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Nexus 6 Screen Repair, Battery Swap, Charging port fix

Nexus 6 Screen Repair, Battery Swap, Charging port fix

Today I’m going to show you how to take
apart and fix everything on the Motorola Nexus 6. To start off go ahead and turn your phone
completely off. And then grab your little SIM card removal tool and remove that SIM
card from the top of the phone. Just pressing even a little paper clip down in that little
hole will release the SIM card. Use the same tool and press through the little hole in
the SIM card slot to the back of the phone to remove the back cover from the phone. When
you push it through it leaves a little gap you can slide a razor blade or maybe like
a playing card, and you can use that to separate the adhesive from the back plate of the phone
from the phone body itself. Pretty straight forward. Just pull off the rest of the phone
back. You can push like a little pry tool in-between those as well. And then set that
off to the side. Try not to damage it because you do need it for later. Remove the little
rubber casing off the battery connector and then you can unplug the battery right here.
If your phone is acting up sometimes unplugging the battery and leaving it unplugged for 30
seconds and then plugging it back in will fix it. So keep that in mind when you’re
working on your phone. This is for the volume buttons. It’s a little ribbon cable you
can undo this little latch right here and slip out the ribbon cable. And for the rest
of the phone there is a T4 torques head screw, 22 of them actually, and they are all around
the outside of the phone. Once the screws are all taken out you can release the front
of the phone from the back of the phone. The front of the phone has the motherboard and
screen. The back of the phone has the battery and the Qi charger. You can grab that little
pull tab and the battery will pull away from the phone. Be careful with the Qi charger,
that little ribbon cable up at the top is in the back of the frame pretty well. So make
sure to separate that before you do any heavy pulling. And then you can remove the Qi charger
from the back of the battery. If you’re charging port is broken, unfortunately it’s
not user replaceable on this phone. But you can use the wireless charging pad. I will
link those in the video description as well along with replacement batteries if I can
find them. Here’s the headphone jack; pretty easy to pop out of the phone. Once again all
parts and tools will be found in the video description below. Here is the magnetic ear
piece. You can go ahead and pop that back into place as well. And here are the volume
rockers. The screw you left in at the beginning is how you replace those. You just pull that
screw out and then the buttons will fall out as well. There’s one more screw holding
the motherboard in…same size as all the rest of the other ones. And now I’m just
removing the yellow tape from the top of the ribbon cable connections. To remove these
connections you just lift up a little tab and then you can slide the ribbon cable out
from the slot and lift it off the main board. Same with this other one, lift up the little
locking lever, slip out the ribbon cable and pull it away from the motherboard. And then
you can pull the motherboard away from the frame of the screen. Here’s the motherboard.
Not a whole lot can be replaced on this. The SIM card slot is soldered onto the board.
The front facing camera can be replaced. I will try to find replacement parts and link
those in the video description. Getting rid of that yellow tape, unlatching the rear facing
camera. It’s a 13 megapixel camera. Going to tuck that back into place as well. Tab
it down and then latch it back in. Pretty easy to replace the rear camera as well. So
here’s the screen. If your screen is broken, like the glass is broken or the LCD is broken,
this is the part that you need to buy in order to replace and fix your phone. You might need
to transfer over this metal plate to your new screen as well. But this is the part.
If the screen you buy does not have those ribbon cables or the front glass or the LCD,
you bought the wrong part and you need to check in the video description below for this
part. Doing a glass only repair is extremely extremely difficult and we’re not going
to cover that in this video. Get the motherboard back into place and get the ribbon cables
back in. We’re just putting the phone back together again now. Latch it down to protect
that ribbon cable and put the tape over the top of it to keep the latch secure. Same thing
with this ribbon cable over here; tuck it in and make sure it’s in as far as possible
and latch it down. And then get the yellow tape and put it over the top of all of these
ribbon cable connections that you’ve undone. Pretty simple. Get that one screw and the
little metal drop bracket back into place at the top of the motherboard. And the motherboard
has two little latches as well. So make sure that it’s tucked down into that frame. Now
with the Qi charger, I put this in first before the battery, making sure that the top of the
Qi is lined up with the little slot that it’s in. There’s a little pin in that frame that
the ribbon cable sits in. And then you line the top of the Qi up with the frame and there
are two holes in the Qi charger as well that you line up with the back of it just to make
sure it’s in the perfect spot. If it’s not in the perfect spot you will not be able
to charge your phone. So it’s super important that it’s lined up exactly where it needs
to be. Same thing with that little ribbon cable right there. It’s going to line up
on the motherboard and I’m going to show you that after I’m done with the volume
rocker cables. So that’s where it touches on the main board. So when you’re putting
your phone back together again make sure those line up. Press it down all the way. It should
click in fairly easily. If you’re having problems with it closing, it might be that
your motherboard didn’t get latched into the back or front screen frame very well.
Get that battery clipped back in. Make sure it’s really secure. And then I’m testing
my phone to make sure it turns on before I finish putting in those 22 screws, and making
sure that it charges up and that I have everything in the correct spot with the Qi charger. Everything’s
looking good so I’m going to turn the phone back off again. And then 22 screws. Get all
those babies back in there. Get the rubber protectors over your ribbon cables, volume
and power. And then your back plate, if it doesn’t have enough adhesive to stick down
by itself, which it should unless you’ve done this a couple times, you can use that
double sided tape that I showed you to put around the edge and then clip it down again.
Get that SIM card back in there and you should be good to go. If you have any questions leave
them in the comments down below. Don’t forget to “like” if this video helped you and
don’t forget to subscribe. Hope to see you around and thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “Nexus 6 Screen Repair, Battery Swap, Charging port fix”

