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My Mom Read All My Messages On The Phone. I’ve Been Grounded For Weeks

My Mom Read All My Messages On The Phone. I’ve Been Grounded For Weeks

Hello! My name is Valerie and I’m 17. This story is a tale of REVENGE against my
Mom, of all people. She took my phone away and revealed all my
secrets, and when I had the chance to do the same, I used it! But now… now I feel ashamed, because it
didn’t turn out how I expected it to AT ALL. So when I turned 16, I met this group of people
– they were mostly 17 and 18 years old, and they were awesome. They were going to parties all the time, and
doing wild things. Like, they would go to a forest in the middle
of the night and launch some loud fireworks and then hide from the police who would come
to investigate the loud noises. I don’t know if it was true, but it seemed
so exciting, and besides, the guy with the car in the group, Jonathan, was super cute. So imagine my excitement when I followed him
on Insta and he followed me back, he started chatting with me and eventually invited me
to hang out with his group. I had never been so excited in my whole life! Constant parties and hanging out in weird
places, even exploring some abandoned buildings or just hanging out at someone’s place. And I think Jonathan liked me. It didn’t last for long, though. My parents were busy people, constantly working,
so I was relatively free and could do anything I wanted. But because for my whole life I never really
went out much and now I was suddenly always somewhere, my Mom took notice. She asked me about it one morning and I kinda
just pretended that I was in a rush to go to school, so I said that I was hanging out
with my friends and left. So one day she asked me to go take the clothing
out of the washing machine. While I was doing that, she logged into my
phone and looked through EVERYTHING. And we had Instagram stories showing us partying,
conversations discussing our plans, and us just playing jokes… So as soon as I finished with the clothing,
I returned to my room and my Mom was there, sitting on my bed with a stern look on her
face, like she was ready to completely destroy me. After an hour of shouting, my Dad came home,
and he just looked at us having an argument and left, not wanting to be part of it. After this my Mom took everything from me
– my phone, my laptop, EVERYTHING. That wasn’t even the worst part. She found out the phone numbers of my new
friends’ parents and told them everything. Some of the parents were alright with it,
because, I mean, most of them were 17, but the rest were grounded. Some of them even studied at the same school
as me, and when I tried to talk with them, they ignored me and walked away. In their eyes, I was a snitch that ruined
their carefree life, and I was devastated. I wasn’t even allowed to see my old friends
anymore. So I spent most of my days at home, bored,
while my parents were out working or having fun somewhere. Great. But one day, I had a chance to take my revenge,
and… I really, really took it too far. Sometimes I would ask my Mom to use her phone
to watch YouTube videos or something. Once, while I was watching something, I accidentally
checked her Messenger and found something weird. She was having this chat with our mutual family
friend, Mr. Carter. And guess what? It was clear as day that they were having
an affair. I couldn’t believe it. Mr. Carter had a wife and sometimes they would
come over to our place to have dinner and have nice chats with my father. Of course my Dad would never have noticed,
because he was always busy or didn’t care that much. He was also away pretty often for weeks for
work, so my Mom had plenty of opportunities to meet with Mr. Carter. I couldn’t BELIEVE that she would accuse
me of having innocent fun, while she was doing this behind my Dad’s back! I took screenshots of their conversations
and emailed them to myself from my Mom’s e-mail. Because nobody really checks sent messages. I deleted all the screenshots and when she
came to take the phone away, I showed her the messages. phone.We just looked at each other, not saying
a word, and then she took her phone away and screamed at me that it’s not okay to look
through someone else’s I looked at her like “really,” and it took her a few seconds
to realize the irony of the situation. Anyway, she told me that my Dad should not
be told about this and that if I said anything, I would never see my friends or my phone ever
again. It was a declaration of war. At first I thought about showing it to my
Father, but he was away, and I was really angry at my Mom for ruining my last chance
to have fun while I was still in school. So Instead of showing it to my Father, I logged
in from my school’s computer and found Mrs. Carter’s Facebook account. Oh yeah! I sent all of them to her without saying a
word. Everything that happened next was just surreal. That next evening, Mrs. Carter came to our
house and she and my Mother were screaming at each other for what felt like hours. I stayed in my room, kinda scared of how mad
my Mom would be. But it got even worse when the screaming stopped. I peeked out from my room and saw my Mom crying,
trying to persuade Mrs. Carter to not tell my Dad and that she felt ashamed. Mrs. Carter looked at her with disgust and
said, “No. He will know everything. You ruined my life, so I will ruin yours.” She left and my Mom stood there for a while
and then slowly sat on the sofa. I came out, expecting her to start screaming,
but she wouldn’t even look at me. Instead, she just sat there, like she was
paralyzed, with tears running down her cheeks. She looked me in the eyes and I felt extremely
bad, even though she was the one who was cheating. After a while, she started talking. Dad hadn’t been paying attention to her
for years. He simply didn’t care and she would try
to make it better, to look more beautiful, but he just… didn’t care. She wanted attention. Mr. Carter promised her that they would get
together after I graduated, so it wouldn’t be as confusing. I started to realize how right she was. I’d never seen my Dad talk with my Mom about
anything except the most mundane things like breakfast. He never looked at her, and never even smiled
at her. After a few days, I decided to help my Mom,
to encourage her to talk with Mr. Carter, because now nothing stood in their way. So she called him. He blamed her for ruining his marriage and
causing his divorce, and that OF COURSE he didn’t ACTUALLY plan to leave his wife. So my Mom was completely devastated. And then my Dad returned home. We were ready for a conversation, because
he clearly knew, but instead… he just acted like nothing happened. He was his usual self for days. I found out what exactly happened much later. Dad didn’t want a divorce because he was
married to my Mom for appearances – it was important for a man in his position to be
married. But now he could be more open about all the
affairs he had had over the years with many different women, and that he would keep living
with us and providing for us (together with Mom), because it was just beneficial for everyone. ”
“What had I done? I… didn’t expect that at all. At least at this point I got my phone back,
so I contacted my old friends, including Jonathan. At first they didn’t want to talk with me,
but I needed their help. So they finally listened. We met and I told them that I wanted to get
revenge on my Dad. They were the only ones who might agree to
something like this, and besides, I explained to them that all of this was really my Father’s
fault and my Mom wasn’t a bad person. So one day they arrived at my house, spray
painted my Father’s car with nasty stuff, and quickly ran away. When Dad saw this, he was FURIOUS. He kept screaming and didn’t even realize
what happened, because of course he didn’t pay attention to my situation and didn’t
figure out that it was my friends. But my Mom did and she looked at me and smiled
for the first time in a while. Later my mom and I decided to take a trip
to visit my Grandma and Grandpa, to have a relaxing week in their little village. We still hadn’t talked about anything that
happened, so the way there was mostly silent. But after a few days in the village she asked
me to take a walk in the forest. It was a little bit awkward at first, but
then she asked if I would be willing to move in with her if she divorced my Dad. She didn’t want to take anything from him,
like his house or anything, especially because he had better lawyers. Of course, my Mom earned a good amount of
money, but we wouldn’t live as well as we did before. I happily agreed and she hugged me for the
first time in six months. On our last day in the village, Jonathan called
me and told me that my Father found out it was them and that he wanted to sue them. Turns out, he asked around and one of our
neighbors had cameras outside and recorded Jonathan’s car and plate numbers. I was anxious that I had ruined everything
for them AGAIN, but my Mom told me not to worry, and that they should come and give
the spray paint cans to her. So when we got home, Mom put on her best suit
and beautiful makeup. When Dad returned from work, he started screaming
because of the car. At this moment my Mom showed him the spray
paint cans and calmly said, “Oh, I did that. Do you have a problem with it?” Can you imagine what would happen to my Father’s
reputation if anyone found out that his own wife hated him so much that she spray painted
his car? Yeah. He was red with anger, but silent. I started laughing. My Mom was smiling. It was great. After a few months, my parents finally got
divorced and we started to live separately from my nasty Father. My Mom was so happy and full of life, and
I finally realized how much alike we were, two really bad girls with an attitude. And guess what? Me and Jonathan got together! Just a week ago he came to our place to finally
properly meet my Mom. Instead of his usual messy hair and baggy
clothing, he had combed hair and wore a sweater, and he was super shy. Me and Mom were looking at each other, trying
not to laugh at this adorable display. Everything is good now. Thank you so much for listening! Please subscribe to this channel to get more
awesome stories, and like this video, because we all know it was an awesome story!

