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Nokia’s Latest Phones: A Beautiful Sequel and a Flip-Phone Throwback

Nokia’s Latest Phones: A Beautiful Sequel and a Flip-Phone Throwback

– [Michael] Here’s the thing with affordable smartphones in the U.S., they’re not always great lookin’. Last summer HMD Global started
doing something about that, with the Nokia 7.1 and the
grass is only getting greener. I got some time with the new Nokia 7.2, ahead of its announcement at
Berlin’s IFA 2019 trade show and at the same time I got to go hands-on with this blast from the past, a feature phone with a
stormtrooper paint job and a hinge that I’m already hooked on. (upbeat music) Smartphone first. Nokia says the 7.2 elevates
the game in all dimensions and while the most
obvious evidence of this is in that Lumia like camera
crater around the pack, first I wanna talk about the face. See, last summer’s Nokia 7.1 was beautiful from the backside, but boy oh boy that chin
and notch combo on the front was a face only a mother could love. Well on 7.2 that chin
is still hanging around, but that big honkin’ bucket up top has given way to a much nicer teardrop. Baby steps. More important is what’s
running on that screen. Android Pi, with the Android One guarantee of no bloatware or pre-loads
or crappy custom keyboards, it’s great. Now I bring this up because
Nokia actually doesn’t have a flawless record
when it comes to software. HMD Global, the Finnish company
that makes Nokia phones, works with subcontractors
to provide the software. So over the past year some Nokia devices have shipped with an optimization suite, it was called Evenwell. It was meant to keep the
phone from wasting memory and battery on run away background apps, but what it’s actually done is
caused a lot of consternation for being too aggressive and intrusive. And you know, a lot of
folks made the argument that it was just Android One, there shouldn’t be anything
extra on there at all. Anyway, devices like the 7.2, which run Android Pi or later,
will not ship with Evenwell. So this should actually be what it was meant to be from the start, a very pure form of Android. That software runs on a by-the-numbers, but by and large positive combination of mid-range silicon,
adequate memory, large screen and a battery that Nokia says should give you two days of use. We’ll see. There’s also a dedicated Google Assistant button on the side, which I always like to see. And I bet you’re tired of me dancing around that
disk on the back, yeah? Boom! A 48 megapixel sensor
behind the primary lens, supplemented by a depth
sensor for portraits and, my favorite, an ultra
wide 118 degree camera for when you need to
cram a lot of bloggers into one photo. It’s just eight megapixels though, so don’t expect it to be too sharp. The Zeiss branding on the back
has software to back it up with special portrait modes that aim to emulate Zeiss glass. And improved noise reduction
and low-light performance, plus a boosted beauty mode for that 20 megapixel
selfie shooter up front. Now unlike with the 7.1 hands-on, I didn’t get time to put any
of these claims to the test out in the real world, which is a shame. But it seems clear Nokia is serious about resurrecting its reputation for photographic excellence. The Nokia 7.2 will be available
at the end of September for a buck shy of 350. That again, puts it quite
close to the excellent Pixel 3a and, look, given Google’s
excellence in photography and consistency in updates, you’ll probably still wanna buy the pixel if those are things you value. But the versatility of the
added wide-angle lens here and the siren song of
this emerald green glass, well it ain’t nothing. If it lives up to its promises it just might be enough to flip yeah. Speaking of flips, don’t act like you didn’t
see that one coming. For the third year in a row
we’re getting a throwback, this time to a decade ago. The Nokia 2724G might not be as iconic as the last to tribute models, but it’s a clamshell phone and as a Star Trek fan I’m
contractually obligated to like anything that resembles
a flip-top communicator. Ah, there’s more to it than that. See this isn’t just another budget phone, it runs something called KaiOS, which is this kind of middle
ground between a smartphone and dumb phone operating system. You can install third-party apps on it, including popular ones like YouTube. And while watching videos
on a 2.8 inch display is about as fun as it was in 2009, there are more useful apps
like Google Assistant, WhatsApp, Google Maps
and, of course, Snake. Close the phone and that 1.3
inch display on the cover is there to tell you who’s calling. And you don’t need to
open it to take a call, which reminds me of my old Nextel days. Speaking of, there’s a side key here too, but it’s not for push-to-talk, in fact you can make it
do whatever you want. HMD promises 27 days of standby
battery life on this one and an expected global launch
price just shy of 90 euro. Now on the downside getting
the cost that low meant HMD had to give it a microUSB
port for charging. (scoffs) Also this cheap plastic is
gonna pick up oils and scratches faster than sunglasses in a beach bag and, as of press time, it’s
not coming to the U.S., sad. While HMD didn’t have any flagships to announce at the briefing
that’s not a surprise, we usually expect to see those around Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. For details on the other Nokia phones announced alongside these, get up the Android Central rundown. A link in the description. And folks, if you want
me to take a longer look at the Nokia 7.2, please
let me know in the comments and subscribe to the channel
on YouTube so you don’t miss it if I do find the time. Finally be sure to follow me
on Instagram, @themrmobile, for up-to-the-minute mobile
updates from IFA 2019. Until next time, thanks for watching! And stay mobile my friends.