  1. Video title says "Charging port fix", yet you state in the video that the USB port must be soldered and instead we can use a wireless charging pad. That's not a fix, that's a workaround. Clickbait or honest mistake?

  2. HELP! I was trying to remove the 22 screws on the back of my phone but the two screws deep in the phone next to the camera won't budge despite how much pressure I use. Any tips on how to remove them without messing up my phone?

  3. Thanks.. watching this. tried unplugging battery to fix my bricked nexus 6. not fixing it.. nothing really is. oh well. X_X

  4. Protip for those having trouble with the glue holding the back cover on: breathe on it for a good 30-60 seconds (like you would if you were warming up your hands in the cold). This actually worked really well for me in loosening up the glue. I didn't do this for the whole thing, only for the edges/corners, then once I had enough wiggle room I stuck an exacto knife in there to cut the rest of the glue.

  5. one of the little white locking lever/tabs came off completely when I was disassembling. Will assembly without it work??

  6. thanks, my nexus 6 get very hot initially and the screen usually stop responding but resume later when it cool. but now, the screen no longer respond even when cold

  7. How do you access the storage? I have a problem in which I dropped my Nexus 6 in water, I allowed it to dry but it refuses to turn on. When I plugged it into charge after a few days of drying, it emits a green LED signal, and a white battery signal with a lightning bolt pops up every 3 seconds but the phone can never turn on, so I've pretty much gave up on it.

    I was wondering if it's possible to retrieve the storage from the Nexus 6, but I have no idea where it's located. I like to retrieve all the Data that was on my phone. Do you have a solution for this? If you have a solution for the above problem, that'd be great as well.

  8. My experience is that the repair is not this easy. Nearly so, but after ordering the tools and part linked in the comments, I still ended up returning them and buying an entirely new phone.

    I ordered the parts linked in the video. The part arrived without the mesh backing or frame. The mesh backing is unsalvageable off your old Nexus 6. I managed to salvage the frame off the old Nexus 6, however the glass from the old screen was still adhered to this frame. The part I ordered came with no way to adhere the new glass to the salvaged frame. I did have the means to clean the old glass off the salvaged frame, or to adhere the new glass to the salvaged frame.

