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Nintendo 3DS Emulator Citra now working on PHONES!

Nintendo 3DS Emulator Citra now working on PHONES!

Good day guys! Austin here and in this one today We are taking a close look at Nintendo 3DS on our Android devices So, yep. It’s now played on our mobile phones on our Nvidia shields. Pretty much anything that you got Android on Theoretically you can now play 3DS games. The thing is that there’s lots of information out there. That is quite misleading there’s lots of information out there that Isn’t really legitimate and there’s lots of elephants in lots of rooms that need to be talked about now I’ve tried to do as much research as possible because this one has just been unleashed on me today and to be honest There’s not a lot of valid sources for me to get this information from but I’ve spoken to as much of the horses and their mouse as possible and I’ll try to bring you up to speed of where we’re at Now what’s been going on and what to look forward to in the near future? 3DS emulation on the Android devices is now a possible thing due to Citra now working on android apparently, it’s actually been around some time. It’s just not being uncovered yet But today we’re gonna blow the doors off and I’m going to bring you up to speed and talk about all these elephants walking around All these rooms. So without further ado, let’s get stuck in So, like I said we have now got emulation of the 3d s now working on our mobile devices Which is absolutely awesome for some time now with Citra mãrin 3ds games on our pc It took a while to get it to a state where we could actually play among sensible computers and we are very much there in Fact I would say probably 95% Of the 3ds catalog is now pretty much playable on our Windows machines Even if you’ve got a mediocre PC but of course the holy grail that people wanted was for this to be portable and now it seems that we’re almost There and I do stress almost this is a ground day indeed it has been raised to the public people are shouting from the rooftops of how they can do this and they can But like I said, there’s lots of limitations and things that you need to take on board especially at this early stage First off then this isn’t official Again, it is out there and it is working It does seem to be completely legitimate, but it’s not from the official Citra guys. Does that make any difference? No, not really Not in the grand scheme of things but you haven’t got that seal of approval from the experience and the guys who’s been working on this for some time and As we’ll see in just a second. There is some limitations due to that, but it’s not all doom and gloom This is if anything a proof of concept that this can now happen The only thing is that I don’t know anything about it because literally today is the first time I’ve heard of 3d s working on Android devices legitimately, so I did a bit of digging and to be honest I was unsure all’s I’ve got today was an apk that’s been sure to me a thousand times over Inside my DMS and PM’s emails the lot now The last thing I want to do is install something like that onto my device Because if you don’t know what an apk is it’s basically an app or a program it’s just a file type that you put onto your Android device and it then installs a program and emulator an application or something along those lines onto your device so you can use whatever it is that it’s meant to be hopefully now again, I don’t want to just install things willy-nilly Without knowing the source who’s been working on it what it actually is so on and so forth And there were advise you guys to do exactly the same So I tried to do some digging as much as possible to see exactly what’s going on here Now first point of call because I don’t want anything and nobody seems to give me any sources is the Citra guys Obviously if anybody knows anything, it’s gonna be those guys. So I approached them through PM’s DMS They’ve been very open very honest and basically have told me this is nothing official from the Citra guys They may be working on things along these lines, but there’s been definitely nothing official publicly very well you guys to get your mitts on but like we just seen that doesn’t mean that other people can’t do it and They link to me what they believe this build has come from and it is from sanchin Vin’s github now this guy has quite a lot of history to do with Citra Forks and androids who is the logical place and Everything that’s in his readme Park doesn’t seem to make sense. So as you can see everything is written down here apart link to this github so you can read it yourself and you can do the downloads you want to do at Your own risk at this point, so it is basically Citra However, it’s running through the dolphin emulators front-end. So to put that in layman’s terms dolphin emulator runs Wii and GameCube games has been available and open source on the Android App Store for some time completely free awesome as well If your phone can deal with it the what these done is in taking out the dolphin gubbins and avoids the guts from it and again, Very simplified layman’s terms is injected it with Citra so it basically now runs 3ds games instead of wheat and GameCube games again and very Oversimplify and all this kind of stuff, but if you was to boot it up as you can see It’s all basically is talking about GameCube controllers And we setups everything that’s related to dolphin emulation So it doesn’t kind of make sense But it does work now the big limitation when it comes to citric Vernon on an Android device especially a mobile phone Aslam flick that is the API Android cannot use what is usually utilized by the Windows version of sitri on the PC so in other words It needs a whole new API to run on an Android device Windows normally uses normal standard OpenGL and DirectX Some cases Vulcan depends on what emulator you’re running the thing is that well Android devices can’t utilize that kind of stuff. Well, it’s in its current form It needs at this moment OpenGL ES now that kind of build hasn’t happened before not officially anyway There’s been working progress that the Citra team has been working on but it’s publicly be candid left at the wayside now They believe that possibly this build is utilizing some of that. There’s nothing wrong with it at all It’s all open source. And so as long as of the Licenses and everything is respected. There’s no issues there whatsoever It just seems to be there’s quite a lot of stuff mangled together to make the magic happen and again There is nothing wrong with any of that but you guys need to be aware that this isn’t the finished article It’s not official and at this moment in time not a lot of people know exactly What’s in all this cold? And especially the apk that’s been compiled and released to the general public? I’m not saying it’s bad at all. I’m just saying nobody knows exactly what’s in there So in this current day and age at least wait for somebody knows what they’re doing Talking about and actually can go through all this and just put a little stamp of approval the last thing I want to do is everybody to download something start showing all over the Internet and before you know it we’ve got Some kind of massive virus going around everywhere again I don’t want to scare everybody by no means my saying that is what it is But please be on the hesitant side before you start running into all this The sister team are pretty happy with everything that’s been going on here This is awesome work and it shows that what people can do. It’s a massive proof of concepts of what can happen Now I will also put a link in the description down below my community As we showed you of this it showed me some footage and there is actually a YouTube out there who’d put it on his devices and He seems to know exactly well. He’s all over Android emulation. So he is probably the best person to talk to in Regards to all this kind of stuff. His name is tech utopia. I’m not pretty clued up with his channel It’s not because it’s bad runs of that. He’s probably absolutely awesome according to my community The thing is I’m not very good with Android emulation So I don’t really keep in touch with all that kind of stuff. His video is very informative. He shows gameplay He shows what’s been going on. He talks about a hell of a lot So I would encourage you to ask him quite a lot of questions Also get involved with the Citra community on this the discord ask questions. See what’s been going on share your know-how let this evolve and hopefully bring us something that could actually give us a Legitimate a fully-fledged working 100% Android enabled emulator to work to its full potential on our mobile devices This is awesome work and it shows what the community can do when people just jump on board and make magic happen Nobody could ever imagine that out of nowhere we could get Android emulation on a 3ds not at this stage Right now everything has been cloak and dagger behind the scenes There’s been rumors going around of things that possibly may be working But to see it now today out of nowhere just blows my socks off completely and I love it So everything that I’ve talked about today, I’ll put links in the description down below so you can see straight from the horse’s mouth It’s all a big mess at this moment even The guy who put this together Apparently if that is the guy who made this apk magic happen even states that it is a mess It’s just – all been jumbled together right now but again it shows you the Possibilities what can be done and gives a ground bass for people to work on from now on as it’s open source To push this further even forward. So thank you very much for joining me today guys It’s been an absolute pleasure. And I just love things like this happening in the scene please have a look at all the links that I put in a description get involved of everybody talk around share this amongst yourself and Most of all you guys have fun. Well, please like please subscribe. Please do all the magical things that you could ever imagine this wonderful world were Finally, we’ve cut 3d s on our mobile devices as long as you checked out first But most of all most of all you guys have a good day laters You

