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Nintendo On Your Phone!

Nintendo On Your Phone!

Aye, ye never had a body for fighting! What a frail little man. He did have heart though! More heart than brains he had. [laughs] What’s up guys, Lew back here with another video. and today, this looks like a classic Nintendo controller, well in many ways it kinda is but there’s no Nintendo logo on this box right here. No! Because this product here is from a company called 8-bit-do 8Bitdo? Nintendo, 8Bitdo.. It’s, I don’t Essentially we’ve got here is a replica of a classic NES controller which is now Bluetooth, can be used with iOS, MacOS, Android, Windows and so on. You can use it as a regular Bluetooth controller for whatever game you’re playing or, boot up some emulators and play the classics with a classic style of input. You’ve got a built in battery, completely wireless and another cool thing, it…it appears to have something called the Xtander Little stand-type situation for your touchscreen device. If you wanna use it in conjuction with this Let’s crack it open! The 8Bitdo The boxy, nostalgic… Whoa! I have you know, such positive memories when it comes to this… thing. Is this.. did i do that right? Yeah… Nintendo for days. You have shoulder buttons as well. You obviously did not have those. This micro USB port at the top I don’t know… This little guy on the back OH! That must be the Xtand…Xtander Let’s see here. Wait a second. Ahhh…… you go like that Oh that’s not bad actually. So I get the phone on there Tzz Where am I? I’m at high school or… whatever. I don’t know I’m in the… I’m in the cafeteria? I’m doing this. Everybody’s like, “look at that guy he’s a classic. He’s got the classic. He must be a classic himself. Let’s give him a Coca-Cola Classic while we’re at it.” Everything old……is new again Oh my goodness Hit me right in the feels here. Showing it being used with a Super Mario Bros. emulator up there. That’s cool. An NES kind of color. You know that, this color here —the color that all gadgets used to be at one point in time— I like that. I like that the attention to detail there. A keychain? It’s got like a little signature on it. “30th Anniversary” They’re making it feel special for you. Right? Look at that! They’ve got their sticker in their font in that kind of 8-bit font. “Start” Can you see those L.E.D.s right there Jack, flashing now? Yes! “8Bitdo connected now” Real quick. This guy here will work with a number of different emulators and even games that aren’t classics, retro throwbacks, NES games, and whatnot. The emulator that I’m using is NES.Emu And you can see it brings up some
different gamepads and you can see mine listed below. I’m gonna’ load up a game here; Double Dragon 2 That’s a banger right there! I grew up
on these sounds! That sweet Japanese music that ruled my childhood. That’s a banger. Right here, listen! Oooh. How ’bout that dude! Oooh. Tough guy over here. How ’bout a knife to your face dude! Ohhh. That’s a few hits in a row.
There we go. Ah, there you go. Still got it! “Old man Lew” still got it Jack!

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  1. I own 2 of these (but they are the doggone shape) 100s of hours the first one, 20 hrs on the second and I can't tell the difference between the two, that speaks volumes on how well they stand up

  2. Doesn't anyone notice how ugly it looks with all of the extra buttons? If you really want a controller with all the buttons that the SNES controller had, then get a SNES30 controller, not this ugly piece of crap. They should have made it more like the original!

  3. I wasn't completely sold until I saw him play double dragon II….I know how my breaks will be spent after seeing this

  4. Best emulators i know listed down here, you' re welcome.

    Universal: RetroArch

    -MyOldBoy (can link in-game via bluetooth)

    -MyBoy (same as MyOldBoy)

    -PPSSPP gold (i recommend also the Beta)

    NDS (Compatible with all nds (until earliest 3DS, not included… ex: pokémon white/black 2) games): Drastic.
    Incredible compatibility, no lag or stutters in phones like galaxy s4 and forward, Qualcomm SoC' s GPUs privileged… s7 qualcomm performs better than s8 exynos.
    Play store with demo, unlimited demo if you are "lucky" enough to be able to "patch" it.

    Nes: the one he mentioned, fair enough.

    Psx: Retroarch is fine.

    Ps2: yeah… ps2, not kidding, it' s in developement.

    "Purei" / "Play!"
    Some games actually run.

    Fun fact: all bluetooth controllers are compatible with android COUGH … joycons… COUGH …double pair with OTG adapter… Clears troath … tough some are encrypted, like Xbox One S controller.

    'Cause Microsoft is a douche.

  5. If you are transferring a game rom from your pc to your android phone, what directory do you put the rom in on your micro sd card for your phone?

  6. I blake lu for showing me these controllers, I now have 2 NES30s and NES30 Pro and my collection will likely continue growing, screw you lu (Joking of course) they are great portable controllers.

  7. Unbox Therapy which emulators would you use for 8Bitdo Wireless NES Controller in order to play those classic games???

  8. The amount of times NES has been blasted across every platform for all these years it’s what’s really mind blowing. Nintendo for days is right

  9. this is a retarded review. just get to it !!!! then when you finally do, you can't even give a constructive review !!!!!

  10. I have 2 different emulators one is where I can download games I basically have the NES emu and I got another one that has all the old games except for 3 more games and the controlls suck but that's why I want that control.

  11. Loved that packaging. A complete set of NES ROM should just be around 200-300mb. Surely, you won't ran out of NES games to play with. lol.

  12. Why make it look like a NES controller but with the button layout of a SNES controller? makes no sense lmao

  13. Didnt say anything about the responsiveness in buttons or if any delays with button pressing. Can be a big deal breaker for bluetooth controllers

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