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Nokia Lumia 800 Screen Repair / Replace / Change a Broken LCD (AMOLED) + Touch Screen (Digitizer)

Nokia Lumia 800 Screen Repair / Replace / Change a Broken LCD (AMOLED) + Touch Screen (Digitizer)

To replace the screen on a Nokia Lumia 800
you will need a T5 Torx star type screwdriver, a small bladed or Philips screwdriver and
a plastic separation tool or you can use your thumbnail. First thing we do is to make sure it is switched
off and then open the micro USB port and remove your sim card holder. Using your T5 screwdriver we have to remove
2 screws, one screw in here and the other is hiding in there. I am going to undo this screw first, you cannot
remove it because it is too big to fit through the space, so be careful not lose it when
you remove the screen. Now we need to undo this screw, which comes
out quite easy, be careful not to lose it. Now take your small screwdriver and what we
need to do is to lever this corner of the screen away from the body. Inside here you can see there is a white plastic
block which you need to lever against, but try not to lever against the case. Instead put your thumb here and push the screen
away without levering against the body work, push it away like this. That is all you need to release the screen. Now run your thumbnail down the edge here
or your plastic separation tool if you have one, and keep running it all the way down
until you get to near the bottom, then come up to the top and run your thumbnail along
and keep coming along and around. This side will open much easier because the
other side has been released. Now the screen is almost free. At the bottom we have 3 plastic pins which
need to be pulled out. Now carefully lift the screen up and you have
these 2 ribbon cables to disconnect, using a tool you can pop these open one at a time. This is the screen assembly, you cannot change
the LCD or the digitizer separately it comes as a bonded pair so you will need to replace
it as one part, similar to the iphone 4/4s. Now reassembly, watch out for the small screw
that would not come out before as it will come out from this side, it can be tricky. So if it does come out make sure you put back
in here, like that. Now offer up your screen assembly and put
the larger plug in first, line it up as best you can and then give it a little push and
you should feel it snap into place. Then take the smaller plug and again line
it up as best you can so it looks like this and push that into place. Now bring the screen down and put those 3
plastic pins back into the bottom and gradually push the sides down until its back into place,
before you push the top in make sure this small screw is not being trapped. And to make sure tip the phone downwards and
then push the screen fully home and again make sure this screw is still free. If you are happy the screen is fully home
we need to replace the screw on top here, now this can be a bit tricky, if you fit the
screwdriver into the head you can do that up. Sometimes you need to keep playing with it
until it lines up. Now it is fully home as you can see. Take the last screw and insert it into this
hole, insert your sim card holder and close the port. And there you have a fully repaired Lumia
800. Thanks for watching, please subscribe and
give me the thumbs up and I will do my best to make some more 🙂
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100 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 800 Screen Repair / Replace / Change a Broken LCD (AMOLED) + Touch Screen (Digitizer)”

  1. Great tutorial. Watched it once and was able to perform repairs on my own at a later time. Didn't miss a detail, well done sir. I purchased a cheap replacement screen assembly via Ebay from China, only problem discovered was the glue they used between the digitizer and frame was weak and left my screen hanging by the ribbon cables. I intend to use your digitizer replacement video to securely re-glue my frame/assembly into place.

  2. Suggesting I have a steady hand, would something like Loctite super glue or a silicon sealant be just as good? I have a very limited selection available to me here and not an excess of time waiting for shipping.

  3. Thank you very much! Very good tutorial, probably best on youtube 🙂
    But after replacement, there are clicking sounds in left bottom corner, when Im tapping with pressure on it. Feels like clips are not locked. But they are.

  4. hello

    my lumia dropped on the ground and the sensor "broke". the screen is ok but when I call the screen goes black. I have to push the screen in order to end the call.. Do you know what is the problem?

    Thank you. The video is very helpful.

  5. yes, if the screen has a crack across the proximity sensor it will cause your problem, when you fit a new screen you need to swap the sensor over to the new screen. There are links in the description to help with this

  6. Thanks, I would never have attempted this simple fix without your video. Had a bit of a panic when it didn't start up when I pressed the on button – Holding down the on button for about 15 seconds sorted the problem out.

