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Nicki Minaj and Jimmy Fallon Go to Red Lobster

Nicki Minaj and Jimmy Fallon Go to Red Lobster

[ Cheers and applause ]
-Let’s do this. -You’re getting woke. ♪♪ -Hey, I’m here with
the one and only Nicki Minaj, and we are going on
a dinner date to Red Lobster. -Yeah.
-I’m very excited for this. I’ve never, ever been
to Red Lobster ever. I don’t know why.
Our paths never crossed. You’ve been there.
You actually — You worked there at one point? -I have worked at a couple
different Red Lobsters, and I’ve gotten fired from
all three or four of them. [ Laughter ] -Well, I’m sorry
to bring that up, but we’re gonna have fun
tonight! -Yay! ♪♪ Oh, hello! [ Cheers and applause ] Oh, this is really good. -All right, one of these. ♪♪ First things first,
we need a drink, right? -Yes.
-What was your drink — Well, you didn’t drink
while you were on the job, but what was your favorite drink
that you served? [ Laughter ] -I always liked this thing
called Red Passion Colada. But they don’t have
red Alizé anymore. Therefore, I cannot get it. The other good thing
is a Lobsterita. -Lobsteritas? ♪♪ -Here we go, guys.
Lobsteritas, frozen strawberry. You got it, Nicki?
-Thank you. Yes. -Awesome.
-Thank you so much! -Are you joking me?
-I am not joking. -No, you’re absolutely
joking me. -There you are, Jimmy.
-Oh, my God. Thank you. -Enjoy.
-It is so good. You paying?
-I’m definitely getting an Uber. I know that.
-But are you paying? -Yeah, of course.
-Okay. Thank you. -Please, this is —
-I ain’t got no money to spending all this money
at no Red Lobster, child. [ Laughter ] ♪♪ Let’s act like
we’re on a blind date. -This is great. -How do you like
your Lobsterita? -I’m really having a good time
tonight. -Thanks. -I like the Lobsterita,
but I like the view even more. [ Laughter ] -Of me?
-No, yeah. We’re pretending
we’re on a blind date. -[ Laughs ] -I haven’t dated in a long time.
[ Laughs ] Can I have more of that? ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] -I have some biscuits for you. Enjoy. Those are
our Cheddar Bay Biscuits. They’re delicious. -Let me talk about this,
because I worked at Red Lobster, and I know everything
about every food here. So this is handmade by a bunch of African people
in the back. [ Laughter ] This is a Cheddar Bay Biscuit
toast. You got to go like this,
1, 2, 3, pssh! [ Indistinct conversations,
silverware clinking ] -This is absolutely fantastic.
-Told you! -Then you can go like this, too. 1, 2, 3, and then in your mouth. [ Cheers and applause ] -Mmm.
-That’s a good biscuit. -Okay. But my pet peeve is when
people ask for extra biscuits. Please do not ask
for more biscuits, ’cause I will slap you. -Can we have more biscuits? ‘Cause that is what
I really want. ♪♪ I love it.
D-Lob. That’s what I call it. -D-Lob?
-Yeah. If you’re been here enough,
you call it D-Lob, and then, dude —
And then S-Fish, live. They want you to live.
-[ Laughs ] -So I love it. I get it.
Look at this. Are you kidding me?
Hey, wait a sec. A-hole fish? Oh, a whole fish. -How are we doing?
Are we ready to order? -Two ultimate feasts,
and there’s other things. -And I want to add Cajun chicken
pasta to mine. -Okay. Awesome. -She’s gonna add just some
stuff. ♪♪ -Oh, my God.
This is a lot of food. -What do we do first?
-I like fried shrimp, so we can do the toast and dump
it in your tartar sauce like we did the other thing. So you go, 1, 2, 3, dip. -Uh-huh. -What the hell are you doing?! [ Laughter ] -Ooh. [ Coughs ] [ Laughter ] You saved my life.
You saved my life today. ♪♪ -Now, I’m gonna show you
how to crack this, okay? -Yep.
-You just go like this. Well, let’s start with
the legs, maybe. And you go like this.
And you squeeze… Oh, God. Um… [ Laughter ] -Wow.
I can’t believe you got fired. [ Laughter ] -But see, that’s why
I like the ultimate feast, ’cause it’s already done
for you. -Oh, that’s right.
You go ultimate feast… -Yeah.
-…then you can just… Ah, and splitskis?
-Yes. Sure. -Come on. Cheers. -Mmm. So good. -I mean…
-So good. Aren’t you happy you came here
for the first time in your life? -Can we have more biscuits? Ah, man. ♪♪ So, tell me why you got fired