100 thoughts on “Nokia’s Latest Phones: A Beautiful Sequel and a Flip-Phone Throwback”

  1. I want to have that flip phone i dont know why maybe its cute and easy to use 😍😍😍 new subs here 🙂 thanks for the vid

  2. Aah! Those good old days when I used those flip-phones. Seeing these brought those days back. Nostaglia was real! Thank you Nokia for keeping these relics alive! 🙂

  3. Huge kudos for bringing up the evenwell issue…… My Nokia was basically a stone brick with no notifications and force closed apps. I had to change it within 7 months of purchase… Would never recommend this if someone is looking for an actual main phone

  4. Why invite their calumny and consternation?
    Stay in stock.
    Be faithful to Google.
    Be grateful to Google.
    Do as Google say.
    And stay
    in stock.

  5. about the new nokia sequels, i own the 3310 and the 8110, i really hate the software, i thought it would be similar to the nokia legends, this looks like someone created it in their attic, even writing a normal text isnt possible.

  6. Why SD660 on 7.2 ? My year old 7 plus has the same SD660 and still doing good. They should have opted for the SD675 or 710 for this new device. Might well purchase a Nokia 8.1 which has SD710. Slightly better specs and not much more expensive

  7. You don't realise how long I've been waiting for Nokia to revamp a flip phone. All the current offerings have been too childish looking or catering to the elderly instead. People just don't understand that I want a decent looking flip phone

  8. Honestly, i wanna buy the Flip one just so i can answer call by flipping it open and shut it when done. You know, like, SLAP /I'm done/

    Too many angery on call so it feels satisfying to slap it close.

  9. Lemme guess, they will bring back every form factor. Slide, rotating keypad, OH, N90! A side slide with full keyboard, QWERTY, side flip like communicator. Ugh, so many.

  10. I think the 2720 not releasing in the US has to do with KaiOS for some reason not updating the software on US spec hardware to get the App Store. Why? I don't know, but I did hear they're planning a major OS update, which replaces the Firefox OS/Gecko kernel with Chromium, and then release the App Store with that.

  11. New Nokias are really good phones i have two already but they are not the same as the old ones. Hardware is crap, especially the microphone echoes

  12. To be really honest, this video is a waste of time. Ultrawide camera 8 megapixels? What a load of BS. That flipping phone is a joke, don't even start me.

  13. Michael, please please PLEASE do an indepth review of the 7.2…looks extremely promising as a feature rich affordable phone.

  14. Please take a longer look at Nokia 7.2 when it comes out and let us know how it is. I wanna see you flipping and dancing to its siren song!

  15. 0:53 But boy oh boy that chin and notch combo on the front was a face only a mother could love.

    Haha these mother jokes never gets old. 🤣

  16. 4:41 “Speaking of, there’s a side key here too, but it’s not for push to talk, in fact you can make it do whatever you want.”
    samsung has left the chat

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