  7. I've changed the screen, following the details provided. Everything went as described, however, as with Lilly, the display is working but the touch screen is not. I've tried removal and replacement just in case of a bad connection, but still the same. Just in case my new screen was faulty I replaced the original screen, which was previously fully functional in spite of the cracks, but the same symptoms now exist with the old screen. Is there a cure or is my mobile now irrepairable?

  8. Hi. I replaced the screen and now it is working fine but the backlight is GREEN. I don't know what to do. Do you have any idea what can be wrong? I tried hold the power button for a long time till the phone restarted and nothing changed. Please help. Thank you

  9. But the old one doesn't work.But the new one was working for a moment and then, after i plugged in the proximity sensor it started to happen. Maybe something is wrong with the screen plug?

  10. I tried and nothing changed. I tried also restart the phone normaly and then with this three keys method. Still nothing

  11. hi i replace the screen but it touch screen don't work, sometime i can see that if i touch my finger on screen i can see some movement but then it stop. i hv try 3 screens, but all are giving me same problem, i work in mobile repairing shop, so i hv tried lot of things to make it work, is there is anything you can share with me to resolve the problem, thanx

  12. Have you tried all the tips in the description(About)? One of the ebay sellers mentioned the same problem. Let me know if any of the tips work?

  13. no you have the correct part, you'll need to move the proximity sensor over from the old screen, there's links in the description(About) to help you

  14. I would advise against keeping the screw that won't come out in its little box. With a bit of fiddling it is actually quite possible to put it back in after you've reassembled it, and it will prevent you from accidentally damaging the phone's interior components if the screw comes loose and gets stuck between the screen and the inside. Apart from that, thanks! The phone still works, fortunately 😉

  15. My lumia 800 has been dropped. Now the screen is a bit raised in the corner near to the proximity sensor.. What can I do?

    Thanx a lot in advance!

  16. hey i have the same problem as you, the screen raised a bit.
    How did you solve it?
    I will attempt tomorrow to look at it

  17. My lumia has just had a small bit of water on it, I had it repaired (the screen popped out a little at the top) and after this, the screen has been quite wobbly, now my screen is unresponsive, and the touch screen will not work. I have tried the soft restart (holding the power button for 10 seconds) and im scared to restart it because it has not been backed up! Please help asap!

  18. I cracked my screen around 6 months ago and this week finally got a new screen to replace it with. This new screen is off my Uncle's old phone, so I know that it works fine. I followed this video exactly… but now my phone wont power on? Nor will my uncles old one (now with my old cracked screen). What could have caused this? Another problem is that my charger feels a bit loose in the phone, which it didn't before… so now I have two Nokia Lumias that won't turn on! Any advice? 🙂 

  19. cześć moja nokia miała mały upadek z resztą nie jeden, i muszę wymienić wyświetlacz wygląda to nawet na łatwe zadanie jednak gdy szukałem wyświetlacza na allegro znalazłem to:
    i wydaje mi się że brakuje tu tej mniejszej taśmy.

  20. Hi Le55ons, yes I did swap the sensor over to the new screen but it worked just for a couple of weeks, then it started to malfunction during calls (the screen light switched off and never turned on), so I decided to remove it for a test, I'll let you know how is going now 🙂 Cheers!

  21. Thanks a lot for this video.  I dropped by phone in a pool of water just momentarily and it continued to work for a few weeks but the screen is now unresponsive.  I'll try changing the screen and digitizer assembly and see if that helps.  I'll post back when I've completed the change-over.  Cheers!

  22. can you believe. this thing i looked for part i need ~14€ and ~6€ shipping 5 minutes work. ok so total 20€ my brother did same in shop he bought the phone. f * king 120€ and 2 weeks waiting. how they even can do that. and then they told it cant be done any faster bullshit.

