100 thoughts on “Official iCloud Unlock IPhone Lost,Disable,Forget Apple ID Factory Reset Update 2019”

  1. Hi ,may you pls help me to unlock this iPhone it says iPhone is disabled connect to itunes and the IMEI:355400079796705

  2. How can I do this with my iPhone 7 plus. Model A1661. IMEI: 355374087753019. Please. Thank you

  3. Do we need to follow and type all numbers that is exactly the same of those that you are typing? Thanks

  4. Hey I’m try to unlock my iPhone X I know it’s I locked to any carrier but I need sprints code to unlock sim and everything

  5. Does this works when iphone is locked with arabic language? I am from oman, I have 5s IMEI 013970002278108 please help

  6. I have a iPhone 6 that was previously owned by my dead grandmother and I am trying to bypass the Activation Lock but now of these techniques are working, can you please help me

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