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Official Apple Winter Cases for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

Official Apple Winter Cases for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
these are apples official winter or December case lineup for the iPhone XS
and XS Max they seem to be changing these every season and you’ll see we
have three new colors this is the new hibiscus color and it’s a pretty nice
kind of pinkish reddish on the back you can see it says hibiscus it’s $39 it’s
the silicone case and all of their silicone XS cases are $39 we also have
another XS case this one is called mellow yellow and you’ll see again it’s
thirty nine dollars or so and it’s pretty nice it looks familiar from a
case we saw some time ago and then this one is a little bit different this is
for the XS Max and this one is also $39 but it’s called Pacific green I don’t
know if you can read that there but it’s a specific green and I think it looks
pretty good for the most part overall it looks it looks pretty nice so let’s go
ahead and open these up and see how they fit and I’ll also see if they fit on the
iPhone X if you have one of those as well so let’s first take a look at the
hibiscus one so here’s hibiscus and just like you’d
expect it’s got a nice microfiber cloth lining in it and it seems to basically
look like all of their other cases that they have now so we’ll go ahead and
stick this in place and as you can see this is a XS because it fits perfectly
the X won’t and we’ll take a look at that in a moment but you’ll see on the
bottom we have the same cutout as we normally would and the same lay on the
table protection like we would as well on just about everything they have and
then you’ve got your nice clicky buttons on the side and easy accessibility into
the volume or the silent switch from there so we’ll set this one down let’s
take a look at the new Pacific green color so if we can open this here and this is specific green and I think
it looks pretty good it has a really nice it’s a tea lush darkish green not
really teal but a darkish green his blue color it’s really nice-looking let’s
slide this into the place and you’ll see it’s the same sort of microfiber cloth
lining and everything click this into place here and again it looks pretty
good on the phone it complements the phone well and I’m not sure these are
December colors necessarily or winter colors but they do look pretty good
overall and it looks good let’s take a look at the mellow yellow and here’s the
yellow case exactly the same as the others of course and here is an iPhone
X so let’s see if this fits in here and it will fit but as you can see right
there there’s a little bit of a gap between the bottom of the camera and the
bottom of the case surround there so it will fit feels like the buttons work
just fine in a X and everything’s lined up nicely on the side as well and that’s
pretty much it it’s the same silicone cases we’ve come to use over time they
seem to hold up pretty well and if you have a problem usually Apple will
replace these for you so I think I like them I’m going to try using this one I
don’t use too many cases most of the time but I’ll continue to try and use
this one and I think it goes from pretty nicely with the phone or at least with
this wallpaper and so I’ll link this wallpaper in the description below as I
always do and that’s really it let me know what you think about their new case
lineup and if you have any other questions or comments I’d love to hear
what you have to say in the comments below if you haven’t subscribed already
please subscribe and like as always thanks for watching
this is Aaron I’ll see you next time

77 thoughts on “Official Apple Winter Cases for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max”

  1. hello aaron, great video as always, my iphone battery health was 98 before one month and now it became 87, is it okay? i dont use it a lot only for study. what do u think? i checked it before 6 days and it was 91. what do u think

  2. Great video but for the price I think there’s better cases but they don’t have the Apple name I guess that means something

  3. Hey zollo why do these silicone cases peel so fast 🤦🏼‍♂️ and then are pricey and the bottom doesn’t even give the phone protection

  4. I wasn’t impressed with the forest green maybe this will better, I love green, hated them taking the lime green away that sucked.

  5. I got the pacific green for my XS Max Friday. I really like the color. I always use a case and the Apple silicone is definitely my case of choice. I have the black and white already.

  6. Check out a Griffin Survivor Journey case when you can. Inexpensive, durable as hell, nice lip over the edge and they don’t add a lot of bulk.

  7. Hi one commenter wrote, its quite expensive for the cases although the colours are sweet. Thank you for sharing and updating as always.. Look forward to another from you!

  8. Why don't they ever have protection at the bottom on their cases?… a £1200 phone that hasn't got protection on all sides would freak me out.

  9. I love Apple but these cases probably don’t protect very well. I like Spigen. $16 for a nice thin TPU case and protects well.

  10. lol, i can get these same cases for like 8-10$ at the tech market near my house…. just put an apple. logo and rob the world blind😁

  11. Thanks for the show and tell, always an excellent job. I got the Pacific green for my Space Gray XS Max, really liking the color.

  12. The yellow is the best one. I had Pacific green and returned it since it picked up lint from my pockets so badly. I had Lemonade color for my iPhone 8 Plus and wanted a nice yellow case for my XS Max. This color actually holds up nicely and looks great after a few days of usage.

  13. In Canada the apple cases are $55
    Haven’t boughten one yet because I’m scared to waste $55 on a basic case lol

  14. Did u guys know that the iPhone XS MAX, iPhone X, and iPhone XS is better that the iPhone XR because the iPhone XR works like a iPhone 8,7,6

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