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Now That’s What I Call 17 Million Fuck Offs – A Song About Brexit – the final verse

Now That’s What I Call 17 Million Fuck Offs – A Song About Brexit – the final verse

A General Election was finally called I think you know where told them to go We won’t need to hear from them ever again From Tony Blair John Major Jon Bercow I can’t tell you how much pleasure it gives me to say that Jo Swinson
LOL All the MPs who switched parties without holding a bi-election Chuka Umana Sarah Wollastan Anna Soubry (not a Nazi) All the MPs who did the opposite of what they promised in their manifestos Dominic Grieve David Gauke Philip Hammond Oliver Letwin Ed Vaizey – dick All those patronising Labour MPs who know so much better than you Emily Thornberry Diane Abbot Jess Philips That weird one with glasses Jeremy Corbyn (oh, bless) Hilary Benn
Hilary’s a girl’s name. What’s that all about? The civil service The Bank of England The People’s Vote The EU Guy Verhofstad Emmanuel Macron Most of Hackney Bent judges The commentariat James O’Brien Jolyon Moron The BBC Andrew Marr Femi Weirdo Aaron Bastani Gina Miller All the celebrities Hugh Grant Gay Lineker Lily Allen Steve Coogan Nish Kumar Lord Adonis Who the fuck’s he anyway? The British told you fuck off. 17 million fuck-offs!

59 thoughts on “Now That’s What I Call 17 Million Fuck Offs – A Song About Brexit – the final verse”

  1. Just wanna say… It's oddly liberal to vote for brexit
    It is the right to self determination as defined by Woodrow Wilson after ww1.

    The EU and labour tried to use central governance to decide for the public, rather than let the public decide for themselves.
    And now let's recap… Wasn't it the lack of right to self determination that lead to civil unrest, and created a landslide into ww2?

    So now tell me… Why would a paragon of peace and Unity, being the EU, be so against preventing the same calamity by trying to rob the English of their right to self determination?

    Congratulations on the victory England, brexit is a shining example of how politics in this new age should be.

  2. Loved the original, loved sharing it, love this one, will share it.

    This tune put the whole sorry remoaner saga into perspective long ago, it wasn't a song, it was a premonition, we all knew democracy would win in the end, and it did, although it was a close run thing, Britain ain't no banana republic.

    Excellent work, Mate, you did good.

  3. I love it. So much salt is delicious🧂🧂🧂🧂🧂🧂🧂🧂🧂🧂🧂and yet this type of salt is good for my heart.

  4. Thanks for your efforts, Dom. Your work is equivalent to the efforts of cartoonists of the 18th and 19th centuries. At that time, there was no real democracy and the newspapers were owned and controlled by the landed classes. The only way the common people could obtain news and political thought was by buying cheap song sheets, or buying cartoons which might depict wealthy landowners eating the poor whilst the Prince of Wales warms his arse by a fire made of their hovels. Look up the cartoonist "Gillray" via Google. In the 21st century when every newspaper and all the TV channels are run by c*nts who despise our opinions, YOU and a handful of other YouTubers express our wishes with eloquence and appropriate bawdiness. I send you my respect and thanks, Dom. Keep up the good work.

  5. Very impressive bass notes, clear, steady and perfectly in tune. Somewhere in deepest darkest Wales, a choir master is wondering how he can recruit you.

  6. It's probably more than 17 million now because of all the remain voters who wanted the referendum result respected so voted Tory

  7. I think it was getting to the point that if people couldn't tell the leftist establishment to 'fuck off' by voting, then it was going to become physically nasty. Ignoring the referendum result was more risky than they realised.

  8. Congratulations on you appointment of a government that will ACTUALLY do what they said they WOULD do and what the People voted for in 2015.

  9. You watch, "Oh no, no more baby tomatoes from Spain."

    I would RATHER EAT GRASS until the day I finally eat baby tomatoes grown in freedom.

  10. Love it.
    And Labour are analysing where they went wrong like as if you need a degree in political science to tell you why.
    Sadly I'm just a layman with no degree,but common sense and can tell the difference between shit and clay.
    Corbyn, a person ashamed of Britain, a manifesto for people who believe that Santa is real and will give you everything FREE?
    Lastly the very patronisingly bad idea that you. working class dead shots need to be told that you didn't know what your voting for .
    Corbyn, well you bloody well got that WRONG
    Does Foxtrot Oscar mean,anything to you??????

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