  23. Hi, I have lumia 800 which my son droped on the floor with screen downward. Now it is not showing proper colors but phone and touch screen is working absolutely fine. There is no crack or even a scrach on the screen. i m wondering if i re-insert the screen. it might show proper colors again. Or if not where can i purchase a new screen from in India?. Waiting for an early reply, Thanks, Anurag  

  24. Hello expert ,I Have nokia windows 7 lumia 800. i recently ordered one display screen for my screen Damaged Lumia 800. I saw in your video the screen is having Two ribbon cables small n bigger one , But the one I ordered is Having only One bigger  ribbon cable .
    Now Iam confused whether i have the Right screen ordered screen for Lumia 800 or NOT.
    I have not yet opened my Damaged phone .
    Please respond, Your reply will Be valuable To me . CHEERS

  25. Hy there, im here again 🙂 i follow your video and i changed the part, but the screen is black when i calling, i think the sensor is not detecting, just when i push the top for working, i think the glue is dryed :S so where can i buy this glue? or someting else? :S i tried hard reset….air flowing….so i dont know, hope you help me, thx bro

  26. Just by simply plugin the connectors in and out my digitizer worked, before the screen was unresponsive now touch works :p

  27. Fantastic! Thanks to your very clear and concise instruction I was able to change my Lumia 800 screen — and I am not a technician at all. Wonderful!

  28. Hi. Great video. I have two questions: 

    1. Does it matter what REV the screen is? I have 8.7 but can only find 8.6 or 9.0. Will those work with my phone?
    2. Is there any way I can tell what REV version the screen is besides opening it up? For example I want to buy a Lumia 800 for parts but the owner doesn't know what REV version the screen is and he doesn't know/want to open the phone to look on the connector. Could I tell him to do somekind of diagnostic that will tell him which version the screen is? 

    Thanks in advance

  29. Hello sir, i have one question if you would consider replying to me that would be great,
    I bought my Lumia 800, after 2 weeks screen got shattered after dropping it on the floor, twice. I managed to get a new screen and get it repaired, It cost me 100$ and now, a week later the screen turned all green. I went to the dude who repaired and he said: I don;t know if its a cellphone problem or a screen problem, either way its not my fault. But when he opened it to check, he saw that  he hadnt placed one little screw at the charging part, so I think that the problem was caused by that, when I charged the cellphone it got too much heated up and LCD was damaged. Is that the real issue here and what should I do? Thanks in advance.

  30. Thanks sir , fixed my own phone and saved so much cash, that if I had taken it to a repair shop quoting for £100 I might as well have gotten a New phone

  31. Can anyone help????
    I dropped my phone and cracked the screen and now the screen won't turn on. Have I broken a sensor or something? Do I just need to put a new screen in to fix it? As you can see I'm not a technology pro haha any answers will be greatly appreciated!!

  32. Salut j'ai un souci avec l'écran de mon lumia 800 donnez moi svp un téléphone portable que vous n'utilisez plus je paierai pour le prendre à la poste. 01bp 3271abidjan 01

  33. Salut j'ai un souci avec l'écran de mon lumia 800 donnez moi svp un téléphone portable que vous n'utilisez plus je paierai pour le prendre à la poste. 01bp 3271abidjan 01

  34. § Português: Usar pinça, para a função extratora (não gosto deste movimento que pega algo frágil, com torque somente de um lado).
    § English: Usetweezers, for the extraction function (I do not like this movement that takes something fragile, with torque only on one side).

  35. Hi! I changed my LCD as the video showed to me. It's looks like easy, but if you have 3 or more years old phone it's not to easy to change. The LCD worked only one day because i saw i don't push enough the screen back. I think i disassembly one more and fix it. It was bad idea. I did the work like before, but when i would like turn on the phone only vibration nothing else. I know that's my fault, but i need a little help! What's wrong? I must replace the battery also? Or?The video is greet thank you!

  36. Hi, I replaced my Lumia800 screen. I connect the flex and it goes fine, but when the screen chassis (screw tabs) makes contact with the phone chassis, the screen turns off. Could yuu help me please?

  37. Thanks, very useful. just managed to replace a screen. I did not have trouble with that little screw not coming out, on my two phones, it came out just like the other one.

  38. I watch this video since about two years, at the beginning I needed to adjust my sister's phone, but then it became a sort of ASMR video, audio / video quality is so clean that the video is super relaxing.

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