New area code approved for Orlando area

planning to change your phone number anytime soon it could start with a new area code Central Florida will soon be have a new area code six eight nine this after the Florida Public Service Commission determined the original 407 code will run out of numbers within the next year news six escuela part explains the new changes you don’t see payphones around very much anymore let alone any working once now that just about everybody has a cell phone but that 407 number we’ve all grown to love might soon go the way of the phone booth based on the new exhausting inside the Florida Public Service Commission in Tallahassee it’s in an all fair say aye any opposed commissioners unanimously voted to allow Central Florida to start utilizing 689 as an area code when they run out of options for 407 area code telephone numbers so if we don’t do this we’re actually run out of legitimate telephone number yes the move allows up to nearly 8 million new and available telephone numbers for new residents and businesses in Central Florida but while the Space Coast has three to one to represent liftoff and parts of Volusia County used three eight six which spells out fun there does not readily appear to be a reason four six eight nine so we went out to Lake Eola and posted a sign asking people passing by what do you think of Orlando’s new area code that’s awesome I want no wait not six a bad and we found quite a few opinions that’s crazy I don’t believe they ran out of numbers we need a new area code is too many including some who say the era of holding on to certain numbers is long gone since you just add a number to your cell phone and forget about it they need to do it they need to do it I have an out-of-state number so who cares experts estimate they will run out of available 407 area code numbers within a year in Orlando clay Lepard news 6

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