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My Phone Can Judge How Good I Kiss?! | WEIRD APPS

My Phone Can Judge How Good I Kiss?! | WEIRD APPS

Oh God I can be Tru- Oh!! Ohhh its so scary. Eeeewwwwwuhhh aghhhhh OHHHHHHHHHHH NO! Hey guys look at my shirt don’t look at the mess behind me look – look at ma shirt ma ma shirt, look at it. Is it not the coolest shirt you’ve ever seen look we got trash panda (lol) danger noodle, sea flap flap, formal chicken, boople snoot. Tiger Pony Murder log, leather bird, and death floof. This isn’t sponsored, but I know people are gonna ask I bought it on Red-Bubble Well, one of you guys on Twitter sent me the link and I had to get it!! But it’s been a while since I bought it, and I’m just now wearing it But I thought the shirt went well with today’s video which is weird, but hopefully funny apps and this is weird But hopefully funny shirt got it see it’s all connected guys all right Let’s see what apps I found as you can see I have quite the weird array of apps So let’s just start with the first one, kiss analyzer. Oh my god… Ah… the lipstick I’m wearing it’s gonna get all over my phone. I did not think this through Oh god. You could practice? What is practice? (Table abused stop lauren abusing a table plz help end table abuse) (I second that) (Inhale) Oh My God NO!! Oh and you can even add your own photo, so you could put like your crush or a doughnut? I mean whatever you’re into!? (regret) Alright let’s just let’s just let’s just go right for it This gonna be w-we’re about to get… This about to get real weird guys… Ready? *Insert romantic music and kissing noises* Oh, oh god there look oh (yes) My god sweet that kiss was sweet like candy. I just want some more Oh phone! You guys see? Look at the lipstick mark sure. Let’s just let’s just do it again. Oh, yes phone. Oh yes phone MMMMMMMMM Oh…oh what there was a lot of tongue and saliva in that kiss I feel like I kissed a dog I… Literally just went like this. Oh you want to see sloppy phone. Do you want to see sloppy? Yeyeuishkjdbchowiuoehwksldhcjkxj (Really Lauren?) Oh the phone likes it! Oh wow nerd?! did you learn how to kiss from a math equation you need to get some real-world experience (Le true face of sadness) But phone, I thought what we had was special So the first kiss was great second kiss was horrible and third kiss wha- that what i just did was like okay? phone ready ready… ready (Even more romantic music and kiss noises) (Suddenly the music stops) Oh yeah, this is getting weird guys hmm, Oh… Oh- Oh (Table abused #2 plz like now) What did you eat clean up that mouth and then come back later (Deep inhale) Guys I’m look at my phone and all this smudge! ewwwhhhhh I gotta clean it off. All right. I’m done with you phone done with you! Moving on all right next we have mood detector Please place two fingers in the scan area Okay (Boop) What’s my mood phone? analyzing… Analyzing?! Cheerful I mean i gue- I guess oh, I can take a picture of- and see if it knows my mood what about oh… My god, that’s the worst picture ahahaha Beaker face I mean it’s still pretty bad photo, but we’ll use it wait. I thought it was gonna… Tell me what mood. I can i ju- (Face of Regret) What so basically the mood detector just made me take a terrible photo of myself and humiliate myself for nothing I thought I thought I was gonna take a photo and then it was gonna Tell me what my mood was based on the photo. All right. Well now. I’m angry let’s see if it knows that (Dat face doe) Queasy no I’m angry and get angry (?) I’m getting angrier this app is a waste of my life as is probably all of these. I mean, that’s the point they should not exist I mean Clearly all right app you’ve redeemed yourself, you’ve redeemed yourself. Thank you, but you telling me something. I already know All right next I’ve seen a couple people use this app in their videos But I need to know what my spirit animal is I kind of hope it’s a fox cuz I love foxes and because it’s right There in the menu yeah, I need it. I need it. Oh. Oh is it actually gonna take up How do I look I need to look Fox like? (Lauren just… No) Hehehehehe I really look ridiculous like sly like sly. I’m sly Kkkkkkkkkahahah (Table abused #3 maybe subscribing would be better) It’s so awkward taking a picture of myself in front of you guys, it’s weird is this sly… oh god That’s not… kkkkkaahahahammm I mean fair that’s kind of what I looked like no phone. I was trying to look sly alright. Let’s try again uh let’s just look normal, cute, okay (I regret my life) Guys I’m ugly I look like a sloth and/or a frog what (Sadness) I never thought that this app would be the thing that would tell me that I’m ugly alright one more time I don’t even know what to do anymore. I’m scared. Let’s try to look like super cute. All right. Das not bad (Oh) (hahahahahahahahaah) IGIVEUP all right owls probably the best one that I’ve gotten enough to be fair to be fair All right done with you app all right next is face app which I actually tried out when it first became like a thing but I had that was like a year ago. I’m interested to try it now. Oh my god I look so white and frizzies great, and I look really tired. I mean give me a little bit of slack I just today finally woke up feeling better from being sick for like a week, so I probably look