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Nexus 6p False Advertising – Teardown – Repair Video

Nexus 6p False Advertising – Teardown – Repair Video

Got my hands on one of the brand new matte
gold Nexus 6P’s from Huawei. I’ll give you a little color comparison between the
aluminum, matte gold and graphite. Which color do you think looks best? Let me know down
in the comments. I think we can all agree this is a pretty darn good looking phone.
This particular tear down video is going to be focusing purely from a hardware perspective. We’re going to start by turning the phone off. Removing the SIM card, and heating up
the back glass. Now to remove the back glass I’d say you have a 50/50 shot of getting
it off in one piece. I heated it up until
it was too hot to touch with just my fingers and then tried to slide a brand new sharp
razor blade between the bottom edge of the lens and the glass itself. Turns out the glue
held onto the lens pretty darn tight and it ended up coming off in chunks instead of one
piece. I tried it again successfully with my graphite Nexus 6P and it worked perfect.
I’ve seen some guys come at it from the far right side, but either way if you fail
and the lens cracks, the replacement part is only 20 dollars right now. And I foresee
it dropping as low as 5 or 10 dollars in the near future. I will link the replacement camera
lenses in the video description for those of you who need them. Same thing goes for
the bottom panel; heat it up and pull it away from the phone. For the next step you will
need a screwdriver. I will link replacement tools down in the video description along
with the parts. There are 4 screws at the bottom and 2 screws hidden underneath that
glass panel at the top. To pull the screen out from the body of the phone, you can slide
your metal pry tool between the edge of the aluminum and the plastic frame of the screen
and just lift it out. As we pull the front panel away from the phone, we are left with
the machined aluminum back. Now the center of the phone here is aluminum, and the edges,
but a large chunk of the phone at the top and the bottom of the back, is pure plastic
all the way through. Normally I would not care if the manufacturer did this; the aluminum/plastic
hybrid is still relatively sturdy, but here on Google’s website it says “all housed
in a contoured aluminum body”. But wait, there’s more an “all metal design”.
There’s not a single screw in this phone that goes from metal to metal. As a matter
of fact, the 6 most important exterior screws of this phone go directly from plastic to
plastic. It says the phone is crafted with aeronautical aluminum, and indeed the aluminum
is there, but it’s definitely not structurally benefitting the phone in any way. I feel like
this is classic corporate bait-and-switch advertising from Huawei, but let’s continue
with the tear down. There’s one screw next to this metal plate, we’re going to lift
that off. And unsnap this extension ribbon cable from the bottom. This is what leads
down to the charging port. There’s one signal wire here as well we’re going to lift off.
And one screw holding the charging port down. Here’s the charging port itself. It does
have one microphone on the back. Here’s the battery ribbon cable. Now to get the battery
out you have to be pretty darn careful with it. You don’t want to slice the battery
at all. If you slice the battery it ends up smelling like burnt skittles and will damage
the phone. Make sure you do not damage the screen ribbon cable underneath the battery
either. Here is the loud speaker. Be gentle with those two contact points on the side
there. If those rip off, your loud speaker will not work anymore. Here are a few of the
dovetail joints that I’ve mentioned in a couple of my previous videos. You can see
here how thick the aluminum is and how small of a contact point that the plastic screw
connections have with the aluminum mid frame. There are two screws here with the metal plate
that hold down the headphone jack and the front camera. Here’s the front camera. It’s
an 8 megapixel. Here’s the headphone jack. Interesting little guy. It has a funky rubber
hat on it for some reason. Go ahead and put his hat back on. There are two screws here
that hold down the ribbon cable for the screen. Going to pop off that connector and lift up
the screen ribbon cable just like a little Lego. Unsnap the other side of the signal
wire. One more screw holding down the motherboard and then we can snap the motherboard out from
the frame. Here are a few more of those dovetail joints that hold the aluminum part of the
phone to the plastic part of the phone. The rear facing camera is here. It has a relatively
interesting design; 12.3 megapixels and has that little plastic bit right there on the
ribbon cable. The camera itself sits right between the motherboard. So that little clear
plastic piece is to help support the ribbon cable of the camera so it doesn’t kink or
bend. The fingerprint scanner is also replaceable. Now here is the screen. This particular component
has the glass, the AMOLED and the frame of the screen all attached as one. This would
be the ideal part to buy if you can find it. I will link these down in the video description
below if they’re available. Usually manufacturers sell the glass and AMOLED as one component
and then you have to use a bunch of heat to separate the screen from the frame of the
screen. Usually the display, in this case the AMOLED, will not survive the replacement
process. So your new screen has to work when you re-adhere it onto the frame of the screen,
and then install it back into the phone. So try to buy it with the frame intact with the
screen. Go ahead and set the motherboard back into place. Get the headphone jack with his
little hat. Slip that down in with the front camera. There are two screws holding that
metal plate down. Going to snap the AMOLED screen ribbon cable into the motherboard.
Same thing with this little wire connector. Tuck it down into the side so it doesn’t
get pinched anywhere. There’s one screw holding the loud speaker in place. Set that
down. Charging port goes in. One screw at the top of that as well. Same little signal
wire cable. Pinch that down and tuck it into the plastic frame. The extension ribbon cable
goes from the charging port to the motherboard. Two screws holding down that metal bracket.
And then tuck the other side of this bracket in next to the fingerprint scanner and then
get that screw into the side. And then there’s one more screw in the left side of the motherboard.
Get that in and then test the screen before you put it back inside the back housing to
make sure everything works. Don’t want to do more work than we have to. Then you can
set the whole screen contraption and motherboard down into the aluminum/plastic hybrid back
and then snap it down into place. Two screws up along the top and you can use the adhesive
that comes with the piece of glass. Mine still has adhesive on it so I’m just going to
press it down into place. Worked out pretty well. If you have any questions leave them
down in the comments. Don’t forget to “like” if this video helped you. There are 4 screws
down along the bottom as well. And don’t forget to subscribe. Speaking from a purely
structural hardware perspective, this phone is not all that it’s cracked up to be. And
I’m pretty disappointed in the overall design. Let me know what you think in the comments.
Like always, subscribe and follow me on Twitter and Instagram for behind the scenes pictures
and plenty more tech tear downs. Thanks for watching. Hope to see you around!

