100 thoughts on “New Pixel features have dropped. Your phone, now even more helpful.”

  1. I love pixel dropss! but please solve the facial recognition's mistake ( it unlocks with the eyes closed)

  2. The phone at 0:15 looks weird. Can't be a Pixel 3 as it has Soli. It can't be a 4 because the forehead is too small. What is it?

  3. Hopefully it fixed the random locks on my phone cuz my phone randomly goes to the lock screen and locks itself throughout the day multiple times since last month's security update.

  4. Happy Pixel Drop day everyone! 🥳🎊🎉📱
    I just updated and instantly got all the features on my Pixel 4 XL!

  5. Pay in the power menu:
    "This feature will be available to users in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Taiwan and Singapore."

    Why Google why ? There is literally no reason for this, unlike Motion Sense

  6. Thanks Google team!

    Scheduled dark mode is 🔥🔥.
    Using white theme in day, but sometimes i prefer dark time in the night.

    Tip: let us costumize by hour range (eg: maybe i would like the dark night not right sunset, but a little later)

  7. add 18:9 1080p maximum and low power high nits oled bigger screen, and exact dslr sony canon replacer, add 20degrees maximum and minimum 3million score. add pop up window, drag and hold from recent list to the middle, with shortcuts at top on window, and button to minimized into small transparent app logo. it better for max level multitask just like pc windows, way better than old splitscreen, and make it unlimited amount of app in pop up even for 3d

  8. These features do not work everywhere … 1. car crash detector – probably only works in America. And why advertise it ??? 2. Project Soli sensor – it seems that there was some scandal because of it that it does not work in a number of countries. 3. AR in Duo – Does anyone else use Duo? 4. convenient choice of cards – finally, or else I'm tired of a.wallet … Stop- Pixels are not officially sold in my country … Would put a regional restriction on this video. Why show it to me ???

  9. Turned motion sense back on from months of being off. Tried it on Google podcast. Didn't work. Turned the useless tech back off.
    Can't get my loyalty cards to show in the new feature.
    Pointless update.

  10. ok this is awesome way of introducing new features!!!! Keep up the awesome work google! When will these be available on my Pixel 4 UK

  11. Are you guys fucking stupid or something?? How hard can it be to integrate payment power meny into pixel 2 series as well?? I thought they still were supported??!!!

  12. Huge fan of Motion Sense but can't seem to get my play/pause function to work….. Anyone else having issues with that?

  13. So if you're dying in a car crash, your phone will call the emergency services. But if you don't own a Google Pixel 4 and you have an older model your life is not worth saving.

  14. It's the worst presentation of helpful things I've ever saw in my life to date.

  15. Btw please make it possible to take a screenshot by grabbing hand motion via motion sense if possible. Thanks

  16. Adding a feature drop every month was a brilliant idea. Now I don't have to wait a whole year to have small helpful updates like the scheduled dark mode. Keep it up Google!

  17. Play / Pause was the feature I was waiting for. Now the motion sense is complete for me with audio controls. Thanks for the improvements on audio playback and the newly added play / pause feature.

  18. All these features and I still cannot make a calendar event from the highlighted subject, date, time, location information in an email without copy and paste 10 times! I'm very seriously considering switching the family to Apple to see what that ecosystem will offer.

  19. Hey GOOGLE!!!! Can we get the ability to swipe through YouTube videos back???? I can't understand why you would get rid of it.

  20. You better launch your Pixel phones in a reasonable price in India atleast like how Samsung are pricing. We are forced to use iPhones as you are not available in the market to compete. Hope you bring your phones to India

  21. Okay idk if it's just me but that play/pause feature is inconceivably inconsistent and generally takes at least 9 tries in a row to actually work. Pretty frustrating and I'm starting to think I'm the only one.

  22. Ok so right now the press and hold the power brings up the power off and restart option what happens to that when it is used to bring up cards for Pay?

  23. OMG you guys gave us wide angle lens, bigger battery, more ram and dual SIM in this update!!! Whoohooo…o wait….more gimics…thanks I guess

  24. Still waiting for smooth animations, transistions and rubber branding or a good alternative instead of a abrupt stop when scrolling..

  25. Just fix the face ID to open bank apps. First time using pixel and I like the ease of use, but they can definitely do better.

  26. I'ma be honnest. Most phones like samsung one ui 2 already had these features for a while. Try inovating next time

  27. Google trying to stay relevant with software features instead of making a good product. Just cuz you can do this now with software doesn’t make your hardware issues and quality control better. Oh google.

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