pale. I probably look tired and Frizzies yeah sure I’ll take it fine original see me smiling oh uhhhehhhh My god oh my god original… Euhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Uhh Why it looks like (Lauren i have no words) This is always how I smile guys I know you may be feeling like you’re in love with me right now And I completely understand all right. Let’s see what I look like old. Oh my face is melting Oh my face is melting a little bit my hair keeps covering my eye it’s ruining its ruining these pictures wait Let’s take another one try to get my face away from my eye My… tsssshaha (Table abused #4) Sorry I get my hair away from my eye, not my face away from my eye. That would be horrifying all right There we go here just like stick this behind my ear. Oh there we go. Oh that was a little better. Okay smile Oh is it still creepy? It’s still creepy. Why are they giving me bottom teeth all right old is my face still melting? No, it’s better. It’s better. I mean to be fair. That’s probably what I’m gonna look like when I’m old… Oh young oh, it looks just like I look right now Thank You app. Like this is the original Oh, so it’s just like smooths my face a little bit more I’ll take it Hollywood. Oh you got to pay for it boo. I look mahvelous though in that photo Hollywood style makeup right there as a Mayan wow I’m why am I an old man Why am I not a man in like my age a hit man? Oh jesus I look like a principal. I don’t know like a school principal am like hey guys. I’m your friend. I’m your buddy I just want you to succeed. That’s my goal in life as your principal and friend, Mr L. Oooh moustache Oh, yeah, look at that sexy mustache. Oh, yeahah Looking good Oh my god. There’s so many since I lasted this Heisenberg female well. Oh Look like a hooker. Why so much makeup female 2 Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh You know it looks like I got Botox all right moving on well. I was gonna do mug life but uhhhh This is this is what’s happening… This is what’s happening, Right super emoji oh my god heyyyyyy (sorry lauren plz become a pug) everybodyyyyyy heyyy This is so scary. Oh god. I could be D- oh (LAUREN WHYYYYY) OHhhhhh! It’s so scary! What if I frown? Meh! I’m Kanye (Gah idk how to spell that sorry) Yeeeeeeasssss YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS! And a bunny this is for This is for sad people like me who couldn’t justify spending a ton of money on the iPhone 10! Oh the piggy! Oh, I like the piggy. Oh I get to be poop Hehehehehehehhe Life is good when you’re Pooooooooooooop All right, so this is another face filter app ooooooh Oh, it’s cute. I missed this one bleeeeeeeeegh. Oh my god. I am really dear Queen yaaaaasssss Yasssssss dear Queen Oh Good Lord Have you eaten your vegetables today children make sure you do or I’ll see you tonight under your bed while you sleep (lauren srsly imma get nightmare now) Things are getting weird round here Why? WHY?! what is this? What am I oh? WHY?! Uh OH! EUUUUUUUH OHHHHHHHH Eh DOE!! oh no oh no OH GOD Dats racist Oh Koala! Oh Ooooh a lion ohhhhh Imma go- imma sassy lion I’m a sassy lion guys. (Oh ma god lion queen yass) Ok i don’t know why i downloaded this one but its a police siren app (Phone) Weeee-woooooo-woooo-weeeeeeee (Lil lauren) woooooooooo Yaaaaaaay Oh, I think I did it for the there’s a lie detector Have a start hmm. What do I want to say? I know I’ll ask a question that you guys always ask every now and then am I pregnant Oh bet you guys are all excited now to see what it says! (Phone) Complete Wait am I pregnant? So no, okay. It’s true. It’s telling the truth. I did this totally wrong somebody’s supposed to ask me a question I’m supposed to say yes or no, and then it goes I guess you can’t just do it on your own, but no I’m not pregnant this would be the weirdest pregnancy announcement video ever It’s like weirdest app so that I’m the last one. I’m like lie detector. I’m pregnant Nobody steal that idea the last app I need Dexter for so hold on all right I have Dexter here with me against his will look at him, but Dexter look. We’re gonna get to talk to each other.(Gasp) Oh dog translator, yes, okay ready Arf Arf! ARF! Woah do you hear that it’s coming out the headphone, so I’m gonna put it right near him Sad doggo noise D: Oh! he heard dat More sad doggo noise D: (Oh and lauren goes oh!) I’m gonna say something to him hold on – look Dexter. I love you. You’re the best (My dog is a bit rusty but I’ll give it ago) Sad doggo noise, Ruf! Arf Arf! (meanwhile Lauren goes do u hear what i say hey?) Do you hear what I say yes, oh he heard yay, well good boy hahaha hes like: Please help me, please. I don’t want to be in your videos. Oh, but you’re the cutest you had quite (?) you had production value budge All right guys, that’s gonna be it for the weirdest/ Funniest apps I could find in a short amount of time video if you made it all the way to the end of the video And you want me to do more of these then make sure to leave a like before you go Subscribe if you’re new to the channel I put out new videos every single day and as always I will ZEE! you guys soon (OUTRO MUSIC) Heyo i did a lot of the English subtitles and imma try to do all of Lauren’s new videos πŸ˜› (P.s i have no idea if she’ll use these) Video CC reviewed by xXHaloEpicXx