100 thoughts on “Nexus 6p False Advertising – Teardown – Repair Video”

  1. 'a funky rubber hat on for some reason' There's always some throw away thing you say that makes me smile along the way, thanks : )

  2. I have had this phone for almost two years now and used to really like it. It 'was' fast and it 'did' have a good battery life; now I am needing to replace my battery and my phone is much slower than it used to be. I am a fan of this phone and honestly, after using an iPhone for many years before my first android, I was hesitant, but now I absolutely love it and cant stand iOS.

    I spent some time working part time in a mobile repair store and got to know the guys working their. The one time we got a customer bringing this phone into the shop, it was a pain in the ass to repair. That said, almost all new phones are. Breaking the glass cover at the top is not a huge deal, buy a new one and replace it. (Honestly, buy an extra just in case if you are planning to repair your phone because the chances of it not breaking are very slim.)

    To all those hesitant about this phone and the 'false advertising' about the "full metal body"; this is a trick done by every company out there and to be honest, the average consumer (which is probably 90% of the viewers watching this) don't ever even notice the fact that they misdirected. Honestly, I kind of liked the plastic bits on the back, they add some texture. Different perspectives come in everything and the only reason this video is portraying it in a bad light is just due to the fact that Google/Huawei "false advertised" it.

    Otherwise great video, really informative and entertaining to!

  3. Yep, my ribbon cable under the battery didn't survive a business card pry apart 2 days ago. Only needed to replace the battery, as the thing kept dying at about 85% capacity. Piece of crap design IMO. Never again Google, nope. Huawei can EAD also.

  4. Almost 2 years later and my phone is 100% intact. I've dropped it many many times and the screen has never cracked. So the frame held up perfectly. Only issue is that the battery has started to fade. Replacements are ~$25AUD. My favourite feature is the fingerprint scanner location. Whoever thought of putting it there deserves a medal.

  5. hey bro … nexus 6p was not working sim ….so what happen my mobile phone. …please tell me …..what's app me my what's app number 8638736358 please please help me bro

  6. Hey, i was using Nexus 6P but now it is bricked. But when I went to a local repair shop he changed a coil in motherboard and it worked for 5 days and again it bricked. And now it is not getting repaired. Any idea how to tear down the mother board and repair it ?

  7. Jerry Rig, I say you have a 100/100 chance of getting the top visor glass off in one piece if you do it right. You just need to heat the glass up hot, then use a razor blade and apply it to the right side of the visor and gently work your way in. In that way, I never broke a single visor and I repaired 5 Nexus 6p so far. Actually, the Nexus 6p is a really easy phone to repair once you learn its trick. I also can take the back off very easily without damaging the plastic that goes around the phone. I just insert a sim card removing tool into a bottom screw hole to open a gap to pry open the phone's frame from the back. Now, I can open up a Nexus 6p really easily.

