for most of them). So now I just download the videos audio and hear them while walking 1 to 2 hours a day. That way I am fitter and decrease my screen time watching youtube by at least 70%. Try it!

  32. Thank you for sharing your story. I love your content; it’s so inspiring! I have already begun minimalizing my life, have found it incredibly freeing, and want to continue to do so. However, I find that my old coping mechanisms for dealing with my anxiety want to take root! I have a history with obsessive compulsive disorder, which make going all-in in an obsessive, controlling sort of way very appealing. I am trying to be mindful and in-tune with my emotions through my journey, being aware of my intentions behind my actions (sustainability vs. control). You have mentioned dealing with anxiety in videos, and I was wondering if you might be willing to share your journey with mental health with us.

  33. a while ago (nearly a year!) i deleted snapchat which i used habitually and fell into the trap of “streaks” which kept me in a trap of use. i’m trying harder to use instagram less, and considering deleting it entirely, leaving pinterest as my only social media as i keep a lot of things to organize there. eventually, i want my phone for be just a few things – talking to people, music, and utility. i’m also going to experiment with leaving my phone at home and venturing with just my smart watch and airpods, as that will limit me to what i truly need my phone for.

  34. I’ve been working towards my own personal MinimaI life for a while. I’ve made slow and deliberate decisions that work for me. But your videos showed me what I now feel was a missing component. The practice of being mindful with myself and others. I want to make a change to be mindful of others. To be nicer to others, and myself. I’m a bit scared where this may take me, but I owe it to myself to try. Thank you for sharing your way of living.

  35. I want to be minimalist and vegan, but I don't know where to begin. I want a new healthy lifestyle.

  36. Can you please do a step by step tutorial on how to be a minimalist? It would be a great help for beginners like me. Thank you. 💞

  37. I am about to minimalize apps on my phone so your video helped me to do that! ^^ I've set off most of notifications and well, I am relieved, checking out what's going on in the Internet is reduced, thanks! ^^ I dont have facebook since one and half year, it is gorgeous feeling, I use whatsapp only to communicate with my friends.. I add sometimes photos on instagram- I like this app where I can create my own space including my hobbies like art, so there I share my passion <3 And pinterest to be more inspired, but to be honest still I spend too much on its… on the second page of my phone there are some less used apps, clock, calendar, spotify etc. As a browser I use Ecosia :> .. and I look for such natural looking cases newly as you have which I really love, could you share where I can find something similar?

  38. She's not minimalist just w. Material things also w. Colors. Kool. My apartment everything is white I mean everything and I only wear cotton and I'm a vegetarian a very strict one because I am a thyroid patient. Lv video😆

  39. wishing you would do a whats on my iphone or teach us way to declutter our phone as i have so many apps which i do use.

  40. I decided to limit my screen time to 3-4 hrs max per day. Also I decided to avoid any Social Media and email during 9 am-13 hrs. During that time I'd limit my time to only my work. from 13 hrs-14 hrs I give myself access to Twitter and Instagram as a reward. So far I feel more free and productive and less attached to my phone

  41. “Am i going to use it to distract myself by seeking temporary relief / thrill through a stimulating content

    Or am i going to focus on self improvement and mindful learning.” #🗝 #🔑

  42. Hello! Could you do a video on how to cut down your phone usage, and use it more mindfuly? I'm a teenager, and don't have social media, but spend all my time on YouTube, feeling less creative and productive. I would like to get your advice on this.

  43. I wish to spend less time on my phone especially before bed. To start with it I deleted all unused apps, and social media apps excepted Messenger & Instagram. I turn off most of my notifications and set daily time limit for screen time. And after watching your video I decided to delete all my music files because I don't listen it as much. But do you use an app to listen to music ? (Youtube, Spotify, Deezer ? or do you only listen to music on your computer ?)

  44. I have really taken to digital minimalism lately, my worst offence is clutter on my desktop or files not organised to make documents easier to find. About two months ago I deleted my Facebook because I feel it has a big impact on my mental health, I wasn't someone to use it constantly like some may yet I found it really depressing, I don't like the niggling feeling I still get to rejoin solely for the purpose of staying in contact with a few people. If people can't be bothered to stay in contact through calls,texts and meet up was the friendship even real? I have been so happy and peaceful without social media but I am really missing a few people but I really can not be bothered with people who can't meet me half way.

  45. I’ve been learning a lot from your channel; I enjoy the content but also just the sound of your voice and the music is peaceful. What kind of music do you enjoy if you don’t mind sharing?

  46. Hey Heal Your Living! I've seen in a couple videos your minimalist purse/wallet, where did you get this? thanks xx

  47. I just want to encourage people:
    I've got just: 8 apps on my phone and 16 picture in Google Photo's. This is extreme minimalism but I just want to encourage people: go far! You don't need games on your phone, you don't need news apps!

    For the rest: I hope more people tidy up as much as I've done. I use my phone way less due to minimalism and I've got loads of time because I don't look at Youtube so much!

    I hope more people will discover the benefits of minimalism and we can speak to each other, like they did in the 70's.

  48. I would also like to know about your phone case. It's cork, I assume? Can you share the link, please? Thank you!

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