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Jelly: Hey! How ya doin’? Fan: Oh my god!! Fan: You leaked your phone number *Chuckles* Jelly: Yes. Yes, I did. *Chuckles* Jelly: Ahem. Yeah Umm… I don’t know how to start this video. It’s Sunday evening It’s, it’s a super nice day. I’ve had an amazing weekend. I uploaded uh two videos on Saturday, and they did amazing and you guys loved them I was actually just playing some flight simulator right now. You see.. You see this, I’m a nerd, alright?Just accept it. And then I uploaded my first video of today, which is Sunday. Um. *Chuckles* I screwed up big time man *Chuckles* I screwed up soo bad. I’ve got a.. I’ve got my phone over here You, you might be wondering like Jelly why? What are you gonna show us? Well… I’ve got a call incoming I’ve got a call coming. Not just that… I’ve got 76… 77 missed calls! Ummmm… yeah… I accidentally put my phone number on the internet. *bangs on a desk* *chuckles* So you know… I… eh… I… *speechless* What do I do?! It’s ALREADY on the internet! I… I mean… *bangs arms on his pants (I think)* I made a video, reacting to some funny websites… And in one of the websites, you had to type in your phone number… And I ACIDENTIALLY… blurred my phone number out the wrong way… SOOOO… LIKE…. *grunts and sighs heavily* Yeah… you could see my phone number! Now if you were one of those guys who actually know my phone number right now… DON’T WORRY! The first thing I’m gonna do is… get a new phone number, so… Don’t even bother calling me! You MIGHT be calling some random dude who uhhh… you know… just got a new phone number. cause it’s not me anymore. Now anyways… uh… you know, my mistake Whatever. It happens. It’s fine. Although it is KIND OF annoying that there’s SO MANY people contacting me! Let’s just… Let’s just go to my messages, right? Oh… Look at that guys, we’ve got 200 and 49 messages on WhatsApp! Let’s have a look at what people are saying! And I think eventually, it should be a lot of fun to uh… *awkward laugh* answer some of those CALLS! *laughs again* *camera zooms in* I need to do this more often. It’s great. :-/ Alright, let’s see… Let’s click on this one. Jelly: Hello is this Jelly? Anyone? NO? OK! You’re cool as… FUCK boy! *awkward laugh* Alright let’s ummm… Let’s send him a message back. OH! Let’s send him a selfie back, you know what? *chuckles* Why not? Jelly: *SURPRISED FACE!* *Clicks the picture take button* There you go, that’s a uhhh… That’s a BEUTIFUL SELFIE! *still laughing :-/* ALRIGHT! What do we got over here? Hello, I’m your biggest fran! I’m from Switzerland! I have a YouTube channel, I’ve been inspired. Cool man! Real… Real good! Although, I’m not gonna download that. It might be a virus. I don… I don’t trust it. I’m sorry. 🙁 *spiting sounds* hehe Alright so, the messages are coming in. *frowny face :-/* This guy is calling me SO MANY TIMES! Missed voice call! Missed voice call… JESUS CHRIST! You REALLY wanna TALK to me huh?! You really want to talk to me. You know what? Let’s uhh… Let’s actually answer it and see what he’s gonna say. 😏 *suspenseful and playful music plays* *phone call awaits* *call is answered* Fan: OHH OHHH OHHH! *Sounds SUPER EXCITED!* Fan: Hello? Jelly: *Stays quiet* Jelly: *Hissing/Breathing sounds!* | Fan: Hello? Fan: WHO?! (WTF WAS THAT?!) Fan: Huh? Jelly: *Still quiet* Fan: Hello? *confused* Jelly: *FUK’N HUNG UP!* Jelly: *Guffawing AF!* *Can’t contain himself* I can’t! I’m just too scared to talk! What are they going to do?! Are they going to kill me?! Are they gonna… Are they gonna rape me? Wait, rape jokes are not funny. :-{ Alright umm… *GUFFAWS sort-of loudly* That was… that was… that was REALLY ODD! I wanna answer ANOTHER call! I wanna see… Someone’s must be video calling me somewhere, right? ANYONE?! Video call… anyone wanna video call me?! We’ve got ANOTHER VOICE CALL coming in LADIES! Let’s, Let’s, Let’s see what we got here. Let’s see what we got. Fan: Hello? *European voice accent?* Jelly: Hello. *Imitating the fan’s voice. 😏* Fan: Hey. *WTF did she say?!* *depressed tone* Fan: Wait, is this Sanna? Jelly: Hello there, you’ve reached T-Mobile. How are you? What can I help you with? *Imitating the fan’s voice. 😏* Fan: Uhhhh… Fan: Is this Jelly frommm…. *She (the fan) mumbles* Jelly: Excuse me, I’m… I’m…I’m not quite follow’n *Imitating the fan’s voice. 😏* Fan: Uhhh, k. This is a funny prank. Jelly: Shit, you got me! Jelly: *awkward laugh* | Fan: OH MY GOD! This is ACTUALLY YOU! Jelly: Uuuhhhh… | Fan: What did you… Fan: You, you probably got SO MANY calls now. I don’t know why I’m calling you. :-/ Jelly: Dude… I recognize that little triangle of yours. You’ve been calling me at least 100 times! Fan: Yeah… *shuffling noises* Jelly: OH… GOD! Fan: Well, I just wanted to say you left your number in your messages in there. Jelly: AHH! Yeah. Jelly: Hadn’t… Hadn’t REALIZED! *laughing* Jelly: Yeah, THANKS for uhhh… letting me know dude like… Jelly: *grunts* hmmm… had, had NO IDEA… *ALERT SOUND!