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My Nexus 5 just got bricked by an Android OTA update? Constant bootloop

My Nexus 5 just got bricked by an Android OTA update? Constant bootloop

This is what my Nexus 5 is doing after an
Android Update. It’s just gone nuts! It shut itself down. So I thought maybe the battery’s gone down. I don’t know if you can see this, it’s vibrating
and booting. It’s like it’s doing some kind of death thrash. It’s plugged in and it just cycles through
starting to boot up and I can’t turn it off! If you pull the power lead out – then it stops
doing it. And then…
if you try power it on now… nothing happens. And I’ll try holding down the volume and power
at the same time. There’s nothing. And then if I put the power back in. (I’m trying to hold the phone and camera at
the same time). So the power’s back in. Then it goes back to cycling through trying
to start up. Flashing “Google”. If I hold down volume and power at the same
time, it goes to this screen. And then it just starts all over again. I don’t know what to do. I’m going to leave it, on power, but I can’t
help thinking this ain’t good for the phone to be doing this. Hoping that it’ll get up to a charge where
it can boot successfully.

7 thoughts on “My Nexus 5 just got bricked by an Android OTA update? Constant bootloop”

  1. That is very strange! I had a similar phone to you previously and every time there was an update something glitchy would happen!

  2. I am currently using Nexus5
    ROOT Installation CyanogenMod 13
    Will continue to occur constantly restart
    I do not know how to solve

  3. This is my 2nd 5x that got bricked due to that blasted latest Android 8 OTA update. It worked fine for a week and today it just went on the bootloop. This Android updates I think is their way of slowly killing Nexus 5 thru 6P devices so peeps would go the Pixel. I swear, when Nexus 6/6P came out there was a supposedly "upgrade" .. my nexus 5 bricked. My 1st 5x, got bricked too bec of an android update..luckily i still have insurance on my got replaced. Now this latest upgrade killed my 2nd 5x. I was hesitant to do the upgrade waited for 2 weeks when OTA came on the notification to upgrade.. researched on forums what are the effects and the solution to it … i wiped out the cache partition before going for the Android 8.0 upgrade…. same results = bricked it.

  4. I fix that but when reboot phone update google and restart again,
    – install  adb and fastboot to your computer  and follow commands 
    – adb reboot recovery
    – make fastboot adb
    – fastboot flashing unlock
    then in recovery mode can wipe and reset factory 
    !!important do not connect to internet after reset factory

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