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my neighbor billy’s iphone conspiracy theory

my neighbor billy’s iphone conspiracy theory

doorbell camera conversations with billy ” the government iphones forgotten passcodes …. it’s all a consipracy dude ” (door bell rings) (knocking) this is what happened over the next couple of hours don’t worry i sped it up (doorbell rings) come on Dude come on come on man I need to talk to
you about my phone I’m not home right now
I know I’m trying to talk to you through your phone thing I’ve got a problem
I know yeah okay but I got I got a look at what happens to my thing look at this
Billy hold on don’t yell don’t – you don’t have to scream I can hear you okay okay
can you see me all kind of done yes I can see you
what are you doing what’s wrong look at this thing I don’t know it’s telling me
I’m not it’s locked I don’t know it’s say look what it say
what’s that mean why is they doing that dude you got locked out of your phone
you you can’t keep messing with it or it’s gonna just lock you out how long
does it say you’re locked out now well it be saying six minutes but I’ve been
doing it all day okay and it been to me hey do it again do it again now you
locked out five minutes now you locked up ten minutes and 15 I mean I like why
are you locking me on my own phone you the boss of me you know why is it trying
to do that to me I can’t remember my passcode well you
remember you remember the code are you putting in the right code you’re putting
into the wrong number why do you remember out my numbers I out
remember I wrote it down and then marks through the paper why I don’t remember
what your numbers are you you picked specific numbers remember you
had your favorite numbers that you picked so what what numbers are you
putting in don’t put those numbers in anymore because you’re putting in the
wrong number and you’re gonna get locked out for good it’s not gonna let you back
in okay what I remember what them numbers be I
I ain’t got no clue dude I tried my birthday I tried all my lucky numbers
dude that I play all the time I can’t I can’t remember for the you know I know I
told you and then I wrote it down right didn’t I tell you I don’t know I don’t
know I wrote it down then marks do anyway
okay don’t keep doing it or it’s gonna permanently lock you out and what is on
your phone what did you do to it what’s on the top? oh that – that tape that’s
because the government be spying upon me mark told me you know he said to me hey
say the government beat peeping up on you and and and listening to everything
you say and and and watching you too I ain’t want the government all up in my
business I thought they they drop in on your
camera and stuff they can do the clock from the CIA and everything like that I
ain’t gonna have that very they don’t get to see what I’m doing in my life I
ain’t want the government doing what I do ain’t doing that that you know hey
baby they be coming up on in here that’s how they get that’s how they know stuff
about you okay you didn’t know that? you gotta put a piece
tape on your thing on the microphone oh yeah tell me this then I was talking
about like you know somewhere I must tell my coins and everything like that
you know cuz I found some of my coins right? okay and I seen you know I was
talking to Marvin everything then I look up in my phone and it’s like a thing
telling me hey you want to sell your coins too you know like to a store nearby
right I was like how my phone know that okay okay
well yes okay Siri is listening so guys don’t try
and tell me what to do on your iphone but like I don’t think it’s like the
government it’s just like your phone company so they listen it right yuh-huh Dude Marc told me you don’t want them
to listen you to put a piece of duct tape up on there and they can’t see or
listen To ya okay – hey listen up I ain’t down with no government telling me what
to do and what hanging a hat spawn up on me like that I stay on my side
government you stay on your side okay I’m gonna take your money and you ain’t
gonna take mine how’s that okay that’s how I live my life so I don’t need them
up in my house hearing me talking about my coins hey you know where I am
they ain’t know what I’m doing now they do but I ought to care that right there
right there you know so I you go ahead and let the government in on your life
but then go and be up on mine okay that’s not their business okay this
thing right here stressing me out telling me now I’m not god I can’t use
it what’s that all about dude? this siri lady tell me I can’t do this I’ll
be home in a little while I will help you try to figure it out but I really
don’t know what the code is right okay I don’t think I wrote him down but it was
your two favorite numbers my two favorite numbers that makes a lot of
sense right there hold on I appreciate that because that makes a lot sense I’m
glad I told you well they say I can’t get in
I got five more minutes don’t be trying to tell me it’s the boss
and everything I don’t do it so maybe turn it off for a little while because
you’ll get completely locked out and we’ll have to I’ll have to take you to
the phone store and they’ll have to like I don’t know if we have to reboot it or
like I don’t know I think they can get into it if we can’t figure it out we’re
gonna have to go and have them figure it out I don’t know we gonna be home okay
so if I can’t get into this thing maybe maybe we run on down there and they they
get up on in there and take care of it right there right yeah but we’re gonna
help you’re gonna have to go in and you’re gonna have to talk to them and
we’ll have to like I don’t know how they have to I’m not sure okay okay that
wasn’t it dead that wasn’t it dude look at that
now same 15 minutes how you like that picture I put up on there look at that
it’s a picture of the earth tell me I can’t get into my phone dude why are
they trying to lock me up on out of my phone that’s my business do not know
there’s okay how do I don’t even know have a passcode on how well you’re
getting locked out because you’re not putting the right security code in alright Dave listen up so you about 30
minutes out right yeah okay listen neighbors are hell right so I’ll be up
in their pool chillin you just come up back there when you’re when you’re home
okay come give me a let’s go down to that store alright is that cool cuz they
got a nice pool and everything and they never home dude I know when they call in
the cars there I know when they hum so why don’t you just come on over there
grab me we run home home while you’re back there you’re gonna get in trouble thank I know Kelly check that out hey
they ain’t gonna know unless you tell him okay so just come back there and grab me
and if you don’t want to come back through the night then in like 30
minutes or something like that oh I’ll just come on over here and we dip on
over there real quick in the middle get somebody you know hi
you dare okay I can hear you yeah I’m right here dude am i here man uh-huh
okay don’t go don’t go getting caught over there pool because you can get
trouble I do like everyday dude everyday I’m over there right there I’ll take a
dip all day long they never home dude you know I want that cooler way nice 25
minutes or so that’s a nice little thing right there little couple honks I’ll be
out and I’ll get in your car we dip on over there and we get something to eat
right oh but you’re gonna have to dry clothes
on you’re not getting the car wet okay why’d you say it i hears it are you
fighting with my phone’s gone now I hear a couple people over there making fun of
me yes what I thought
I’ll hurry Moby they’re making fun of me saying stuff I’m saying right then I go
out there and show them what’s up and they like walk away okay they want none
of this right here none of this dude I’m hot man it’s not
time to be messing with me okay all right so just give me a couple honks
I’ll come on out all right hello? Hey! okay I see you in like thirty all right? i think billy might have some trust issues… especially with the government ps the neighbors just installed cameras so we’ll see how this goes hit that subscribe button