    Perhaps it's bad on me, but I thought if I ordered all the parts and tools in this video I could do the repair. However without salvaging the frame, removing adhesive from the salvaged frame, and re-adhereing the new screen part (that's linked in the video), you may not be able to make this repair.

  9. the part at 0:58 when i popped this off the part connected to the motherboard came off and stayed connected to the ribbon. when i look at it now, it looks like there was no glue that attached it to the motherboard…could explain a lot. is there anything i can do here or is completely broken now?

  10. Nice tutorial. Any suggestions on how to trouble shoot this phone when it has been dropped in a pool and does not power back up after a couple of days to dry out?

  11. I broke my Nexus 6, and now its not working, I can still hear the notifications, alarm sounds and sometimes I can feel the vibrations when I press the on/off button but there is no DIsplay and there is long crack on the screen, I went to the repiar shop but they are asking 11,500/- for the Screen repairing, can anyone suggest me the cheaper way to get it repaired, plzz suggest

  12. Here is my problem: As of recently, my Nexus 6 looses battery even when the phone is in airplane mode and charging!! Do I need a new battery, or what?? I left my phone on the charger at 56% (in airplane mode with no bluetooth, no data, and no GPS or anything else on that might slow the charge down) and when I came back, it was at 44%!!! How do I fix this issue?? I love my phone, but it's unusable if it actually looses battery juice when it's on the charger. It use to charge really slow, but now it actually looses battery when it charges. I've never had anything like this happen before. Please Help. Please and Thank you 🙂

  13. i have to use a wireless charger because the little input at the bottom of the phone broke so now i cant charge with cable. how can i get that replaced?

  14. How about status still charge when disconnecting,? is it broken or short circuit?
    This problem occurs after my phone drop in water.

  15. Why say in the title of the video, that you are going to fix the charging port, then just say that it's not replaceable?

  16. my wife's feel in a puddle and the charging port stopped working. any way I can replace it or the whole board with out buying a new phone?

  17. Very unfortunate to watch a 6 mins video with the description saying, "charging port fix" only to hear only a single sentence about the charging port that "it is not user serviceable." Do not list something in the video title if it is something you don't cover. otherwise, would have been a good video. Consider changing the title

  18. I'm having issues with the mic not working during phone calls. the other party cannot hear my voice. is there a fix that you know of?

  19. I'm not sure what specifically is wrong with my device, but I'm sure it has to do with the charging port. I receive the "charging" message on my lock screen only with certain cables and that's only when I position those cables in a specific way. Otherwise, I receive the lightning bolt icon with my other cables. I've been looking for a good wireless charger which supports quick charging standards and possibly includes an internal battery pack as an added bonus. Any suggestions on what I need to replace in my phone and/or wireless charging pads with my needs?
    Thank you

  20. Have you ever had any luck buying parts from the reviews are horrible and I'm not having a good experience myself

  21. I just replaced my battery, but the phone won't turn on.
    I checked the buttons ribbon cable and it was connected.
    Also when I plug it in the charger the screen comes on and shows that it is charging, but can't turn the phone on.
    Any suggestions ?

  22. great video. finally got to the insides of my nexus 6.
    it fell in water and im trying to replace the battery to see if it comes back to life. one concern, do i have to replace the qi coils? i cant find it anywhere. hopefully when i replace the battery i can just reuse it. any thoughts on this?

  23. Wow,this is a pretty straightforward process to get the battery out. I was kinda worried about what to do once the battery degrades,but as long as I can find a replacement I guess I'm good. it'd be nice if I could throw an extended battery in this big phone considering how slim that one is.

  24. My Nexus makes crackle noises on the top speaker when I play music. The bottom works fine. Is the part I need the "Loud Speaker Replacement" or the "Ear Piece Replacement"

  25. what's the water resistance rating now? my phone is in the shop right now, if this is what they're are going to do to it I don't want it back.