  8. No matter what I do, I can't get a blade underneath that back glass. BTW – I've had this thing for almost 2.5 years and it's been a great phone. I just need to replace the battery.

  9. 2 years back… Yeah Nexus… Great phone… Good camera good performance… But now… Nexus! Never heard of it… Is it Chinese… Haha…. Now everybody prefer Google pixel 2 xl… Samsung Galaxy s8 or 9… Or apple…. Nobody ask for Nexus….

  10. 2 years back… Yeah Nexus… Great phone… Good camera good performance… But now… Nexus! Never heard of it… Is it Chinese… Haha…. Now everybody prefer Google pixel 2 xl… Samsung Galaxy s8 or 9… Or apple…. Nobody ask for Nexus….

  11. You're an amateur pal.

    I've seen so many people do this without breaking it.

    50/50 Chance? ROFL, and you say that to your viewers? Wow.

  12. Agree it's sham that it's not a full metal design. However for how thin and fragile it seems, it tears down and holds up really well. I think overall it's a good design. The only thing I really don't like is the strong glue holding the battery down.

  13. I 've been watghing your video for a long time, but this is this the first time I use one of your video to actually do something with it!
    I just replaced my nexus 6P battery by watching this video! I didn't crack the glass, I started lifting it from the right corner. 😉 Thank you Zack!!! 😉

  14. Hi jerry is it ok to take a nexus 32gb version screen digitizer and put it on 64 gb nexus?
    Is it gonna fit on the board, i mean the jack.
    Thx for the help

  15. I've a N6P (64GB) that boots up fine, but when the SIMcard goes in it keeps saying that there is no signal. This one never had a bootloop, was never bin opend, and did stop working on 4G or mobile-network in 2016 after the marshmellow update to nougat. WIFI is ok btw. I tried the simslot to have a better connection but that was OK as it recognize the code from the cared. My Idea it might be a broken antenna.
    Anyway, my N6P(32gb) is still working.

  16. Hey Jerry, i dropped my phone from the car window on the road. It just bent in a weird shape and screen was cracked. Now I have to replace it as the repair guys won't touch it because of the bent shape. I opened it up thanks to your video, but after doing all that you did. The vibration motor and top speaker are still on the frame. I pulled out the volume chip but will the display cable, vibration motor and upper speaker be on the new housing from the above link?
    Not sure. Can you help?

  17. It's unpleasant to know that these hardware reviews don't mean anything. I had the Nexus 6P for more than 2 years, I still technically have it, I just don't use it, and I've never had a single issue with it, other than the battery eventually losing it's ability to hold a charge. I never used a case. So I would say, in a real life scenario, it was a great phone! I'm just upset that at one point I actually used these videos as research for my phone purchases.

  18. Phones only need to last about 3 years tops because of contract so it's pretty irrelevant how well built phones are becoming theses days. Just look after your phone.

  19. Anyone tried to remove the noise cancelling mic on the bottom to fix the mix muffling issue? Or should I just root my phone and fix w software?

  20. Idk why but my iPhone won’t let me watch your videos because of all of the insults you made… you hurt my iPhone’s feelings 😔

  21. Got my charging port replaced and soon after no one could hear me properly unless i use a headset….. i guess they replaced the entire port part and it had a bad mic. learn something new everyday.

  22. Jerry, my 6P has encountered the boot loop of death after the four core patch that I'm sure you've heard about. I want to get my data off the phone and have a spare motherboard from another broken 6P. It looks like it's possible to swap the motherboard for the working one. Wouldn't that essentially be replacing the processor cores along with it? Would my data still be there afterwards? Or is the "memory" of the phone a part of the mobo?

  23. I loved my 6p and understood that "all metal body" was bs before I even bought it. I had the defective battery though and tried to get it replaced but got stuck in a loop between Google and Huawei

  24. thanks for your video, I just took my 6P apart. It stopped charging about 2 weeks ago and rather than buy a new phone (which I can't afford right now) I'll gladly spend the $40 for a new USB-C port daughterboard, and battery. Thanks again, cheers from Canada!

  25. When can I use your voice for my google assistant?

    I can just imagine that
    Me: hey google, how durable is the nexus 6p?
    Google: we see scratches at a level 6 with deeper groves at a level 7

  26. After 3 years and 1 new battery my trusty 6p has given up on mobile data , it looks easy to replace m/board but it has served me well time for a new pocophone f2 when it comes out or a new google pixel 3 xl lite!!!.

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