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One Plus Two – Screen Repair, Charging Port Fix, Battery Replacement

One Plus Two – Screen Repair, Charging Port Fix, Battery Replacement

(Electronic Sound Effects) Today we’re going to be taking apart the OnePlus
Two, one of the newest phones from the company OnePlus. The back is removable, easy enough.
You can just pop that off with your hands. Then there are six rubber caps on top of the
screws. Remove those to remove the double sim card tray and then take your screwdriver.
I will link parts and tools down in the video description, so take a look at those. There
are 18 screws around the back of this phone. Then you can just lift up the back plate,
set it off to the side, and this is the best-looking phone I have ever been inside. Hit that like
button if you like the giant red battery. There’s a piece of tape over the battery connection
and the charging port connection, so lift that off and then pop up the two little ribbing
cable connections. They’re like little LEGOs. You can just lift them up. And then you can
lift the battery up and out of the phone. Here is the battery. It is a 3300 milliamp
but it also says on here that it’s a minimum of a 3200 milliamp so I guess they have some
fluctuation in battery quality. Here is the charging port ribbing cable, you can just
lift that up out of the phone. That’s one of the best things about this phone is that
the charging port is replaceable. That’s usually one of the first things to go out on a phone
besides the battery. It is a type C charging port, it’s not the normal USB one, so it’s
very similar to the new Apple Lightning charger where you can take the charging cable and
plug it in either way whether it’s upside down or right side up. There are two little
ribbing cables down here at the bottom, just lift those off the board. And then there’s
a wire cable as well, lift that out. And then the board itself should pop out from the phone.
You have the vibrator motor right here, and then contact points for the loudspeaker right
here. The loudspeaker is just sitting on the back plate. Here is the rear-facing camera,
just unclip that from the board and pull it up at an angle. This guy is a 13 megapixel
camera capable of recording in 4k. Does have video stabilization as well. Here’s the front-facing
camera. Lift that up and out of the phone. Five megapixels, it’s a cute little guy. There’s
another piece of tape holding down these two ribbing cables, as well as a screw, on the
right of the motherboard. So unconnect those ribbing cables, as well as this little wire
cable. Be gentle with them, you can pop that connection off the board and break it. Here’s
some grounding tape on top of this ribbing cable, I’m going to lift that up gently and
then unsnap the ribbing cable from the board. That releases the motherboard from the frame.
I’m going to lift that out. Here you can see the motherboard, it’s got the dual LED flash
on it as well as the headphone jack. The headphone jack is not replaceable. It also has some
thermal paste on the back. I’m assuming this is for the processor or the memory to help
keep it cool. And then here is the earpiece, you can just pop that out from the mainframe
as well. So here is the screen. It’s got the screen itself, the glass, the LCD, as well
as the frame on the back that holds all the components. In the past, OnePlus has sold
these screens as a unit, fused together with plastic frame and the glass. Hopefully they
continue that in the future. Now, if they don’t you’re going to have to heat up the
front of the screen and separate the screen from the frame and put the frame on your new
screen later. You can watch my Note 5 screen replacement video to see the same process
done. But hopefully they sell the screens as a unit because it’s a much easier repair
that way. Go ahead and reassemble the phone. Hit that subscribe button if you like what
you’ve seen so far. Go ahead and snap those ribbing cables down into place. Be careful
with this grounding sticker as well, don’t want to rip that. And then putting the tape
back on the ribbing cables as well. Here’s the front-facing camera, going to snap that
down into place and just line up the waffle connection over the main board and press it
down. You’ll hear it click into place, you’ll know it’s connected. Rear camera goes in.
The bottom board snaps down into place. Be careful with those wire cables, those are
very easy to break. Snapping the two ribbing cables down. And then the charging port goes
back in. Just kind of scoot that type C charging port down into the bottom of the frame, and
the frame will hold it in place. Snap the waffle connector in. And then just set the
whole ribbing cable down into the phone so the battery won’t pinch it or tweak it anywhere
when you put the battery into place. Once you get the battery in there, snap it down
as well and take that tape that you took off earlier and set it down on top of the two
ribbing cable connectors. And then the back of the phone snaps in as well. And I’m going
to turn on the phone really quick, just to make sure everything’s connected and everything’s
working, before I put those 18 screws back into place. Everything’s looking good, so
put your dual sim card tray back into the back, and get those little rubber circle pieces
back on top of their screw holes. Back of the phone gets put on, and you are good to
go. I did do a durability test on this phone where I took a razor blade and scratched the
screen, and tried to bend the phone in half. Go ahead and check out that video if you’re
interested and check out a couple of my other tear down videos. Thanks a ton for watching,
hit that Like button, don’t forget to subscribe, and I hope to see you around.