  26. my nexus 6 screen has a horizontal "dead zone" near the bottom half of the phone. what can this be? do I need to replace the whole screen or is there a lose ribbon inside?

  27. Hello my phone has gotten over heated several times and now its not turning on. I pressed the power button and down button key and its saying that the battery is ok. So I feel it may be the port itself. but i saw that you said that the port cant be replaced. Can I try and see it charges with a wireless charger. I didnt want to get one if it may not work. Thanks in advance.

  28. The charge port repair service is here:

  29. I can't get anyone to listen to me unless i use handsfree or loudspeaker… can i change the microphone on nexus 6?

  30. My Nexus 6 is working at 100%, except for a crucial part
    The WIFI
    Everything runs smoothly, untill I pull down the notification bar, touch the WIFI button to activate it….the phone freezes, after 3sec, everything is blocked, if you try to click the home button or do something else, the phone react 3sec later, and plays just 1 frame.
    after about 30sec, the phones reboot and is back to working a a 100%, expect for the WIFI.
    I have no way to turn it on

    This phone means a lot to me, I'm in love with it.
    I tried taking it to some technicien that tried several flashs on it. nothing worked. They say it's a hardware probleme.

    Can anyone give me hope?

  31. nice misleading title.

    I wish there was a way to make up for having to listen to your voice while you lied to me.

  32. Hi Zack, Do you know if replacement of the mother board is possible on cells without any connectivity issues? Inquiring cause if on my moto x pure, the charge port goes sloppy, the mother board is only fix right? Thanks, another quality tear down as usual. take care.

  33. my Motorola nexus 6 Us variant is stuck on android 5.1.1. it says my device is up to date?? can anybody help? I was thinking I mighty have Bought a clone

  34. Replacing just the glass is very difficult on this phone. I would recommend this here:

  35. Hi Zack. You have made several references to the Nexus 6 in other durability videos (for example to the logo on the back. I would like to see how this device stands up in your durability tests. The construction seems unique, so I wonder how it would hold up. Thanks, I found this vides informative and enjoy your channel (yes, I am subscribed).

  36. Hi. My Nexus 6 got bricked. It won't turn on or charge. Can it still be fixed? If yes, what do I need to do? Thanks.

  37. it's Worth noting that the screen you listed here is not the correct part. I purchased the screen and ended up with a paper weight, since the part does not have the frame to screw onto the body. you need to remove and reglue the frame to the new screen, which is honestly impossible without proper parts and adhesives. this video is more or less useless since nothing in this video ended up being true or useful as far as user serviceable repair goes.

  38. I'm replacing my battery, so these are note as I go:
    1st off HOLY SHIT is that tough adhesive! Took over half an hour of slowly prying and peeling once I learned the trick of sticking the pin in the simm card port. This is the second video I watched as the fist just peeled it off like no big deal, didn't even tell you that one, so wheew.
    2nd Turning my T4 screwdriver that came in my repair kit does nothing, it's too small to bit, yet my T5 is too big. Shit, now I'm stuck.

  39. Hi Jerry, do u have any idea how to solve "camera has stopped" occurred on Nexus 6, it is because of the hardware or software. I already reset the phone to factory reset 3 times but still the camera is not function. Thanks

  40. Hey so I had a cracked glass and lcd screen so I got the part you recommended from that site and then did the whole swap of the screen and the phone turned on no problem, however, the touch screen is not responding to touch? what do I do?

  41. I have a Nexus 6 that when placed on multiple different wireless chargers it charges for about 10 seconds and just stops. It's not the chargers as they charge another Nexus 6 perfectly, it is the phone. It charges via USB cable just fine. I am thinking the coil inside has come loose or damaged, does this sound right? Position doesn't matter either, it charges for 10 sec or so and just stops. Do you fix phones with issues like this? If so please contact me. Thanks

  42. It looks like the your link to the replacement battery is showing a different brand than the EZ30. I know they're both made in China but I wonder about the quality of the cells.

