Nokia C7 ♥ Screen Repair / Replace / Change a Broken LCD (AMOLED) or Touch Screen (Digitizer)

To change the screen on a Nokia C7, you will
need: A small plastic knife or a credit card, a small bladed screwdriver, a T5 and a T6
star type screwdriver, a pair of tweezers, a new LCD screen if that is the part that
is broken or a new touch screen also known as a digitizer. So the first thing we do is take off this
bottom cover. Take your plastic knife and push it into the
bottom and try and wedge it in and push the bottom out, that is the first one out, and
the same again here just push it in and wedge it until it pops out, there you go. So there are only 2 of them, 1 each side,
once you’ve done that you can pull that off and put that somewhere safe. Now we need to take off the little keypad
and to do that you got a little lug just here, just push that in both sides and the keypad
will come off nice and easy. Now we can get to these 2 screws, so you need
your T6 star type screwdriver, undo these 2. Just remember not to do them up too tight
when you put it back together. That is those 2, then just flip it over and
take the back off, and take the battery out. Now you need the smaller screwdriver now the
T5 to undo these 2 screws, that is that one and you can always use the tweezers to take
it out, and now we can take off the screen be careful there’s a very small ribbon cable
at the top here, so you just give it a little wiggle and push it towards the top and it
will slide up. Now you got 2 what is called dog ears at the
top here, so you got a dog ear here, and a dog ear here and they slide underneath these
receptors at the top on both side, so just carefully open it up, be careful not to put
too much stress on the cable, now we can take the LCD screen out, its stuck on with double
sided sticky tape its quite well stuck on there, this one is going to come off quite
easy because I’ve done it before, but just take a plastic knife and push it in just here
and just gradually work your way down and working it around and it will gradually, gradually
come unstuck and eventually it should just flip up, like so. So there is your double sided sticky tape. Now we can get to the screws, now before we
undo these screws you want to take a bit of sticky tape and just put it onto this screen
lock switch so it stays in the same place, makes it easier when you put it back together. OK so take your T6 screwdriver and undo these
screws. Like so, I’m using tweezers here to make
it a bit easier for myself. Now this is your first plug you need to unplug. There is a little plug just here if you get
a plastic knife or even a credit card and just put it in and just flip that up, and
that is now unplugged that. And down the bottom here, this is where the
aerial is just take a screwdriver and just put it in there just lift it up and the same
here just put it in, lift it up that will pop out and you got another clip just here,
just pop that out as well, there you go. And then that will lift away from the main
body. Now we can get to these 2 plugs at the top,
so take your plastic knife and then just pop this one off, that is you LCD screen and this
small one is the digitizer or touch screen, and now we have them all separated. So take your broken screen and put that aside. Now if you need to change the digitizer this
is when you want to do it. Now it is stuck on with double sided sticky
tape all the way around so if you start at the bottom and work your way up, just pushing
it away from the frame, just gradually pushing it, you can use your knife if you want to,
now before it comes off completely you want to make sure that this little chip is unstuck,
so if your replacing it it doesn’t matter if you are going to damage it so just get
that little chip and make sure it is not stuck on to that double sided tape there. So that should lift away like so. And take your new digitizer, now the new one
has got plastic on both sides, the one on the front you can leave on until you have
finished putting it back together but unfortunately this one has to come off because it exposes
the double sided sticky tape, so I’ll take that off, and just make sure that little chips
not stuck on there. And just offer that up into the hole and make
sure it is nice and neat and flush at the top, then just gradually push it down, try
not to touch the back of the glass because there’s no protection on there, and you
can push it down properly once the phones back together. So once that is on just flip it over and we
have got to make sure this chip is seated onto that double sided sticky tape there. So just give it a little gentle push and that
is now ready to go back together. So take the phone again and offer up the digitizer
and just push the little plug in. That’s that one, take your new LCD screen
which has got a protective cover on it and again offer that up to this plug, just wiggle
it around until it plugs in. There you go, so they are both plugged in,
now it is time to put the cover back on again. So take the cover and you got a little lug
that is in the centre that’s got to go up underneath that plastic lug. So give it a little wiggle as you push it
down and just push it down around the outside edge, push the bottom in until it clicks,
push that lug in just there and don’t forget to plug this little plug back in again, just
give it a little push and that just pops into place. And this is why we have the sticky tape on
here, it’s so this switch lines up with the plastic bit on the side. So put the screws back in. That is with a T6 screwdriver. So this is very sticky this is the double
sided sticky tape here and if we pull that tape off from here, just check that the switch
is working, which it is working fine. If it doesn’t work, just undo this screw,
lift it up and make sure this is pushed right up and it works ok. So now we can put the LCD screen back in,
just bring it over and line it up at the top and then just push it down and just gently
push all around to make sure its stuck down don’t push too hard just a gently pressure
to make sure its stuck down OK now we are ready to put the top screen back over so we
can pull off the protective film so there should not be any finger prints or dust on
there and then just offer up the screen over the top, now remember those little dog ears
I mentioned earlier they got to fit in like that and it should be nice and flush now you
got to give it a little push so push it and it will just click into place, there you go,
make sure that is pushed right down. Now we can put these bottom screws in you
can see the screw holes are line up. So I am going to use the tweezers again, and
the T6 screw driver, now we put the keypad in, keypad has these 2 small lugs here which
go into these 2 small holes at the bottom of the screen, just line that up and it should
just click into place, that is that one and just try the keys make sure they feel ok,
if it does not feel right just take it off and put it back on again. Now we got that difficult bit at the beginning
and just offer that up into the sides and push them down until it clicks into place. Make sure it is flush all the way around and
then we got those 2 small screws to go in the back, so just pop them in the holes and
take the smaller T5 screwdriver and do them up, don’t do them up too tight because you
will just snap them. Now we put the battery back in, and the back
cover. And you can leave this on; the touch screen
does work through this protective film, as you can see it is nice and clean underneath,
so hopefully it should turn on, very slow to boot up these C7’s. So any questions or comments please do so
below and please give me the Thumbs UP, thanks for watching and I’ll try and do some more
in the future… Thank you

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