100 thoughts on “One Plus Two – Screen Repair, Charging Port Fix, Battery Replacement”

  1. Question: Is there a store or site that offers simcard trays like these from OnePlus 2? I lost mine and therefore i'm unable to put a simcard in it. 🙁

  2. I dropped my Oneplus Two today and cracked the screen. Hopefully i can do the self repair. You make it seem easy in the video. I will be buying the replacement screen and the repair kit. Thank you for the video

  3. Hi please help me, my power button is depressed, it won't come back making it very hard to press, please help me on how to fix it, now it's as if I am just pressing the side of my phone, because it's barely pressable

  4. awesome
    i have a question: in one plus two specs they said it don't have a NFC , but the snapdragon 810 specs are saying the 810 processor support NFC .

  5. Hi.. I think I killed my fingerprint sensor with a wet finger… Is the sensor part of the connector assembly? Do you know part numbers?

  6. Hi body, I had oneplus one it was working perfectly for around 8 months ,then suddenly it does not work any more I wish that you know what is going on with my oneplus

  7. Had anybody actually bought the screen from the website Are they any good? And can you notice that is not the original screen?

  8. "This is the best looking phone I have ever been inside." Bit naughty there, but great video! I will totally buy this, seems like you can repair everything within 15 minutes, that's insane and something many people will like I feel! Also the battery being well-protected, but still easy to replace and without the rediculous sticky tape on batteries..

  9. Hello
    My phone's charging port goes off intermittently.
    Is there any fix without replacing the port?
    If no, where can I buy a replacement port?

  10. Hi Jerry, thanks for this video! Is there any reference for removing the fingerprint scanner / speaker from the old screen and re-assembling the new LED screen with the old screen's plastic frame, speaker, and finger print scanner. Thanks!

  11. hey grate video you have done there. no doubt in that.
    but i just wanted to know i just dropped my oneplus 2 unfortunately it had a really deep dent exactly on the power button. i m about to go to the service centre. but just to be sure i am very worried about my data. the phone is constantly restaring. it just appears oneplus logo and again goes of again the same thing repeats. and i guess this will go on untill the battery goes dead. but please just let me know. will it effect my data. m really worried about it. because i didnt backup my photos. i dont want to loose them. please help me out

  12. is it possible to change the sim slot
    as i have jammed in a sim in the slot

    if possible where can i get the part

  13. @JerryRigEverything, I've broke my Signal cable, but i cannot find any replacements for sale anywhere, do you happen to know if they are quite universal and one from another one would work? Thanks

  14. 0:48 Most manufacturers write that on their batteries and those who don't, either they should or they have already printed the minimum capacity. That's because the capacity of a battery is relevant to the load. The higher the load, the less the mah it will be able to output. Also because of bigger voltage drop on higher loads, the circuitry that is designed to prevent overdischarge will trigger prematurely.

  15. My one plus two's audio adapter was damaged, there is a slight crack in it because i pushed an aux in cable too hard. Now the aux in or earphone cables do not get properly inserted into the audio jack which leads to less quality sound. The phone is in warranty, but i am worried if the repair would be expensive. Also, i am afraid they would say to change the motherboard. Please advise what might be done.