100 thoughts on “My Mom Read All My Messages On The Phone. I’ve Been Grounded For Weeks”

  1. To be honest her dad and mom stil cheated and if they were unhappy at least ask for a divorce because a marriage for combeniance is not good

  2. Hello! My name is Valerie and I’m 17. This story is a tale of REVENGE against my Mom, of all people. She took my phone away and revealed all my secrets, and when I had the chance to do the same, I used it! But now… now I feel ashamed, because it didn't turn out how I expected it to AT WTF

  3. My parents read all of my messages and it’s so stressful and annoying. It adds to my anxiety and depression but they don’t realise it

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  5. If this was actually real, which it's not, that means you would have no friends prior therefore meaning you're a selfish brat who only cares about intoxicating social media.

  6. Teacher:The test isn’t confusing

    The test:3:12

    (Like she said messenger & it has snapchat colors)


    Everyone else: Well if my family would take away and they would get in to an argument I would try Make it right

    She:Let’s ruin everything I can

  7. Mum: it’s not ok to look through someone else’s phone

    Me: pfft you looked through your daughters phone without her permission 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  8. Wow dude, your a minor sooo your mom has all rights to go thru your phone to make sure that you aren’t in danger, but she did go overboard a bit but still

  9. my mom read my messages too because some random person messaged me
    “hey i think i remembered your number wrong”
    and i said “yeah, i think so”
    and my mom got mad over that

  10. YALL I HAD THE SAMEEE INCIDENT ABOUT MY MOM TAKING MY PHONE HAPPEN TO ME….But my parents didnt do all the snitching 🤣

  11. What do you not have a password on your phone or even if you did why does she know it

    Me to my self: man that’s crazy how she DOENT HAVE PASSWORD ON HER DAMN PHONE

  12. When she said she took it to far I didn't think so. I mean I felt KIND of bad for the dad, but he got what he deserved! And I'm glad that they got a divorce!

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