100 thoughts on “my neighbor billy’s iphone conspiracy theory”

  1. i just freaking love you Dude….lol…that's right Billie nobody has a right to spy or listen to us….omg just love you,, would love to meet you, you guy's just make my day…keep the videos coming….☺☺☺☺☺

  2. Hey Billy, I gots a niiice pool in my backyard too. Your welcome to stop by for a refreshing dip anytime. Im in OK. but your always welcome. Stay funny and safe ladies.

  3. Damn government, they're always after me lucky charms.
    "I'll see you in like thirty. ok?" I sure hope this is actually real.

  4. Duct tape will block the video, however it does nothing for audio. Billy's concerns are not paranoia. Ok in her case, maybe she is, but her concerns are legit. The real question is why is everybody else OK with being spied on by the gov't and phone companies?

  5. Billy, I hate to say this but …aaah…Aren't you on t.v? ….Everyone knows your business right now….AND….do you have a smart,(dumb), T.V.? They can see everything there too….look it up on the way…BTW….Technology is a BIG stressor….

  6. She was right though about the whole spying thing that's what the nick Snowden I think that's his name is was about a while back

  7. You can set up iPhones with out security codes. I think Billy would do much better with out a security code. Then next issue about the neighbors using cameras. Awesome, get with them and see if they will let you use the footage on your channel. 😂 it’s funny that Billy is worried about the government spying into her business, but all they have to do is get on YouTube and watch her there.

  8. Billy needs to patent that Ape Walk. I find myself doing that move occasionally. It’s a feeling of power. Okaaay? Dude.

  9. Love Billy! My best friend and I share her videos & laugh our butts off. We can't wait to see a new video weekly. We love y'all!

  10. Yes. They really can. But mostly dont have time inclination etc. There are federal cases where evidence was gathered by surreptitiously turning on a man's phone and camera to gather evidence.

  11. I don't want to add to Billy's paranoia. But you actually can remotely hack into people's laptop cameras. Not 100% sure about the cell phones. But Buzzfeed did a whole video on it. Where a guy looked it up and learned how to hack all of his co-workers computers in like an hour. So it is recommended to cover up your cameras when you aren't using them. A lot of laptops come with a slide to cover up without tape or something else. There's even a Facebook product that does all kinds of video chats and things. And even it has a slide to cover your camera from being remotely accessed. Also, I learned more about the Burger King Impossible burger. While it is all plant based, the still cook it on the same grill as the meat patties. So you do probably get some of the fat or juices on it from the regular burgers. Just as a fellow person from Arizona, I like to share stuff with you.

  12. why the why would you not set up the thumbprint screen unlock for her.. LOL if they hear a cat meow in the background–they play a cat food ad…

  13. you need to have Billy's theme song be "Born to be Wild by Steven and the Seagulls , it would be perfect ,check it out ,keep up the good work !!!!

  14. It’s true they are spying on us thru our phones, I also have a tape cover like Billy on my phone. We have lost all our privacy rights!! It’s true!!

  15. ❤️ billy lol I used to have a friend like that putting tape on her camera she was very disconnected from tech and phones as well. ….How do I get one of them hey what ups 🤘

  16. Honk two times and I'll come out, we dip on over fix the phone and get something to eat, that sounds niiiiice. Real niiiicce!😂😂😂

  17. Take this channel up a notch or two!
    You two are in Florida, so… get a group of people to donate $10 each, and take her out on a Florida ocean charter to land some sharks! You will need about $1,500 in donations. Have a professional shoot the video for the day. Here's a charter service (for example).

  18. Part 2 Please I want to see neighbor billy get chased by the ops again that one was funny She haven’t learned yet has she from the first time the cops was called on ha for going in that pool across the street, has to be a part 2 soon I want to see that I know it’s going to be hilarious 🤣 Who else got to thinking about the tape on the phone I was just wondering if I need tape across the camera and speaker Why though don’t know 🤷🏾‍♀️ but that’s some creepy stuff I use to say that all the time they can see and hear us because it’s all tapped Billy Smart thinking 🤔 Y’all better cover those cameras and speakers 😂👀🔊

  19. 👍😁🤣🤣😁🤣😁 you're a genius Billie 👍..wacht out with the government those fckrs are bad ppl😁🤣😁

  20. Im gettin my duct tape out right now, if Uncle Marc says people be spying on you then people be spying on you, he know stuff dude………………..

  21. Billy is right, they can see and hear whenever they want.. Its all recorded anyways text, talk, and type and your email..

  22. What a character. She could do good things if she applied her energy to it!!! I find it a waste. My idea-finish with probation. Set some goals. Apply logical daily goals to reach your destination. A happier person, with an easier life. Mind you, Billy worries far too much about governments, etc. A big prohibiter…stumbling block…she must cross….I wish you well Billy girl!



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