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New Phone, Same Talking Tom (Progress Restore Tutorial)

New Phone, Same Talking Tom (Progress Restore Tutorial)

Hey! Check out my brand new phone! Isn’t it awesome? But hey! What happened to my Tom? Why is he a baby again? Oh no! Is all my progress gone too? Of course! I can restore my game! First, update the game on your old device Then go to game options… and settings… and then click connect to Google Plus. Or connect to Game Center if you’re on iOS. Success! Everything’s still there! You can now download the game you’ve been playing on your new device… and do the same again. Game options, settings, connect to Google Plus or Game Center. This works for My Talking Tom… My Talking Angela… and My Talking Hank. But wait! That’s not all! Here’s how to do it for Talking Tom: Gold Run. Simply go to settings and click connect to Google Plus or Game Center. Yep. It’s really that easy. Now you’ll be able to keep your progress… even if you change your device! So have fun! Bye guys! Looking for more useful tips for Talking Tom’s apps? Subscribe and check out the other awesome videos on Talking Tom’s channel.

100 thoughts on “New Phone, Same Talking Tom (Progress Restore Tutorial)”

  1. Help im on my same mobile and i delete my talking tom cause its laggy and when i came back my progress is gone im back at level 1

  2. Please I have multi Google accounts, I don't know what is right account lol. May be I use it no longer.
    So what should I do? I tried link a new account but it didnt work.

  3. Hi, I hope someone can help. I updated the app but there is no button to connect to Google +. Any ideas on how to solve this?

  4. hello, this didn't work for me, here's what happened: I have the old phone in level 228, then I installed Tom in the new phone, when I first loaded Tom in the new phone it asked me to set my year of birth then gave me the intro tour of the game and moved me to level 2 (still in the new phone), when I logged in google play services it didn't load the data from the old phone so I uninstalled the app in the new phone… ok so after this i re-installed the game again in the new phone but what it loaded was the level 2 data instead of the 228, both phones are logged in with the same account in the google play services, so not sure whats going on (the old phone still have the 228 level)

  5. App cái gì mà ko có đăng nhập được. Mà bắt buộc sử dụng máy mới. Hi vọng app sẽ hỗ trợ nhiều máy dễ lấy lại dữ liệu khi mua máy mới

  6. I used to play this game years ago and decided to play it again. But, when I downloaded it, it went back to a baby. I was a higher level and I don’t know how to get it back. Same with Talking Angela. I logged into Facebook and Game Center but nothing happened. Still a baby. I would like my account back, thank you.

  7. Its strange. I had 55 lvl in My Talking Tom. After 1 yr I want back to game and what? Start with 1 lvl, they add diamonds and 1000 microtransactions. Game is broken for me.

  8. How to restore all my progress, before I make this process on level 74, now im 120, I want this level on my new tablet, but when I use restore options it's showing me the 74 level. How to proceed?

  9. This doesn't work on Amazon Kindle Fire tablets because it does not have the update to Google option because Amazon doesn't use the Google App Store and uses its own app store please help with this

  10. I have my talking angela on my phone and I wanted to restore my game progress but this didnt show up…i got my talking tom and it did PLZ EXPLAIN!! 😡😡

  11. Can y’all make an update that we can make an Outfit7 account so we can recover Tom Angela and Hank and the other Outfit7s games

  12. I did this. When i ticked the box to connect to play centre it appeared slightly greyed out. It has not worked. No game progress was saved. I had a Motorola the new phone is a Sony Xperia.

  13. OMG! I soo love how you can keep all of your progress when you get a brand new device when you have my Talking Tom my talking Angela and my talking hank! that is soo cool!😆

  14. I remember playing this so I download it and then I click on the game then it's say 'when you were born then I did it but suddenly it's didn't say do you want to play the preview one or want every, now I'm with the level 4 tom, I lost everything's because of a glitch

  15. I tried this on my kid's new Samsung Galaxy tablet & theres no connect to Facebook, or Google account available.


  17. How do I do this from my iPhone 6S to my Huawei P30 lite I am UNDER 21 years old like come on I am 16… 🥺😠😤

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