* Jelly: It’s a video call! We have a video call coming in! *spoke fast* Jelly: Let’s have a look guys! (I think the previous call ended.) Fan: You called huh?! Jelly: Is my hair good? | Fan: YO! Jelly: (again) Is… Is my hair good? Is everything…? Jelly: What up? Jelly: How you doing? | Fan: Yo! You there! (WTF did the fan say?) Jelly: You’re in the video! Fan: Did you link your number? Jelly: Yep. *feels ashamed and laughs* Fan: Yeah, nice to meet you! Jelly: Bye, bye! Fan: *someone in the background* (Chao?) | Fan: Bye! *call ends* | Thank you guys so much for letting me know, first of all, that my number got there. I mean… As soon as I uploaded the video, within a minute or so… I already had a SHIT TON OF CALLS! You’ all are sweet. You all are really sweet. You all really wanna… make sure… that I don’t make these dumb decisions… or these dumb errors really. 😏 And you’ all really let me know that my number is on the internet, but, like… then again, like I… I… k, kind-of, I kind-of realized. But still, thank you. We’ve got another video call coming in, what’s up?! Jelly: Hey, how are you doing? Fan: OH MY GOD! You leaked your phone number! Jelly: *laughing* Yes, yes I did. *chuckles* Fan: You know, that I was your subscriber when you didn’t have even 150 subscribers. Jelly: JESUS CHRIST! That’s crazy! Fan: *I can’t understand him!*>:-/ Jelly: Your birthday is on the 14th?! DUDE! Fan: Yes! Fan: 14th of October, and uhhh… the year is 1999 of my… Jelly: Alright my *stammers* mine’s 1996, but that’s awesome dude! *guffaws* Fan: Are you recording this? Jelly: I am. Yes. Fan: For a video? Jelly: Yes! Fan: OHHHH! ge- Jelly: But I’m gonna go dude, my battery’s dying! Fan: Oh, ok, bye! | Jelly: Catch you later! *call ends* | Jelly: Well that was a sweet guy! I guess you’re watching this video right now as well so… What up?! Hope you’re still doing fine! Alright so, this is my WhatsupApp. Do we have anything else? Do we have anything else? People are contacting me at… messages. What do we have over here? ummmm… yeah… This is umm… That’s, that’s a lot! mmm yeah, I’m not gonna read that. Wait what? There’s a fly on my screen right there! THERE’S A FLY! THERE’S A… THERE’S A FLY! He, he got me. he, he got me good. Oh, WE GOT ANOTHER CALL! But wait, I’m not gonna answer you. sorry. WOAH! I’m gonna send a picture of myself back. *camera sounds and pressed the camera take button* That’s BEUTIFUL! Alright guys, well I guess I’m gonna leave it here! I really don’t know what else to say. I mean, this was a really really dumb thing. And… it really sucks actually that this happened… of course, it’s my own fault. And I, I don’t blame YOU guys for calling me, cause… I would’ve done the same freaking thing if Taylor Swift’s number… got… leaked. *makes a phone gesture* Call me, Taylor! But still, you get what I mean. It, it sucks. I’m gonna have to go to the shop tomorrow… get myself a new number. And I have to tell all my friends and my family members. :-/ Then I’ve got a new number. :-/ Yeah… It’s uhhh, it’s not great. And it’s dumb and stupid and… GOSH!>:-/ I guess I’ll catch you next time! uhhh… If you have my number… please delete it. Please? uhh… please? :-/ Thanks for watching! And I’ll catch you… in the next dumb, video.=-[ Maybe they’re really good. I don’t know. BYE BYE! HU HA! [Subtitles by J.J. (Mr. Fairyballcatcher), etc.]

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    To all the losers posting my phone number in this comment section, I've got a different number now so there's really no point 🙂

  2. If you linked him I'm giving you my phone number because you did a great job I'm just kidding but I'm still going to give you my phone number listen. 7088793744

  3. Hello I am Sara and i want your new phone number i don't have yourold phone number and your videos are to funny😂😂😂 please give me your phone number bye L💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚U

  4. Jelly I love your videos, but lonely because i get bullied at school. I just need friends, yet i have you making videos.

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  6. You know your Minecraft server where you do trolling and a bunch of other stuff your friend the orange one he made a secret base under your base

  7. Jilly I need your help can you please get a couple of cops number and put on the inter Internet please I need it I need it so you see that he did a video two years ago where he said if he got 10 million subscribers you would show naked pictures of yourself on Twitter and I don't think he has and I I wanted to remind him but but just in case in the comments don't work could you tell him or like give me his phone number so I could tell him all right just please give me his phone number or or just tell him

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