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Neha Kakkar: What’s on my phone | Fashion | Lifestyle | Pinkvilla | Nikle Currant Remix

Neha Kakkar: What’s on my phone | Fashion | Lifestyle | Pinkvilla | Nikle Currant Remix

Hey guys This is me… Neha Kakkar and today.. I am gonna show you… what’s there in my phone most used emoji..uhhh would be blushing one or the heart or hug My home page wallpaper is this pink I love pink (giggles) my favorite throwback picture uh..okay…. there are many though but there is one super super throwback one which I was just seeing here Tony bhai and me singing like way back we were very small.. it is from back then the most dialled person in my phone (laughs) do you really wanna know I am sure you guys wanna know but I would not like to tell I can talk about somebody who is my second or third most dialled number that would be Tony Bhai.. Sonu Didi… mummy… yes I talk very less with my dad as I am quite afraid of him Although my dad loves me alot still I am afraid of him so ya last three tabs on my phone pictures alarm Instagram whatsapp yeah (giggles) what’s my sexiest photo though I don’t take a lot of sexy pictures (laughs) but let me find if I have any one minute I got one I think it is li’l bit sexy here it is the least used app on my phone would be I movie app because… I don’t know In Iphone there is Imovie app for video editing But my videos most of my videos that I put on social media are all edited by me but I don’t use that app at all I use the different apps that I have I use the different app that I bought from app store so yeah a game that I play the most you guys will be shocked to know that I don’t have a single game on my phone I don’t play games may be.. may be I am so busy that I don’t get free time because when you have a lot of times when you get bored that’s when you look for games now you guys have made me so busy you guys give me so much love that you know I am performing some where or the other or I am recording or I am shooting I don’t get time so I don’t have a video or game in my phone yeah best selfie I have ever taken giggles I don’t know there would be many that I love one of the… one of my favorite selfie pictures I won’t say selfie video I would say since you guys love my selfie videos I think that would be… one of them would be this one Coca cola tu.. song by Tony brother on that I did a selfie video I kinda like this one so yeah worst selfie I have taken to be honest worst selfies.. worst pictures.. bad pictures I don’t keep in my phone at all I don’t like to see my not so great side so I do not really keep my bad pictures bad selfies in my phone but I was going through my old pictures from that there is one pic I think I had taken this in Dubai it is this one In this my makeup is not looking that great and I had a pimple here I used to get pimples quite often I used to have a lot of pimples I don’t know for what reason may be I used to not have lot of water I must say you guys should have a lot of water ah you know because of that you get pimples and I used to get so many pimples you can see here there is only one but earlier there were many also I don’t know what I am doing here like what is this so I don’t really like this selfie of mine yeah how many pictures here it is showing 4292 pictures and videos together but this is my very new phone…this is all new I bought it when the Iphone X had come so but if you… if I have to count all my data then we will reach another life if we calculate them third last photo from my gallery the above one… recently I had gone to Canada it was snowing in Calgary these are all best pics of mine in snow but the third last pic… or some of the last pics third last is this one my cutie mommy that’s her my mom is in Rishikesh my parents are chilling in Rishikesh in my hometown so she had sent her pictures as adorable as one can be so she sent me these pictures and she is like how am I looking you always look the best so yeah three famous people on my contact list? there are many my very good friend Himansh Kohli in fact best friend Pritam da I love Pritam da as a music composer he is he is you know I am a huge fan of Pritam da Pritam da is in my list then my favorite favorite singer Arijit Singh he is there in my what we say contact ya so he is there in my contact list these three people are there in contact list so many people are there but then I just wanna talk about them last thing that googled was when I was about a few days ago I was in Canada and USA back to back in 2-3 days gap I was in Canada and USA I think I was in Canada or US so I was searching for local time in India that’s what I searched on Google my most used app would be Snapchat.. Instagram both of them actually I use a lot Snapchat and Instagram I use the most which song am I listening to on loop there are many one of them is if I like some song then I just go crazy for the same and I keep on listening to them on loop and my recent one is Coca cola tu by my lovely Tony Kakkar my alarm my last alarm would be there are two actually one is 6:18 am and another is 8:08 am if you have to get up early you put alarm when I don’t have work which hardly happens that time I can wake up at any time I hope you guys enjoyed peeping in my phone thank you so much guys for watching if you really the video then do not forget to like comment share and ofcourse subscribe to Pinkvilla love you guys (kisses)

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  1. Dum part in this video last search in Google is India time how can you do that when you have world clock which in ALARM app it changes the time according to the location when you have iphone xπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. Anybody notice that when Neha kakkar show his homepage wallpaper so the date was 4 April but this video uploaded on 17 april

  3. Neha Kakkar mujhe pata ki AAP Delhi me 20 or 25 July 2019 me Jawaharlal Nehru stadium me Amit Trivedi ke saath as rahe hi Mai bhi vaha par jaungi

  4. Aapki "the sexiest selfie" se aapki "the worst sefie" zyada better lg ri hπŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

  5. Hehehehehehehehheheheheheheheheehehheheehehehehehheheheehehehehehe chop kab kra gi har bat par krti ha heheheheheheheheheheheheh ya kon si bat ha hehehehehe

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