100 thoughts on “Nexus One: “Web meets phone””

  1. @steenkypeet yes a true legend. The song is even so emotional. Isn't it? As it shows how they have worked to get it done.

  2. @steenkypeet And still is. Do I want to get a nexus s? No. Do I want a magic? Too old. Galaxy Nexus? Too plastic. Nexus one is perfect.

  3. I remember getting it, and rather than waiting for it to be shipped to my house I went 10 miles on a bus to get it at my UPS distribution center lol. I kinda want it back. this thunderbolt doesn't feel the same.

  4. I'm still using it and its awesome except for ICS. I'm gonna wait and get the next Nexus (hoping its gonna be better than galaxy Nexus)

  5. The real shame is that the phone never got to live up to its full natural potential, but i still love my Jessy
    (yes i named my phone jessy, screw you!)

  6. The phone did live up to its potential. This was the phone that really showed what the platform was capable of.

  7. Oh my god… I was so close to buying this before the iPhone 4 was released. And I'm glad I waited. Google dropped support for this so quickly. Why no ICS?

  8. Me too. After seeing how brilliant Nexus 4 is gonna be, I wanted to remember this video. It was the one that did I began with Android two and a half years ago.

  9. i dident really like the look of vanilla gingerbread, but honeycomb and newer looks beautiful, one of the most plesant looking os's out if you ask me

  10. the father of nexus phones. i have a nexus 4 and i also want nexus one. nexuses are the best android phones.

  11. I had this 3 years ago and it's still my absolute favorite phone I have ever had. Just bought one on amazon and I'm going to start using it again.

  12. My go-to phone today is the Nexus 5, but I still have the Nexus One sitting around for nostalgia's sake. It is still capable 4 years later. 

  13. web : phone
    wide : thin
    saying : finding, going
    widgets : wonderland, schedule, information, video, updates, weather
    5 megapixels : tweeting
    google : earth
    google : voice
    photo : gallery
    developers : freedom
    apps : snap
    saying : typing
    friends : hq
    notifications : organizations
    weather : data
    searching : speaking
    security : doodles
    seeing : searching
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    directions : reality

    developers : freedom
    web : phone

  14. and everything changed when Pixel comes. cheap Nexus yet high-end specs replaced by pricey Pixel yet so-so specs.

  15. This is what the pure Google Android experience is made of, zero lag, zero carrier/oem bloatware always up to date…

  16. 9 years later, after almost a decade, I saw this Nexus One ad just today
    It changed a lot, from a Google phone that HTC manufacturered it to Google Pixel 3 XL with a ugly notch.

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