  16. hey, i cant seem to find any charging port online, and mine does not work! ive gone to different phone repair places, but none seem to have any parts from oneplus.. i have to charge the phone by placing the phone in a very specific way with the cable.

  17. It looks like your thermal compound came off a little bit. Do you need to reapply new thermal compound when you reassemble?

  18. how safe is it to remove both cameras and use the phone without them?

    (might sound weird to people but in my country's military, phones with cameras are not allowed)

  19. I want to ask one thing. Oneplus 2's OTG only works with oneplus usb type-c adapter( 10k) and not with any standard usb type-c adapter(56k). I know that the adapter is non-conforming but is the oneplus 2's usb type-c port also defective? I mean to say is this a hardware defect or a software defect.

  20. You said on the video that headphone jack isnt replacable. Was thinking since the video is over year old, is it still same way? Mine aint working proberly

  21. Wow thank you very much! My 2 wasn't turning on as I'd not assembled it correctly and as a result I deep cleaned the internals of my phone using a q tip, removing the thermal paste. Thank you for identifying the thermal paste and now it works fine as a result.

  22. my I got my screen on but once it gets passed the android loading screen that says powered by android the screen goes black but the buttons still continue to function anyone able to help?

  23. Decided Im probably going to buy this phone, didnt like the fact that the battery was non-replaceable…. but… never seen a device that had a non-replaceable battery that was so easy to do just that – replace it. Great video! One more reason to buy this phone.

  24. can someone tell me what the wire cable at 1:57 does? It seems that I wasn't gentle enough with it and I broke the connection on the motherboard, but my phone seems to be just fine.

  25. you are a very good magician to technology. and JerryRigEverything I like the giant red battery in that one plus 2

  26. I'm hoping to get the One Plus 5, I had the Oneplus 1 and thought getting an LG v20 would be a better experience. I was wrong. When you do get the Oneplus 5, can you see if a qi wireless sticker can be added if you can take the back plate off? Fun videos by the way. Do you think you can make the OnePlus 5 backplate see through?

  27. Disassembling that phone looks pretty satisfying. Looks like I can stop worrying about my battery ruining my OP2 now!

  28. I had moisture in my headphone jack. The video helped me to pull out my motherboard and clean it with a PCB cleaner solution. however, since then, I have lost my Sound (Speaker). Im sure that there is no connectivity issue between speaker and daughterboard, also I have tried replacing speaker but it didnt help. Any solution? thanks in advance

  29. Is it weird that I've used your video twice to open up my OnePlus 2 just to clean it for fun? Anyways, love your videos and thank you 😀

  30. Hello, I followed your instructions today and replaced the cracked screen on my OnePlus 2. I purchased a screen already attached to the bezels as you recommended. After the swap everything seems to work except my rear camera, which is no longer recognized and the flashlight also no longer works. Did I potentially damage the motherboard? If I only damaged the rear camera would that affect the led flash? Any advice is much appreciated, thanks for the video!!

  31. Hey jerry sir,
    I am from India and my phone oneplus 2 fell in water .
    Its sub-board and main-board short circuited.
    Can you help me to get your oneplus 2 board for me.

  32. Hi. I could disarm my Oneplus 2, but I feel that when I want to take out the battery, it's a bit stuck/stickied. Should I use force or some other action to get it out or take it off? Thank you

  33. changing the thermal paste with a better solution like arctic silver 5 or something and testing would definitely help with the heating issues of this device.

  34. Now I know why he keeps complaining about oneplus not using red batteries anymore. This battery looks beautiful

  35. Okay I think this video is a start for me to begin my own refurbished smartphone company. I got this phone and the camera broke, also the battery sucks. So if I got the chance to do this correctly I´m gonna sell it and I think make some profit

  36. watching in 2019
    cos i dropped mine in the toilet.. RIP

    Edit : time to play Operation..
    Edit 2 : operation seems successful, however phone keeps trying to startup before the battery gets 1%

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