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  1. What do you think about this then?!?!? CRAZY!!! But remember, this is NOT official. We still do not know exactly what is in this build so I would wait before you start installing it on everything. ALSO, this is VERY early, its very buggy and very much a bit of a mess at the moment…. BUT… how awesome is this… SOOOOO much to look forward to playing your 3DS games on your phone!

    What do you think?!

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  2. I wouldn't mind paying for citra emulator in my android. Much like drastic. Totally worth it 🔥. And thanks for the vid! Now I don't have to worry about never playing my fire emblem and rune factory games 😭

  3. Now and days who needs to go to the store and buy consoles or games when you can play em moblie damm

  4. I hope they finish this asap cuz play store broke drastic emulator and I can't dl anymore ROMs as well so I will subscribe plz upload as soon as they finish it completely.😇

  5. What if Nintendo sees this vid, huh?
    What happened to all of the "Super Smash Bros fangames"?
    What about the fanmade Metroid?

  6. this is bad elemulators are for game presevation you make a nes emulator because its hard to get an nes

  7. Cool, I waiting for this one, and I wish someday they can compress rom size from Gb size, become just teen Mb size for all 3ds room, so it will more fun to download.

  8. Imagine WWE All stars on Android yah it maybe cool if 3ds version will play coz the PSP Version was unfinished

  9. If your phones above 200$ don't worry u can run it from 20 to 30 fps so if ur phone is made for gaming it could work

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