100 thoughts on “My Phone Can Judge How Good I Kiss?! | WEIRD APPS”

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    Me:Roses are red ring the so you can't have a scame

  2. It's ok luaren a frog has a hoping talent and I'm a slogh to and a owl has alot of talents and there my favorite animals just like your my favorite youtuber

  3. I once had an app like the dog one but for cats. I wanted to say I love you to my cat, and it came out as a bunch of hissing.

  4. Lauren : takes pic
    Phone: frog shows up
    Unspeakable: *triggered
    Also Lauren: takes another pic
    Phone: sloth shows up
    Yammy And Poke: triggered

  5. I have that shirt, if u want u can look up more images on google by typing in "Danger Noodle" c: 😘luv u Lauren

    Y'all make my day and like this comment I've never had one

  6. Phone: Ur A Sloth
    Lauren: ~ Laughing ~
    Phone: Your An Owl
    Lauren: Well To Be Fair That’s Probably The Best One So Far

  7. Your phone has more bacteria on it than a toilet πŸ˜… hope you disinfected your lips afterwards 😝

  8. Lauren:I have dexter here and I’m gonna talk to him
    Dexter:hell no just end me now
    Lauren:sorry bud but it helps the video
    Dexter fine only cuz I love humph
    Lauren i love you Dexter you’re the best dog in the world
    Dexter: I know I am mother
    Lauren: look the video is ending now Dexter
    Dexter :thank god

  9. Kisses*
    Dexter comes in and starts barking
    Bobby comes in
    Bobby: Well if thats how you feel…
    Bobby: Prove it!
    Lauren: NO PRANKS FOR 2 WEEKS!
    Bobby: Okie!
    Sees Lauren's hand
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    Plus a poem!

    Roses are red,
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