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NEW iPhone SE – Bend Test – Scratch Test – Burn Test

NEW iPhone SE – Bend Test – Scratch Test – Burn Test

Got my hands on one of the Brand New iPhone
SE phones. Ive done 18 Bend tests on high end smart phones over the past year… which
means ive probably bent more phones than any one else in the world. I’m sure my mother
is extremely proud. Lets get started with the scratch test. I
have a set of picks that tell me how hard, or scratch resistant the front glass is. A
level 1 would be the equivalent talc powder, and a level 10 is diamonds. This screen starts to scratch at a level 6,
and has a deeper grove with the level 7 pick. Which is exactly what the Galaxy S7 scored
as well. Now for the back camera lens. Some smart phones
use a plastic lens for their camera like the Blackberry Priv. Which, optically, doesn’t
matter much. But durability wise, on a heavily abused smartphone.. glass is a little less
prone to scratching, so I personally like when manufactures use real glass. Luckily
Apple did use glass for this phone. Lets give them a thumbs up for using a glass to cover
their 4K camera. The lens DOES sit perfectly flush with the back panel though, there is
no protective lip like with other iPhones. So impacts can directly effect the glass.
Watch out for that. The back metal is aluminum. Apple didn’t brag
about their 7000 series aluminum this time around. So Its possible they did dropp back
down to their 6000 series for this more ‘budget’ device. Keys and coins can scuff up the bead-blasted
satin finish. The apple logo in the center of the phone is made of stainless steel. Another positive point for the iPhone SE is
the home button. It appears to be made out of a glass or ceramic and does not scratch
easy like the plastic home button on the Galaxy S7 or Note 5. Onto the burn test. This is always interesting
to me. Every screen is made a bit different. Apple uses an IPS Backlit display, which isnt
quite as vibrant or saturated as an Amoled screen, I feel like IPS is a bit more true
to life though. With time the pixels turn off from the extreme heat, but then come back
on again after the heat is removed. Unlike the Galaxy S7 AMOLED display which turned
white and never recovered. Onto the bend test! Remember, I do these tests
for every new phone that comes out, so hit that subscribe button so you are always up
to date. When I apply force to the iPhone SE, it flexes a bit, then cracks right along
the bottom volume button. Always a weak spot on phones. It stops flexing after the crack,
and nothing is permanently damaged. It survived more force than the Nexus 6P did. As well
as the Xperia Z5… So… Its a tough call, but I think this phone passes the bend test,
even with the minor edge damage. What do you think? Let me know in the poll in the upper
corner. Thanks a ton for watching, and supporting
my destructive habits. Let me know in the comments what phone YOU would like to see
tested next, and click this card if you want to see the rest of my smart phone durability
tests. Check out my Instagram and Twitter for behind
the scenes pictures and secret Lego Starwars project I am working on. Thanks for watching!

100 thoughts on “NEW iPhone SE – Bend Test – Scratch Test – Burn Test”

  1. Dude stop ruining perfectly good iPhones You have destroyed like 1000000000000000 IPhones stop

  2. My phone got scratched on the top right side in the corner, so bad you can see bits of the metal. What do you suggest I can do? FYI i have the same phone 😂

  3. Czech republic/ nechápu to někdo si na iPhone ani nemůže dovolit a tady ho někdo ničí neříkám ze já ho nemám ale třeba chudší lidé by tohle určitě nedělaly…

  4. I was going to get a iPhone SE, lt does pretty good, well I'm not going to bend it anyway, so I'll buy it!!! THX

  5. Youtube:

    2016 – No
    2017 – No
    2018 – No
    2019 – "Why wouldn't we recommend "NEW iPhone SE – Bend Test – Scratch Test – Burn Test" ?"

  6. Give me one phine instead of breaking it haha cuz i don't have any phone,im using my mother's phone now and this is the only phone of our family(sorry if my grammar is wrong cuz i am Filipino and im not good in English)😅😅😅

  7. Hi jerry I’m searching a phone to mi friend and I don’t know what phone is good it can’t be a online shoping can someone help me

  8. Where do people even get the money to buy loads of phones in the first place? I could barely afford a refurbished iPhone 6s.

  9. i have one of these & i left it in a hot car for 45 minutes & now the screen permanently sticks out of the body (it happened to my brother too when he left his in a hot car all day)

  10. dang your wasting money, i can't even buy an iPhone and your just gonna use it for a video, and try to break it?..

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