  43. Is there anyway I can send you a message about an issue I'm having? Not sure if I need to replace my phone or what needs to be fixed

  44. Hi when taking off the small white plastic part you show at 1:26 it got broken and now I can't fix the buttons flex ribbon to the lcd ribbon 🙁 what can I do?

  45. My phone stopped charging all of a sudden when I plug it into the charger. It does charge using a wireless charger. Why is that? What do you think the issue is?

  46. Awesome tutorial. However I'm in the UK and it was T3 screws. Secondly the back panel is a pain to get off, Was soo well stuck together. Took me about 5 mins to gently peel it back. When taking out the screws make sure you are pressing down firmly otherwise you will strip them. Overall an easy job but fortunately I work with my hands on a daily basis. However for anyone who doesn't just take your time it really is simple and just follow this tutorial as you are doing it. Good luck 😉

  47. Change the title fuck boy. You didn't fix the charging port, you mentioned it's not user replaceable. Thanks for wasting my time.

  48. I am looking for a quality battery and usb connection replacement. Google can be my friend, but I am not sure if the parts are crap.

  49. Great Video, I have a question since this is my first time trying this. If the phone dies after placing it in a USB charger, Is it the battery or is the board dead? I can still pick Qualcomm when I plug it via USB to my PC but nothing else. It will not charge again. System reboot will not work. either

  50. Thanks for this tutorial. For folks looking to replace the display/digitizer assembly, the narrower of the two cables is the digitizer connection. I did the partially assembled test and the touch screen didn't work. I went back and seated that connection deeper and that got everything working. The screws are T3, which should be obvious when you try to fit a T4 into the heads. Also note that my display assembly didn't come with the two plastic strips that fit into the mic and speaker slots. You can pry the old ones out with a spudger, then I used the spudger end to push the strip's tabs into the corresponding slots. The pry tab on my battery connection broke off easily, but I could pry out the connector with sharp angled tweezers. The connector reseats and works okay. I'll probably replace the battery in a while and assume it has a new connector.

  51. hello good day, my nexus 6 has problems with the battery but now it turned off and I loaded it and turned it on but this time I do not start it just keeps loading where it says google and stays there it does not start, Do you think it's a battery problem?

  52. I recently purchased a new Nexus 6. When I started it up I noticed a page of Chinese or Korean caricatures. I now understand the phone may be rooted. Also my QI charger doesn't work on the phone. I took the protective gel cover off of the phone as well. STILL no QI charging. Could rooting the phone by the people I purchased it from have caused this problem? Thank you , David 🐈

  53. your an idiot. the title says that you repair the charging port, it is replaceable and other videos cover it in detail. i will never watch anything from your channel again. garbage video

  54. Thank you! Various other videos either warn about disconnecting the volume control ribbon cable, or show a quick disconnecting and reconnecting without describing or showing in detail how to do it. Yours is the only one that shows the latch that has to be popped up and resecured once the connector is in place. Cost me an hour or so of examining under a loupe and experimenting, trying to figure out how to reconnect the two cables. Wish your video had popped up first!

  55. I have one of my own with a broken because it fell down and it been two years i haven't fixed it yet, thanks for the video, I will try to fix it..!

  56. Good instructional video! Excellent tips! Especially, about how to start prying the back panel using the SIM card hole. I couldn't find any opening after excessive heat and trial several times. Before I started to damage the back panel, I found your video and was able to get it off a lot easier then. Thanks!!!
    If I may also add, in the process of re-assembly, to replug the ribbon cables, align them on the plug on top of the connector and pres gently to snap it in. If it doesn't plug-in with a simple pressure, it probably isn't lined up correctly. Good luck everyone!

  57. I changed the battery and it turned on. But volume and power button not after changing battery. What could it be?

  58. Well; i had that old Phone N6 on the sidie in the Nexus collection replaced the battery without any problems Thx Zach

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