from Red Lobster. -I walked up to this lady. Her and her boyfriend
had walked out of the restaurant and they took my pen
and they didn’t tip me. I walked to the car,
I banged on the car window, and I said, “Give me my pen!” -So far, it sounds like
that’s not a big deal. -I started going like this… [ Laughter ]
-Yeah, you’re number one. -You’re number one.
You’re number one, as well. -And my manager fired me
on the spot. -Tell the manager, “Hey, I was trying to get
restaurant property back ’cause they stole your pen.” ♪♪ Oh, you know what we should do? Do you want to do, like,
“Lady and the Tramp”-style? -No.
-Okay. [ Laughter ] Now, I know you got fired
from Red Lobster, and I think right now it’s time
for a little redemption, a little Red Lobster redemption.
-Okay. -Upstairs, there’s people
waiting for food. They have no idea
that we’re here. Let’s go serve some food
to these great people here. -Oh, my God. Are you serious? -Let’s get the uniforms.
-Yes. ♪♪ -Oh, my God. -Is everybody enjoying
their food? -Yeah.
-Yeah. -This reminds me of when
I was in college ’cause I had muscles
and I also had crabs once. [ Laughter ] -Oh, my God.
-Uh, here we go. Hi, guys!
-My name is Nicki. I’m your server for the day.
Nice to meet you. -Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you. -We’re from Trinidad.
-Trinidad! [ All cheering ] -Trinidad!
-My country! My country is in the building! -I brought you a special drink.
It’s a little rum and Coke. Let me take a taste test
just for a second. -Whoa. What now?
[ Laughter ] -Oh, my God.
I’m so sorry, you guys. -Can we get one more
rum and Coke, please? Thank you very much. -Oh, my God.
Don’t eat people’s biscuits! What is wrong with —
I’m so sorry, you guys. -That’s okay. It’s okay.
-All yours. All yours. -So, can I get you guys
anything? -Are you eating your biscuit
with a fork and knife? -Yeah, I don’t want my hands
to get dirty. -Get — Get out of Red Lobster.
-Oh, my God. You cannot do this. This is too classy
for Red Lobster. -Get out of Red Lobster. All right, Nicki,
you’ve proven yourself. You redeemed yourself. We’ve talked to everyone here
at Red Lobster, and we have something
special for you — The first and only black card. You get free
Cheddar Bay Biscuits for life. -Oh, my God. This is the nicest
thing anyone’s ever given me. -No, no, no.
-Thank you. -I also tracked the people down and I got your pen back.
[ Laughter ] Redemption.
-You’re amazing. -You’ve been redeemed.
I love you. -I love you. Mwah!
Thank you so much! [ Laughs ]
-Oh, so much! She’s getting choked up!
Oh, my God! Oh, let’s get
the basket of biscuits. Oh, it’s a basket of biscuits.
-What are you guys, insane? What the hell is this, y’all?
-We love you, Red Lobster. Let’s get in the limo. Let’s go.
-Oh, my God. -Let’s go. We gotta go.
We gotta go. [ Cheers and applause ]

100 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj and Jimmy Fallon Go to Red Lobster”

  1. I work at red lobster and now I’m finally realizing that almost every restaurant uses the same pictures, tables, booths etc lol

  2. The guy pays 80%of the time on dates. Only the true Hustler make the women pay or just get lucky because the women is nice.

  3. “are you paying??”
    net worth is 100m+, wearing designer and hundreds of thousands in jewelry
    😩😩😩 stay rich sis

  4. Did everyone miss the part where jimmy was rejected when he asked Nicki to do the lady and tramp scene with the pasta and she flatline said no

  5. 5:15
    Jimmy: You know what we should do? You wanna do Lady and the Tramp style?
    Nicki: NO! (eye roll, stank face) LOL

  6. Chivalry is dead bitch! Pay your half of the bill.
    Typical woman ordering more than she needs.
    Proof that women are the cheapest gender. And the most "generous" with someone else's atm card.

    What a "Monsta"

  7. The scene with the trini people….nicki I love you hope to see you one day that's my Dream ,I'm from Trinidad

  8. Looks like they were having the world of a time. I wish I could be there but I’m sitting in Prison for ten years because I ripped a mans arm off for trying to take my biscuit 👀

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